Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Herrington Reels: October

I shared a few of these elsewhere but I think I'm going to have a "video roundup" at the end of each month. Now that I don't do my  Weekly Happenings Post (I'm thinking I may bring it back, but without pictures) most of my pictures end up either in my What I'm Into Post or in their own posts but the videos, for some reason, seem to merit a seperate post. I guess it just seems to really slow down a post like the What I'm Into ones which are already WAY long enough. Haha.

Relate, 100 percent. HSP problems, obs.

He is so observant about certain things (appearances, let's be honest). I bleached this stuffie ghost along with Peyton's pharmacy coats today because he was filthy. Graves's immediate response was that he "looked like Nashville". He's not wrong. The Reynauds love their neutrals and everything is so crisp and cool and clean (especially compared to our house which is like a color explosion). And we all know the Herrington's towels are not bright and beautiful (ironic he mentioned their towels specifically). I will say I was SO glad their house wasn't quite as perfectly picked up and spotless with a three week old. I've been telling Peyton for years every time he compares how immaculate and flawless their house to how busy and overwhelming ours is that the three small people we had and they didn't kinda made a difference

Stuff Herringtsons say when they're really into thanking people in general (such a delightful stage), are very grateful for their precious cousin, and are still working on wrapping their heads around who does the making of the babies and who does the growing of the babies. I wish I hadn't cut it off right before he said "obviously" but I think the look in his eyes says it quite well enough.

I've never known a baby to request her a nap like this one. In the interest of full disclosure, she really just loves having two hours of alone time with her pacis. But I think she also knows how good it is for her. She definitely an extrovert and can hang when she needs to (unlike her sister) but I do think she enjoys the time by herself (unlike her brother). It is a lot of up and down now that she's mostly using the potty (and I insist that P take an hour of potty duty with her when he's home during the week) but I'll take it. She rarely actually falls asleep anymore, which makes for a MUCH easier bedtime, so it's kinda the best of both worlds (and I think I've said this before but as much as the toddler stage is a hard one for me it's full of soooo many "best of both worlds" things-- stays baby but be a big girl for a long, long time, Sissy).

100% needed it, too 

Flag ceremony with my Lady Webelos. You can hear me in the video telling the girls you're not supposed to do the Scout Sign when holding the flag and explaining my own personal reasoning you might drop it, LOL.

And a few from Stories...


(Most of the time, you can't save the ones with music but I LOVE it when you can!)
"This Land Was Made for You and Me"

"Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath"

"Happy 'alloween!!!!"

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What I'm Into: October 2018

On the Nightstand:
Yeah, I'm going to do better (am doing better!) with this reading stuff in 2019.

On Their Nightstand: 

I don't remember what the kids and I were reading this month. 

On the Shelf:
Irrelevant at the point, right?

At the Theater (or from the couch) and On the Small Screen:

Same as it's been for awhile (SVU and Unsolved Mysteries and season four of The West Wing).

In My Ears:
70s/80s radio, basically.

Around the House:
I don't think we made any improvements or added anything interesting. LOL. kind of over my Halloween/fall decorations but the kids love them.

Well, there is this...
You know they're really getting the hang of things and understanding the family culture of Voluntary Simplicity when they start making holiday decorations out of literal trash. Goals, guys.

In the Kitchen:
Can't remember that, either.

In My Closet:
Probably mostly leggings and my pajamas.  

In Their Closets:

Here's where it gets interesting. Or at least I have somthing to share. LOL.

 I thouth Annie looked so precious in double French braids, Saltwaters, and a neckerchief (My Lady Webelos got asked to participate in a flag ceremony to honor a distinguished Jacksonian and Peyton told me he was so proud of me for stepping up and being their leader. I decided to hold that in my heart, along with this happy girl, when I feel overwhelmed and in over my head with this- which is most of the time. Also, Annie learned that "Jacksonian" and "Mississippian" were real words and she thought that was hysterical. 

And I love Bud in vintage Colonel Rebel boxers that I wore twenty five years ago as modesty shorts under my Saint Andrew's uniform and are probably a collector's item but he wears as legitimate boxers so basically playing in the front yard in his underwear and boots that my MIL gifted him and are two sizes too big but he couldn't stand waiting until they fit (I don't hate it- she got him some Star Wars sneakers one time and he literally wore them for three years). He can also put Minnie shame with his stick collecting.

And Sallie in dry panties for the second day in a row and a lime green barrette (girlfriend needed that first haircut like woah).

When the temps drop, Sallie gets dressed in one of my favorite fall transitional outfits for myself- shorts and a long sleeve tee. She pointed to Hulk and called him "Mr. Todd" which is hysterical because she saw our neighbor Todd that week and called him Hulk?!? I think it's because she remembers when he helped us out of a jam and Graves went on and on with the flattery, calling him a bunch of super hero names. Anyway, I think our little world changer looks so precious in her boy's department find (and on a more serious note, I also think I mainly want to raise her to be a kind, strong, humble woman and if she winds up changing the world- or a neighborhood, or one person's life- that's icing on the cake).

 When it's mid October and she's getting a flu shot in her thigh, Sallie sports these 6-12 mo. Gymboree biker shorts for the last time. She is not tiny by any means and I remember thinking these must run really big when Annie was still wearing them at like...four? LOL. My pet peeve (more relevant with boy stuff) is when shorts cone past the knee. But I guess some people must like that look (or maybe even my "big" babies run small).

 When it's the spooky month, Bud wears his bat joggers and coordinating old Haydn Roberts campaign tee plus white socks with no shoes outside (UGH) which he told me reminded him of Daffodil (the bunny from Puppy Days)?!? for homeschool P.E....and then coincidentally to hang his toy bat from our overhang. Also, I guess I do have a little Home Living Herrington Style update: Peyton pressure washed the chimney and it looks a hundred percent better (except for the tip top-- he needs a taller ladder).

 On crisp fall days (LOL), Graves likes to wear a sleeveless NASA tee, windsuit pants (is there a less 90s term for these? they actually don't have a coordinating jacket so it's not very accurate), and an Indiana Jones hat under his bike helmet. Annie told him that together they looked like the sweetest little bonnet and being Graves and being plenty comfortable in his masculinity (and probably also being a Herrrington baby taught to love bonnets), he accepted that as quite the compliment. Also, Peyton's taken to wearing these sleeveless tees and it's a real gag experience for me but we'll manage. I am trying to unlearn calling them "wife beaters" because what a wildly inappropriate term. However, I'll never unlearn thinking they're trashy.

Yes, Sallie is sporting more tees and seersucker bloomers because it was still eighty something degrees in mid October (at least it was the orange ones that go with a Halloween outfit this time and I did make her trade in her CricCrocs for socks and Keds). And this is one of my current favorites of Graves's, his fox t-shirt.

 And the finale! Sallie in the cutest gingham jack-o'-lantern romper paired with black kitty shoes c/o Minnie. I busted it out later than I meant to but she wore it about five times in twelve days. I loved it on Annie and I loved it on Sissy!!!

NM, this is the finale. When it's Halloween, Sallie gets dressed as a psychedelic elephant. I dressed Annie in smocked bishops until she was eight but somehow this was the last real cute (soft/babish/ect.) costume she had (when she was Tinkerbell and when she was four and five she wore this really fancy princess dress Minnie got her at TJ Maxx). Ironically, Annie wore this elephant costume to dress up in until she was about six-- because petite people wear onsies in first grade. Anyway, the psychedelic elephant is obviously quite garish and a little tacky and the velour skeeves me out and there are certainly "sweeter" elephant costumes, this one fits my sassy girls so perfectly and I'm as obsessed with this janky thing as I ever was. 

In My Cart/In My Mailbox:
Nothing really! Different now that the 2019 budget has kicked in, haha. We did get gifted this fabulous toy, though.

A family at church gave us this castle. It definitely seemed a little "young" for Graves and Annie generously passed down her Little People castle to Sallie when Peyton found a dollhouse for on the side of the road in our neighborhood (and then found out the people used to OWN OUR HOUSE and moved to another house in our subdivision; I don't know if the dollhouse ever lived in our house before this-- they were older so it might have; either way, so surreal!). Anyway, this one is more knight themed and and Graves begged to have it while I was telling my friend "eh, we're trying to purge our own stuff". So...we came home with it.  And guys, it has all these cool things it does. A pulley thing and a catapult thing and some other stuff. Graves played with it for an hour before asking about his media time (and after cleaning it- it wasn't dirty at all, I just have my compulsions and he did exactly what I asked). He's so little in so many ways and I just try to embrace that as much as I can because I know that one day he won't be and I'll be kicking myself for worrying about areas where he seems a little behind.

Around Town and At Home: 

 I bought myself two bright, fluffy bath towels at Target (I guess I could have included those in my "cart" catagory) and I'm pretty possessive of them, TBH. This was a treat for conceding that I could actually use a towel I dried off my clean body with for more than one use instead of throwing it directly into the laundry. They were literally $3.99 a piece and I told Peyton we should really "invest" in some more. He said the price wasn't the issue he just hated to waste our perfectly good decade old towels (absolutely horrible total rags). It would not be appropriate to donate them anywhere. Well I said that surely we could use them for some kid crafts/activities. The next morning morning, totally unprompted Graves asked to use an old rag (previously a bath towel that did become unusable) and made a sheath for his sword (plastic Newks knife he fished out of the recycling and repurposed as well). Living that Voluntary Simplicity lifee, y'all and maybe I'll get a few more decent towels thanks to this guy's ingenuity.

 When you skip your nap and sneak your paci at supper...

 Round three of the runny nose this fall 👎👎👎 and the only thing making this grumpy girl happy wasbeing "side" (and she was adamant she should sit in the falling apart beach chair I got out so I could sit to supervise her for half an hour). Her fountain pony gives me life, though. 

Also, she loves the grown girl swing but when I asked if she was a big girl she said "uh uh, I a baby like Teddy". Right anwer, Girlfriend.

 They Reynauds made their first treck to Jackson as a family of three. My two favorite little boys on this whole earth. That big one couldn't be happier holding this buddy he loves so much. And that little one doesn't know it yet- but the guy holding him will be on his side forever, his biggest cheerleader in absolutely anything he does.

 What's better than baby cuddles? Double cuddles!!! Minnie said nobody is as obsessed with newborn babies as I am, but Little Sallie Sunshine lovvvvves her Teddy Gram (and thankfully was well enough to be near him but we didn't let her touch and she was SO obedient).

Stuff Herringtons say (really, sing) when you take them on a family bike ride. Fun stuff being a boy mom. 

 Sallie called me and said "Look! A Teddy mirror!!!" and pointed to Annie's birth announcement (still need to get hers done and um, clean the actual mirror). I told her that Teddy and YaYa both do/did have unbelievable tans for an infant, but that was, in fact, a picture of her big sister and not another mirror with her favorite person in it. I will never tire of getting such incredible glimpses at how their little minds work (it's one of the biggest things that, for me, really redeems the lonely, mundane hours) and I will never tire of seeing how much mental space her beloved cousin takes up in this baby's life.

A few snippets from Stories:
This was a hard weekend.

I mean, they totally are.


 Happy Halloween from Darth Mal, Master Luminara, a garden gnome, and a psychedelic elephant.

Ending with this- it's worth saving to your lock screen. I need to see this today and probs every day. Also, saw somebody gently tell a friend "instead of 'Girl, Wash Your Face' we need to be saying 'Girl, Let Jesus Wash Your Feet'". And it preached to me.

At the Schoolhouse:
Right after we got back from Nashville/camping in September!


We finished Brown Girl Dreaming awhile back and it was SO good. I decided while we were reading it that it would be fun to have Annie write a (very small) memoir of her own. I was super proud of myself for going "off book". I rarely dream up projects that aren't, at the very least, inspired by the curriculums we use. And we use a lot of stuff, so time is a factor, too. Also, we've been coming at writing from a classical approach and it's pretty structured and, at this stage, has a lot to do with copy work and narration and even when "creative" is very much based on using a model and then amplifying it, rather than creating your own thing out of your head. All that has been GREAT for Annie, who is very structured (rigid?) and she kind of pushed back on this. In fact, she KNEW I had dreamed it up and kind of used that against me. She's so concrete and literal and this isn't her thing. She told me that this wasn't a very important part of school, like math. Oh, hmm. I've somehow led you to believe math skills are more important that creativity and imagination and the ability to think critically (all three things are things she is really good at, actually, but she needs a push to use them outside of the ways she personally wants to). We're definitely doing this then. I get it. She's like her momma and struggles to do things when they aren't on her terms. And she's my child where, unless there's a reason for her not to have it, I usually giver her the control. She's responsible enough and typically wise enough to make many of her own decisions, when presented with all the information.But I knew this would be good for her. As a compromise, I conceded in letting her dictate her rough draft (something I said we'd move away from this year). I am SO proud of what she came up with.

 Sometimes the Stuff Herringtons say is very sobering and sometimes I spend the morning at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs stumbling through discussions about sin and power and pain.

Herrington Quirks, right there

such a little thing, such a huge thing!

On the Blog:

Hmmm....I accidentally shared these as part of my September post. Hard to keep track when you're months behind. Ugh. 
- I shared Ten Things about myself and my life as part of an Instagram challenge in September and it was very interesting to reflect on. 
- I wrote about weaning Sallie. I wrote it pretty quickly after I did it and I wrote less than I thought I would. It's been an important part of my life but I think I processed letting go of it a lot before I did it and I feel like I've spent years sharing how passionate I am about nursing and nurturing and early motherhood. 

On My Heart and Mind:

- October was hard. I thought a lot about how we don't like to talk about hard things unless the person is "past" it and we can put a nice bow on it. Our culture doesn't like to talk about pain and brokenness and struggle in the present tense. And we certainly don't if there's no "action plan". 

In My Prayers:

- I prayed about my health- mentally and physically. I just felt really drained and it was a struggle. The last few months have been and my prayers have been kind of the same. Just asking God for endurance and energy and and to feel his presence.
- I started praying over the children at night awhile back and I pray a lot that they will feel God's presence and Hhis love and forgiveness and that they will notice His beautiful creation

There's October- not before 2019, as I had attempted, but there's the update! More soon, hopefully!