Saturday, July 14, 2018

Monthly Mental Health Check In: June 2018

I've been so irritated by our cold house all winter and I had my first tuly hot day in it. P gives me such a hard time because I have the most absurd range of temperatures I think are remotely comfortable. Actually, it's not the small range that's the issue it's how I just want to scream if our house isn't in between those three degrees. I'm not sure if it's an HSP thing or a hormonal thing or a mental health thing or a high maintenance person thing. But I literally felt like I was about to jump out of my skin. (And because I always get comments on this and I know Peyton really presents as an asshole to some people, I really do just try to listen to him with this kind of stuff because I'm the one that gets to have my dream job and it's super nice to have him here, oh, four days a week and someday soon it'll be five and then he gets to retire before we're forty and y'all that looks real damn nice and worth a little discomfort because as much as I hate my house making me twitchy I really love my house when I get to parent with my partner in it like the majority of life. But I will gripe about it on occasion. Usually in these posts because they're my Hard Is Hard Yo safe place =)) I also know that we'd probably save a couple hundred dollars a year at most but we do a LOT of things that save a few hundred here and there and that's how we manage to put away a lot... 
As part of an effort to be more confident in myself, I decided to stop asking P's opinions (I'm not talking about if he like a dress or like huge life decisions- more in the middle type stuff, like if I should I have phrased something a different way, ect.). It's been *really* good for me and probably for him.
I've realized lately that sometimes the things that speak to us in the deepest places are so simple. I notice this more and more. Sometimes it takes me a minute (or more honestly, a friend) to uncover them but it'll be just the truth and encouragement I desperately need and it'll be the simplist thing. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July Goals and Happenings

This design and header are not my favorite and I wish the picture of Graves and the one of all three kids had turned out more clear, but I'm just not into spending hours on these things anymore. I do love the quote and I think the pics of the girls and the dessert in the middle turned out well. Ha! 

Let's see. June was BUSY but fun. I kind of already recapped the first half of the month- the kitchen work got finished (post to come soon!) and I got off my anti-depressant. And there was lots of swim team. The second half of the month was more swim team and Peyton went to Flordia for a few days for the Pharmacy Association convention. He ended up doing a lot of work for the Association when he got back and the end of the month felt really busy.

Going into July, we had City Meet, a church service project trip to the fire station, and then the Fourth at Briarwood. It's been a fun first week.

This weekend is Cookie's baby shower in Jackson on Saturday and then the Swimteam Banquet on Sunday. We have bookclub next week and are having dinner at my sister in-laws and I'm not even sure what ther rest of the month holds. Happily, it should be really low key.

I set the bar pretty low with my  June Goals and I'd say I did okay:

1. Blog/write. I didn't do a whole lot of this, but I felt successful for the kind of month that it was. I'm trying to pick up more steam this month.

2. Plan out our weeks. I did get back into this and it's felt so good.

3. Enjoy Peyton being gone, insomuch as that is possible (e.g. watch shows he doesn't care about and spend time blogging and such). Hmm, kind of. I didn't watch a single show that I meant to and I don't think I spent that much time blogging. But I did like having a bit of time to myself and it went by more quickly than I expected.

4. Finish up the summer session at the McClean Center. I did this! I actually didn't make it to the third session because the battery on the van died but I went to the last one and it was so emotional.

5. Figure out a few things for a shower I'm helping host for Cookie. I ordered cookies and Minnie made a poppyseed dressing for my fruit salad. I bought the fruit and Peyton is chopping it up tonight!

6. Email our senators/representatives about border policy and immigrant children being separated from their parents and also donate to an organization that helps with this cause. I did the first thing but not the second (more because I'm being lazy than being stingy).

7. Feed our neighbors' fish who is in China. Well, Annie did =) I walked down or we stopped on our way to or from somewhere but Annie took care of the actual task. I don't even know how to do it this year. Ha!

8. Make a plan for weaning Sallie. She's down to one (super quick) session at night so I'm really just going to cut that off and the plan is to do it sometime in July. I'm sure there will be lots of metaphorical ink spilled about this before it's over.

9. Continue to do school where and when we can. We've been chugging along doing some here and some there. I bought some fun math and phonics apps for Graves and those have been really motivating for him.

10. Go on an anniversary date with P to celebrate ten years. We did do this and had a wonderful time!

11. Pray. I did. Never as much as I want to, but I did do this.

12. Think about what I want and need from July- I have been thinking about this and this weekend I'm going to solidify a few things.

Here are my Goals for July. Peyton and I both decided to spend the month focusing on getting organized for the next year. So a good chunk of these relate to that.

1. Plan out our 2018-2019 travels. We already started this one but we need to nail down some details.

2. Plan 2018-2019 school year. I've kind of already done this but I need to discuss it with Peyton and plan a few things in more detail and probably order a few small things.

3. Plan 2018-2019 extracurriculars. I think I have a broad idea of what both the big kids will be doing, at least in the fall, but I need to kind of firm up the details.

4. Plan 2018-2019 Cub Scouts. So, since they're letting girls join, I'm going to be Annie's group's leader this year! I'm nervous but Peyton is going to help a lot.

5. Meet up with friends. I'm not going to put a number, but I want to try to prioritize that this month.

6. Cook several new recipes. Again, I'm not going to tie myself to a number but I'd like to try out a few.

7.  Plan and execute Graves's pool birthday party. 

8. Write consistently. Whatever that means.

9. Start exercising. Even if I don't start running until the fall when it's cool, I want to at least walk or something.

10. Start taking a magnesium supplement for my headaches. We'll see how this goes.

Friday, July 6, 2018

What I'm Into: May

Well, now that it's July (I finished this thing and thought I hit publish like a week ago, but apparently not; this is the second time in a few weeks I've done that--eeek, getting old?)....

this thing is super in the home decor/wardrobe department. I didn't read, watch, or listen to much of merit, I guess. I wrote on here very little, sadly. I did have some big homeschooling takeaways, most that I shared in another post, but am including here, too.

On the Nightstand:

Same old, same old. I hardly picked up a book in May

The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids by Sarah Mackenzie
The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Karyn Purvis
Salvage the Bones by Jesym Ward

On Their Nightstand: 

I know we were reading, but I'm really not sure what. 

On the Shelf:
Nothing different.

At the Theater (or from the couch):

We didn't see any movies, which isn't unusual. I think I should combine this and the next category from now on. 

On the Small Screen:

Just more of the same (SVU and Unsolved Mysteries)

In My Ears:

The usual- a mix of radio stuff and some kid cds. 

Around the House:

Okay, this is where things get real. I'm going to share more "process pictures" in an upcoming post soon, but I'm over the moon excited about our updated kitchen!

It'd been two months since we first started slapping twelve different yellows on the wall and trying to find something between a banana and "honestly, yellow is not my favorite color and a whole room of it kinda terrifies me". And it'd been over a month since they started working on this (which seems like a really long time when we weren't like knocking down or erecting walls but our neighbor does really good work for a really good price and it feels good to work with people who have character and aren't absurdly expensive). But I could finally tell at this point that it was going to be a hundred percent worth it. The light at the end of the tunnel is They Call It Mellow and it really felt like I'm getting my dream kitchen after a decade of waiting for.

My favorite parts (I think) are the open cabinet and the little pop of yellow in the window over the sink. My personal conviction is that a kitchen *has* to be cheerful and I think it very much still is but it's so much less cluttered and funky and it feels like a more grown up vibe and honestly just seems a bit more pleasant and a bit less chaotic. I love it so much. 

I'm super excited about how the powder blue table P painted turned out! 

In the Kitchen:

Hmmm, well lots of boxed convenience food since we were having so much work done. 

In My Closet:

Yeah, taking mirror selfies at the Junior League headquarters feels pretty risky. Like somebody could walk in at any minute. But y'all know I gotta have proof when I wear real clothes on a day that's not Sunday. Shorts and cardigan are Cookie's hand me downs, per usual.

One of my favorite Zulily steals- it's Maltilda Jane tween line because Tiny People Problems. I told myself when I'm in my forties I will not be wearing kid clothes. Seven more years! 

wearing my favorite light blue MiniBoden (LOL) dress with tiny flowers and mixed patterns and my gold Saltwaters. I love how this dress has a little happy/boho/vintage feel but something (the cut?) makes it feel a little more classic and structured than expected and not too funky/goofy/over the top. It's one of my current faves for summer.

In Their Closets:

Love these three in their green check!

Sallie in the sweetest little tulips and pansies, eyelet, and light pink check! This is a Sallie original (as opposed to an Annie hand me down) that I bought on clearance last summer for this year. I can tell it's going to be on heavy rotation this summer. If there's anything in life I love more than a bubble, it's a diaper set. 

When they're at the farm, Annie and Graves wear their John Deere shirts and Sallie wears her Charlotte's Web tee!

Here's Annie ready for piano in these Walmart shorts I love, her Sylvester and the Magic Pebble lit tee, and these ADORABLE bright yellow Birks that fit JUST right* c/o a dear friend from my School of Ed days and an awesome Goodwill in DC. I really hope they fit all summer. I'm going to encourage her to wear them a ton because I love looking at her in them.

When she and her brother are both having coughing fits and running noses but her momma's going crazy in her own house, Sallie wears pinstripes, fish, sailboats, and "crick crocs" as Bud would say (c/o Dee Dee) for an evening on the lake. This frock is not one I just loved on Annie but I adore it on Sis. I like that it's classic and tailored with sweet touches (buttons on the back!) buy isn't too frilly for a girl who clearly isn't (see muddy smudges). And the length is 100%.  Despite Stuffy Little Sallie not feeling like her usual self, she went up and down alllll those backyard steps they installed for mine and her papa's wedding a decade ago and put away some pizza (and went halfway up the inside stairs by herself when Mick turned his back for half a second). She looks so sweet and soft in the first picture, but that Babes is a tough cookie. 

They told us to wear red or orange or yellow for Pentecost. Y'all know momma loves a patter and we don't really do solid stuff (and they were wearing the red check that we're on our second (or third?) summer in the next week for Memorial Day), so florals with strawberries and red white and blue plaid!

Sallie sporting her beloved Crocs and a favorite embroidered linen bubble of Annie's that simply did not get enough wear round one (determined not to repeat that mistake) and sporting more Walmart shorts that we're $4 and are generally cute if you ignore the tiny rhinestones in the pockets and an NYC T-shirt with a hotdog on it that my MIL gave her and that she told me that she "just loves". 

Annie put on her garden jams when we got home from church one Sunday (who knows why, it was ninety degrees outside and not much below that in the house ) and she still had her big red bow on and I just had to take a bunch of pics and she still looks so itty bitty.

Buddie and Sallie wearing last year's red check (that didn't fit until this year in Sal's case) for Memorial Day. There was an attempt made with Annie but Girlfriend has GROWN. But we are all about some coordinating, so Annie wore her little scalloped dress that reminds me of a peppermint and MonkMonk wore what I think is a pj top for a baby doll but happens to have some piping that matched Annie's trim perfectly so they could continue twinning after she got excited about matching pjs (see below).  Next level analyzing: It does feel super odd to me that Sallie's dress is so much funkier that Annie's and Annie's has a more traditional/baby vibe. But y'all, AP took a shower without me reminding her to and we got together a whole new outfit and were still EARLY for church. A Trinity Sunday miracle, or something. 

Y'all know that trend where a lot of places make doll dresses that match little girls'? I haven't really hopped on it mostly because the ones I had seen were kind of pricey and Annie doesn't really do dolls. But then I found these pjs on Zulily for SO cheap and she desperately needed some bigger ones anyway. She's been doing this thing where she dresses up her owls in different kinds of babydoll clothes and asks us what we think they're dressed for (a ladies luncheon, bed, a thunderstorm) so I thought she might enjoy these. She realized immediately that they'd fit MonkMonk perfectly (she did kind of have to struggle with her tail). She sweet since MM was her lovey when she was Sallies age!

I love Annie in this shirt of mine (that I wore as an adult, ha). Message is so on point for her and I love how it's a little fitted and shorter than her other big t-shirts and looks like a nightgown. She got out Snuggle Frog (a present from an old boyfriend like fifteen years ago) to coordinate for the picture.

For our first swim of the summer, she got out her new navy star swimsuit and a denim star barrette she dug out and was so excited to show me.

In My Mailbox:

Nothing interesting! 

In My Cart:

Nothing there either. I spent a lot in the winter and spring and I'm trying to be VERY careful this summer. 

Around Town and At Home: 

Fun on the farm with these four! I was thinking about staying home with Sallie and trying to get some things done and just sending P and the big kids but I was afraid I'd be lonely (NOT typical, I usually look forward to sending them off for twenty four hours). But I was so glad we came. Sallie had one of her best days ever (y'all know Little Sallie Sunshine loves outside better than anything so she thought the fatm was LIFE). Annie was totally in her element with all my in law's pets and she brought her bird book/cards that she had meticulously sorted to only include Mississippi birds and made great use of some new binoculars. And Graves had sooo much fun collecting sticks. I had to text Minnie because picking up sticks in her hard is like her therapy it's so cathartic for her. AND we got in a good school day with both big kids (Sallie adores her grandparents and they were so happy to hang with her while oeyton and I both did some school). And it was such good self care/soul care. Which is almost always the case and almost always surprises me. I ate three delicious meals that I didn't cook myself, had a couple of extra sets of hands with the kids, slept in the most luxurious bed, had adult conversations, and mabye best of all had to leave my to-do list and my torn up kitchen at home. Such a sweet get away and bonus: the van smelled like mint since P dug up a small plant to bring home!

She was so happy when the kitty started purring. This picture captures my sweet, serious girl so well.

We had a wonderful time with cousins at the park one week. Bud was ecstatic to find TWO toads.

P drew a little face on Sallie's foot last night and she was/is sooo tickled by it. I know I've been saying it for over a year, but it's so much fun to watch him enjoy her more and more. Peyton lovvvvves big kids, so just count on me saying it for many more years (I think his enjoyment at nine and seven is still an upward trajectory so I have no idea where it caps). She talks about him so much when she doesn't see him all weekend. There's a picture of us she can see from the bathtub and she sort of sings/babbles about "Papa Dee, Papa Doo". Annie made up a song for her that goes "Papa Dee, Papa Doo. Papa sure does love you". It's the absolute sweetest. I've started calling them Papa Doo and Sallie Boo and they kind of melt my heart.

Front yard soccer and supper. Sporty Little Sallie was enjoying the spectator role that night!

Graves followed the directions and made this with K'nex. P only helped him with the wheels. Peyton said he zoned in and got super focused. He does the same things with those little mixel Lego packages. And Mickey just recently told me that when it's just the two of them, if I drop him off for some solo time, he is so different and I "wouldn't evem know him". He's the exact opposite when we're all there- doing anything and everything to get some more attention away from his sisters and onto himself. I never thought about it before (which duh) but Buddy is such a middle child in this way (which I think is nothing but understandable). 

Peyton worked out of town and stayed in a hotel one. So Graves took over the responsibility of making sure I didn't have an inch of personal space while I slept. I swear, it's not getting up with a toddler a couple of times a night that makes me so tired, it's these fools who insist on throwing their limbs all over my body while I'm trying to get some good sleep. 

  • 1. Peyton got home and look who spontaneously started leg hugging. These people. Annie and I would never dream (no pun intended) of doing that.
    2. That drenched little baby head. Uggggh. Both my girls are super hot natured but Todd also said literally every person he's had working here has said it was hot as hell inside our house. I made him guess what P puts it on in the summer and when I you'd him 80, he about fell out.
    3. I also told Peyton I feel awkward posting pictures like this because he's soooo hairy. He was like "yeah, you should; it's weird to take pictures of people while they're naked and sleeping" (he was kidding, he does wear bottoms when the baby's in here). 

Graves feeding the baby her applesauce (she wouldn't let me) during his soccer game while he wasn't playing. He told me that day that he thought I "loved the ladies more than him". It just about broke my heart. I told him of course I didn't, why in the world would he think that??? He told me because Annie got all her media time today and he didn't and "that's the way you give love".

We had *such* a good day with him (except when he got Sallie to lay down in the tub so he could was her hair; eek, glad I was just a few feet away; he said he thought she was drowning but he didn't call me because the figured "he could just deal with it" (she was/is fine, obs); bless his heart he told me later he was worried Sallie hated him because he "almost killed her"- he's like his momma and feels things do hard...too hard). He great day at P.E. in the morning and soccer that night. I really didn't want to do both- Peyton worked sone extra shifts this week and we were all still stuffy/coughing. But I'm so glad we did. After soccer he got his snack and drink and before he had the first sip he offered one to Annie, then me, then Sallie. He's so generous. I asked him if he needed help opening his snack and he said "I can do it myself but I appreciate that". And he's been doing SO much better with straightening his room. I told him he could keep a bunch of stuffies on his bed (not my preference but he loves them up there) if he lined them up neatly and he's been doing it every day! And he told P that watering some flowers was his "new routine" (that we neither assigned nor knew about). I tried to praise him a lot and he just beamed. I told Peyton I spend way too much time fussing at him and not enough time praising him. The latter really improves his behavior much more but also I just want to do it because that's the kind of momma I want to be. 

I was hanging up some clothes and Sallie followed me in Graves's room. She climbed on the bed where he was doing his media time and he immediately snuggled her in and let her watch until I finished.
A little while later she heard a loud noise and cried "Grayyyyy!". I thought it was so sweet that she called her big brother first when she got scared. He's been coming up with lots of fun games for her and they geniuinely love playing together. She's still a big fan of "NaNa" (Annie) but these two are getting super close again. It's so interesting to watch the ways the dynamics change and cycle with multiple kids!

Pop Quiz:
Was I? 
A. Practicing self care with a birthday bubble bath?
B. Trying to combat a weather headache with eucalyptus/spearmint Epsom salts?
C. Attempting to look slightly less greasy/haggard so I could go drop off these crazies and "date my spouse" or whatever corndog way you want to refer to low key gyros and staring off into space in silence
D. All of the above

Ding, ding, ding. Answer D, as in duh.

How Bud celebrated his momma's bday. So Herrington to pick the tub as party central!

When you take a 3 hour nap and still wanna crash on your NaNa's bed!

Minnie got a big white chenille teddy bear for Baby Reynaud so she got one for Sissy, too. Babes loves him! 

Sweet sisters. They love each other so much. Annie has gotten so patient (she's like her momma and has major personal space boundaries- "lack of physical touch" is our love lang). And Sis thinks Annie hung the moon.

Annie's first sleepover was a huge success. She and Mary Milton are kinda kindred spirits who want to be zoo keepers together when they get big. And Aubrey is her life long BFF from her baby days and was clearly on theme for the party too. It was PERFECT to do a small party and I think Annie enjoyed it much more that way. It was so much fun listening to the girls talk and giggle. They all have such unique personalities and interests but there wasn't one hiccup and they got along so well and we're so considerate of one another. 

The list rascal in the second picture was almost asleep when he and Peyton and Sallie got home last night but he got a second wind when he saw "THE GIRLS" send started showing off with P.E. exercises and trying to sing them bedtime songs.

I asked P when he thought Annie would be "over" themed parties and he said probably somewhere between fourteen and twenty years old. Haha. She did tell me (when she picked owls after having a bird party last year) that she "promised she wouldn't get more specific and pick a subset of owls, like Great Horned Owls or Barn Owls, next year". She did most of the decorating herself. We browsed Pinterest a couple of times and she had so much fun planning. She LOVES it so much. I wondered if her little friends would think "pin the beak on the owl" was a bit silly but they played it multiple times! They'd go visit or do something else and then come back to it. All three girls are in a stage between "little girl" and "tween", but they probably lean more toward the former since they're all homeschooled. And we picked these easy snacks (she decided that the only thing "not themed" should be chicken spaghetti and when she couldn't think of an owl movie to watch before bed Graves mentioned that he thought a Wild Kratts episode about eagles would be close enough). I was surprised at how cute they turned out. Not that they're anything special but they definitely were low enery momma ideas I knew I could execute and I knew Annie would enjoy. And that was ALL I cared about. I've never done elaborate birthdays but it gets easier every year with her and it feels good to be putting in the effort for a crowd of just one. She complimented each snack separately and gushed so much about how cute they were. I wasn't really feeling any of it that day and her words meant everything to me. 
It all brought her so much joy and it was such a little thing to do for her!

When slumber parties beget slumber parties 

Had to text this party guest's momma and ask if she really needed her back, haha. Sallie kept crawling in Aubrey's lap and Aubrey was so sweet and patient when she was trying to color (she also made Graves the sweetest card and Graves isn't always so nice to her- I think because he feels a bit threatened by her close relationship with Annie).

She fussed for nearly an hour and he was driving me nuts. So I let  him get in with her and they were both happy and meeting each other's (insane) needs for attention/affection and momma's getting a bit of space.

Also, she looks more like Bud every day, I think. 

Peyton took these folks to explore the ditch one day and they basically bathed in it (last pic that looks like just rocks is also the back of Graves's head!) 

Favorite season. Favorite place. Favorite people. 

Double time!!!

The big kids decided to put on swimsuits and paint the fence with water and brooms one Sunday afternoon!

At the Schoolhouse:

Looks like prioritizing history and science has  worked (PHS is "post high school"). I really thought this test was going to tell me NOTHING I didn't already know, but I was surprised just how far she knocked a few things out of the park. Girlfriend is real good at reading a map and knowing that in our culture people get paid with money (not gold or food) for doing jobs. She did want to know why there were only questions about MLK and Rosa Parks and not the Crusades and other Medieval stuff because  Classical Education Problems. I'm really proud of her, but like with most of motherhood, I try not to take much credit for the good or much blame for the bad. And homeschooling in general certainly keeps me humble.

We finished up this 632 page beast of burden recently. I mostly love Essentials (and Logic of English, in general) but it's rigorous and a big time investment for the teacher and student. I've really watched it pay off, though- Annie's spelling (which has never been her strength) is on a sixth grade level and I credit this program entirely. More impressive, the "word study skills" part of her standardized test was the only part where she got every single answer right. She has a massive stack of index cards that are all the morphemes she learned this year. A morpheme, for people who are not educators/linguists is the smallest unit of *meaning* in a word (a phonogram is the smallest unit of sound). I'm never ever going to teach Latin and I have rationalized that this is an excellent option B for coming to understand how words work the way they work. We will start with Volume 2 (broken into two books to prevent back aches), in the fall and do levels B and C. Graves will start Volume 1, Level A at some point next year and I can say without a doubt it will kick our tails.

She's also finished up a few supplementary things. She basically taught herself cursive this year (and P found a typing program that requires basically no engagement from us!) and we had this Reading Detective book which is all I've used to get her familiar with literary elements. I felt kind of bad about that but it's really well done. I hope to push "literature" (beyond just reading and talking, which I think are the MOST important) a little harder in 4th grade. 

We're about to wrap up the first semester of third grade math. I started to be like "eeek", but that really wouldn't be honest. I kind of don't like admitting it, but I really don't care at all about being a bit behind in this area even though I know she COULD be at a different place. We'll start fourth grade math before next Christmas and it's given me space to do things she enjoys more. 

It's been nice for her to have a lighter load and it's been nice for me to have a few weeks where my only active teaching with her is grammar and history.

Took these two sick folks on a walk while P did chemistry with Annie. Little Sallie Sunshine thinks fresh air is the best medicine and it usually is for the things that ail her momma (mostly pressure that hurts inside my head and things that hurt inside my mind). Graves and I played a game where whoever noticed a car in front of us first got one point and whoever noticed one behind us got two points. I really just wanted him to practice paying attention to traffic but I said "you have four points and got two more-- how many now?" And he said "six" so quickly. It was the fastest mental math I've ever seen from him. And he had THE best day of school this morning. 

It's funny because *I* just decided to let go of this in a way I never have. We've always said college wasn't this Golden Calf in our family, but after years at a college preparatory school, it's hard to let some things go. But I spent some time talking to my precious father in law who has four boys (also something I didn't grow up with) and knows a lot about ADD and also typical boy developmentental stages and youngest kids and middle kids and having lots of kids. And he told me how college used to be the biggest deal to him because for his own Depression generation parents it was something you took seriously. But then he saw some of his kids (and many Americans) find success in a trade and it changed him. 

Y'all I know this is a long ways off. Maybe this is what anxiety does to a person. And I know part of it is that I'm his teacher so I feel a lot of guilt. Not necessarily when he doesn't do what his sister did but when he doesn't do what a lot of seven year old boys do. But then I think *if* he could do it, the cost would be so high. Too high. He's such a young seven. He's so little. And I want desperately to embrace that. 
This little gutter trick made his sick sister laugh so hard. He's been doing lots of things that do, lately. 

He might be an excellent plumber or he might be an excellent physician. I hope so hard he will get to be a papa. Because I know with all my heart he'd excel at that. 

In lieu of cute end of the year pictures (because the end never comes at at the Schoolhouse in the Suburbs), y'all get boring updates on curriculums we've finished up. Annie wrapped up this big endeavor recently and I was so proud. Peyton mentioned that we were finishing up a lot of things and he was proud of me and that felt good, too. Some of the stuff I've done with her this year has felt never ending. It seemed like we'd never really accomplish it all and the light at the end of the tunnel seemed far away even a couple of months ago. But we plugged away. This specific resource is a critical thinking book I tore apart so we can put each page in a pouch (it is an extra hassle each day but it's kinda helpful because I have to check them in real time instead of letting my "grading" build up like I do with history tests and math pages and I've gotten a system where I always have them prepped ahead of time for the next day and those things are like $40 and are what I consider "supplimental" so I really want to reuse them). We went through a 2nd grade book this year and it turned out to be the best idea. First of all, she did them independently and just checked in if she didn't understand something. It's nice to be able to hand her things and not have any direct teaching but also know it isn't just "busy work". And it *totally* wasn't. First of all, it helped me gauge if there were any missing pieces or things she needed more work on. Secondly, it was a really good supplement to our regular math curriculum because it's a bit more outside the box and a lot of it is more just reasoning than teaching strategy and skills (though there is definitely some fact practice). I've had a few days lately where I just really wondered if I could keep doing this. I'm was working on weaning myself off Zoloft and I've felt super unmotivated, really overwhelmed, and kind of worthless. Overall, it  wasn't nearly as hard as I thought though. And looking at all those FINISHED pages really did my heart good and reminded me that we have accomplished a lot this year and we will next year, too. 

On the Blog:

Not much at all-- just some Sunday Hymns and Herrington Babies posts and my a few other regular things. 

On My Heart and Mind:
In My Prayers:

- I prayed some about my health- headaches and anxiety/depression.
- I prayed a lot for friends who are struggling with different things.
- I prayed about getting off my medicine and weaning Sallie

On the Calendar:

Yeah, no.

That about wraps it up for May. Maybe I'll be more timely with in the next week.