Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Annie Gets Dressed/Buddie Gets Dressed: Spotlight on Winter Water Factory

I was looking back over some old posts and I remembered how I used to do three different series-- Babykin Boutique, Annie Banani: Fashionista and Annie's Apparel. I shared my "finds"; Annie dressed for thematically for Christmas and such; and analytical/humorous reflections on outfitting her, respectively.

In recent years, I've mostly included both things in my What I'm Into posts each month, but as I'm trying to work on my own wardrobe more and eliminate things that I don't love, I realized I'm doing the same with the kids' clothes and I'd like to share more in posts geared specifically towards that.

I'd kind of like to do a big catch all with my very favorites and reflections about what I'm drawn to and not drawn to and how my style has evolved and that kind of thing all in one post that I'd do from time to time (probably seasonally?) and then maybe a few in specific areas like I used to do (holiday wear, swimsuits, ect.). I'm sure a lot of it will appear in both the WII posts as well as these, but some (like this one) don't fit into that model well, so I think it'll be fun to have a new series to share certain things.

I think it will be much more enjoyable for me to look back on later and have a specific category devoted to just this again, like I did when Annie was tiny. This is another one of those things that seems way redundant, but the more I realize that I'm doing this largely for myself, the less I really care. I'll probably do them for the big kids, too, but their will be way shorter since they spend lots of their days in costume or mismatched things or pajamas. And as I mentioned, I think I will try to be more discriminating in what I include- a lot of what gets dumped into the What I'm Into posts is almost anything from the month that I had under the #SallieGetsDressed hashtag on Instagram, including things that were just silly (t-shirts, ect.) and what not.

So...here's the first one. This one spans lots of years. A few weeks back one of my favorite brands had a sale and I thought it would be fun to spotlight it on IG as some of my "Friday Favorites". I love Winter Water Factory and thought I'd share some of my favorite picks through the years. 

This was my first ever WWF purchase. I got it on our neighborhood scouting trip to NYC when we just happened to stop at the Brooklyn Flea. So special- I'll probably cry when Sallie wears it.

And this is the first tee I ever bought Bud.

This is actually one I wasn't crazy about on the hanger but Annie herself saw it and loved it because it reminded her of Cinderella. It ended up being a huge staple and I thought it looked so charming and classic on her. 

I really liked these shirts (this one and the fish one below) because they feel unique and different. I loved how they have a pattern/print all over instead of an appliqued design in the center like so many little boy shirts. And they seemed to go with quite a lot, despite being sort of busy. He wore them with jeans and solid pants but also with a pair of brown striped knit pants. I loved the pattern mixing. We wore the heck out of these. 

One of my favorite hauls. That sparkly hammer shirt was a big hit (no pun intended)!

The kitty dress may be my all time favorite. I think it is Peyton's all time favorite of anything I've bought the children and Annie was obsessed with it. She always said the black kitties made her think of Darth and I think the yarn balls are such a fun touch. The patterns are so creative. And I love her big red boy, striped leggings, piped strawberry sweater, and denim mary janes with it. And I love that her beloved "Steggie" and an NYC subway station are pictured. It's the epitome of Annie at this age.

Another one that has gotten years of wear- Graves adores this pirate shirt. I think the waves are really pretty. 

This is another all time favorite. This dress is so "Annie" to me- soft and cute but not prissy or stuffy and with a little nod to nature. I actually got Sallie one, too, but it doesn't fit yet. I saw it go on sale and I snatched it up. Annie wanted to name her Daisy for so long and daisy things still really appeal to me for her. Plus, yellow is SUCH a Sallie color for me. It seems to fit both my girls' personalities so well.

I definitely lean toward a more classic, traditional style in general these days but for knit play clothes, I love a little whimsy and a funky retro vibe, especially as they get bigger and the sweet, smocked stuff becomes less and less appropriate. And it's such a huge win because the company is Brooklyn based, fair trade, and everything is ethically sourced

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday Hymns and Herrington Babies: Refresh thy People on Their Toilsome Way

God of the ages, whose almighty hand 
leads forth in beauty all the starry band 
of shining worlds in splendor through the skies, 
our grateful songs before thy throne arise.
Refresh thy people on their toilsome way;
lead us from night to never-ending day; 
fill all our lives with love and grace divine,
and glory, laud, and praise be ever thine. 

Yesterday's edition  is totally indicative of our lived experience right here- a Sharpied on pumpkin, a scooter inside the house, and a toddler in a case who is either SUPER HAPPY ABOUT HER LIFE or SUPER SAD ABOUT HER LIFE (y'all, there is no middle ground for this chick; I don't know where she gets this inclination to feel her feelings so much). I was sad to miss another week of church but I don't think putting a snotty, hobbling Sallie in the nursery would have been a beneficial experience for anybody. She is such a ham and goes SO hard in there showing off that Sundays are particularly exhausting for her anyway and even without the cold, I can't imagine how tired it would make her with her cast but the cold sealed the deal for me.

I'm glad to be home and have all my little chicks under one roof. I cannot overstate how much fun the last week with our trip and Mick's birthday was but I'm really craving a return to normalcy (or as close as you can get to normalcy with a sixteen month old in a cast). The next few weeks are super laid back with very few obligations and I'm really excited about it.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Hymns and Herrington Babies: As the Sun Doth Daily Rise

 As the sun doth daily rise,
Brightening all the morning skies,
So to Thee with one accord
Lift we up our hearts, O Lord 
{From last week.} This was such a great day with these sweeties and their best friends plus some new friends. Watching Annie and Graves build real friendships and navigate the ups and downs is so sweet and fascinating. And I'm loving observing their friends, too- Annie's best friend since before she was tinier than Sallie is here knowing how she ticks and realizing she will enjoy playing penguins more than mermaids in the hotel pool and the hysterical conversations between Graves and his best buddy when we switched out kids and let them ride together and the sweet forgiveness the littlest of the big kid set gave so easily after he was rather not a good friend recently.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

October Goals and Happenings

I wasn't sure I really liked this month's design but I ended up loving it. I really liked that it didn't have any orange in it so I could use this rust color and I was excited that some of the pictures look fall-ish. Of course, those two on the end look super summery. Years ago, I used to dress the kids up in seasonal stuff the month before the holiday just for these pictures. I mean, it was good to go ahead and take them so I'd have them but a lot of it was so I'd have them for the headers. Whew, times change!

This month I'm actually publishing this before the first week is over. Feels like a success for sure!

September was a nice month overall and we had lots of fun. 
- We did get down to the farm twice. Once was just for the day but we had a blast and I'm glad we're prioritizing that.
- I've had two sessions at the grief center. It's been great, but also really, really hard and humbling. I'm working with the adult group this year and that's so different (more on that in another post).
- I also had my first League meeting. Usually, they have three different time options for meeting days so that you can pick the one that's most convenient and also so everyone fits in the League House easily. But the first meeting of the year is a huge one in the evening where everyone meets together. There's always a ton of energy and it's almost like a big pep rally. I love it! 
- Sallie did have her one year check up and everything looked perfect and then we ended up back at the doctor the next week because she fractured a bone in her leg. Whew. It's made for some tough days and long nights, but she's a tough cookie.

I think that October will be a really fun month:
- The kids are really excited about Halloween and keep changing up what they want to be. We decorated earlier than we ever have and they loved it.
- We're going on a trip this week with some family friends and I'm super excited about that.
- We also have some fun plans next weekend. More on that later!
- We decided, sort of at the last minute, that Graves would do soccer and P is coaching again. They're both having so much fun and he's enjoying it a lot more than he did blastball (I think being a little older helps). He's still pretty reserved about kicking the ball but mainly we just want him to have the social interaction. I think we may also end up putting him in Cub Scouts!
- Annie is about to wrap up taking piano from a friend of ours. I think she's loving it more and more by the day so we're definitely going to find her a teacher so she can continue taking lessons.

Here were my September goals. 

My focus, as I mentioned, was on establishing a routine. I was really thinking about with school, and I feel really, really good about that. But, as I also mentioned, I didn't do so well with my own personal routine. 

But, and this is a big but, I have to admit (and this is usually not the case), I'm a little embarrassed by how little success I had, partly because some of them were things that were important to me. Anyway, with some things (like doing a Bible study) I feel like I always start out doing okay but then something happens (for example, Sallie got a hairline fracture in her leg somehow this month and has been quite a fusspot, understandably and not slept well at all, also understandably) and I do nothing, or next to nothing. And the thing is, I'm not even being super consistent when nothing is wrong so when something happens, I do even less than that, which is hardly anything. This is much the same with exercise. I have a plan and I'll share later, but that's just a run down on how several of these ended up this month...

1. Do a SheReadsTruth study. Well, I kind of already went over this one. (Faith).

2. Take an afternoon and go over to my parents and visit with them by myself and just relax. Yeah, no. I guess I just sort of thought it would happen. I'm going to have to kind of plan it ahead of time. (Family)

3. Have some friends over for dinner. We didn't have friends over for supper like I planned. We're actually about to take a trip with some family friends and I talked to Haley about having them over in the next couple of weeks. (Relationships)

4. Keep working on my Couch to 5K program. So I did do better with it this month, but I was nowhere near as consistent as I'd like to be. (Health)

5. I want to catch up on my Weekly Happenings posts through May and get Sallie's letters current and write Annie and Graves their eight year and one month old and six year and one month old letter, respectively. The only part I didn't do is get Sallie's letters current. I'm really, really pleased with my progress here. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read my bookclub book. So, no. This is the other thing besides doing a Bible study and exercising that I was thinking about, but with this one I didn't even get started. (Education/Edification)

7. Do the kids' closet changeovers (this really seems like a more immediate need than mine- I have things that can transition easily) and sort stuff in the attic a bit. I'm very, very close to being finished with this. I feel really good about my progress here, too. (Organization)

8. Plan a fall family vacation that we're taking with family friends in October. We basically did this. It's going to be very low key, but I'm so excited about it! (Travel)

9. Continue to enforce a spending freeze. For the most part. Both kids needed new dress shoes, so I made an exception for that. I'm really proud of how I'm doing overall. (Finances)

10. Think about and write down (at least) one thing I'm grateful for each day. Again, I could have done so much better. This one was a little different because I was more off and on with it but I didn't focus on it like I meant to. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Watch some Wonder Years with Peyton, especially on nights that we get take out. We did! But we've also found some new shows we're really enjoying. (Fun Goal)

And here are my October Goals. My focus this month is on prioritzing my own health- physical, emotional, and spiritual and carving out routines to make that happen.

1. Prioritize Bible study and figure out a consistent time when I can commit to doing it. (Faith)

2. Spend quality time with both mine and Peyton's extended families. (Family)

3. Have some friends over for dinner. Giving this one another go. (Relationships)

4. Try very hard to run three times a week, unless there are extenuating circumstances (being out of town, ect.). (Health)

5. Work on another piece to submit to Mbird. A sweet friend who is a regular writer on the site encouraged me to do this and I know I will enjoy the process. (Creativity/Passion)

6. Read and figure out how to make it routine. (Education/Edification)

7. Do my closet changeover (Orginization)

8. Enjoy a fun, low key vacation with our dear friends. (Travel)

9. Work on planning next year's budget. (Finances)

10. Spend some time filling my quote book with inspiring words. (Joy/Gratitude/Perspective)

11. Burn fall candles. (Fun Goal)

Here's to October, a month where we may hopefully feel crisp breezes hit our cheeks and fallen leaves crunching underfoot. Let me soak in this time of year and not rush ahead towards seemingly more important holidays or allow myself too much wistful nostalgia over a glorious summer.
I'm loving the pumpkin and my candy corn ghost. Some of my Halloween decorations from when P and I first got married feel super juvenile and a little tacky, but I love this stuff. October's calendar page isn't my favorite, as far as the color or the image, but I still enjoy it. I'm already excited about next year's calendar (and super excited about redoing the kitchen this year!)

Sunday Hymns and Herrington Babies: I Come with Joy

I come with joy to meet my Lord,
forgiven, loved and free,
In awe and wonder to recall
his life laid down for me,
his life laid down for me.

I come with Christians far and near
to find, as all are fed,
the new community of love
in Christ's communion bread,
in Christ's communion bread. 

Another peaceful and pleasant Sunday where I felt sufficiently rested (which is never saying a whole lot), the children were sufficiently well behaved (also, never saying a whole lot) and I felt overwhelmingly loved and grateful for the community we are a part of (which is something I can never say often enough or emphatically enough).

Friday, October 6, 2017

What I'm Into: September

Whew, September was a fun month. Here's what I was into...

On the Nightstand:
Yeah, terrible reading month again.

On Their Nightstand: 

Knights of the Round Table by Gwen Gross
Okay, so this is labeled for like grades 1-4. It was SUPER easy reading. Obviously, the stories are classic but it seemed to be written with a very young reader in mind. At first, I was a little annoyed because I like to read things that are a bit more advanced for our read aloud time. But, I'm trying to let Graves participate in Annie's history lessons where he can, and this was PERFECT for that. They both really, really loved it.

On the Shelf:
I'm determined to get back into a reading habit in October. I'm hoping to have much more to report, but this is what is for sure on my list:

As I Lay Dying- William Faulkner
This is our book club pick, if we ever meet. Ha!

At the Theater (or from the couch):
No movies this month!

On the Small Screen:
The Keepers
So we've been watching this true crime documentary on Netflix about a nun who was killed. It's absolutely fascinating, though a little graphic in describing some sex scandals.

In My Ears:
Neil Young's Greatest Hits
We've been listening to this in the car and I'm going to keep on because it's the PERFECT fall album (Harvest Moon is a favorite).

Around the House:

It's nothing new, but I love this poster in the study. We actually found one of Manhattan when just Peyton and I were in New York on the trip trying to decide which neighborhood we'd land in. I thought loved the design so much and was really drawn to it. I made a note but I didn't buy one until after we moved home from Brooklyn and I wanted to fill our house here with art that reminded me of the city. The big kids' favorite part is, of course, the Coney Island hot dog vendor. I love the crown for Crown Heights, the Red Hook anchor, and the Brighton Beach umbrella. I really love the hipster Williamsburg mustache and the laundry that I imagine hanging more in neighborhoods on the outer edges of the borough (when we were on that trip, I remember trying to very discreetly take a picture of laundry drying on apartment balconies in a lower income area because I found it so endearing and like something out of so many of the children's books I read to prepare the kids for the city). Overall, I just love the creative way of representing the neighborhoods that make up one of my favorite places. It's hanging in our study and it makes me so nostalgic.

In the Kitchen:

Peyton's homemade cookies are AMAZING.

In My Closet:
Vintagee duds. I was wearing Cookie's old sushi jams and Sallie was wearing my old teddy bear jams. No shame in our bedtime game!
In Their Closets:

All three kids and myself in several variations of my favorite color for our last swim of the season atBriarwood.

 Back when it was still seasonally appropriate to wear the vintage butterfly romper from circa 1986

Graves sporting my favorite little vintage boy and girl shorts that he's had for years and are getting so thin, his papa's belt, and super hero rain boots.

 Sallie in my favorite reversible tiny dot/gingham diaper set for the last time (and a previous time, for reversible reference). SO SAD about it.

Fall is for...apple motifs and closed toe shoes. I had so much fun putting the girls in these knit bitty dot dresses I bought last year and have been waiting all summer for. And I adore Graves in red check, chambray shorts, and navy Chucks (that were apparently incredibly uncomfortable-- they are the same size Annie was wearing so I know they're a big enough size but maybe his foot has gotten too wide or something?? he doesn't make this kind of stuff up but he's an HSP and quite dramatic like his momma, which can be a BAD combination). And yeah, not sure what happened to me- even my one year old now wears knit play dresses to church. At least she's got on her little Angel t-straps and her polka dot bonnet, but geez. Folks are real casual at Northside and I guess the bubbles were the gateway.

 When it's still nearly ninety degrees, I let Sallie wear her blue linen ruffle romper for the last time. I love how pretty she looks in blue and this powdery gray blue is one I've always loved her and Baby Graves in. I didn't put it on Annie near enough because you have to unbutton it for diaper changes and I really regretted it. But Sallie hasn't worn it as much as I thought she would, either. I really think it's beautiful but it feels a little...fussy? for her. I've started changing over her closet for fall and of course I'm analyzing things and I don't love stuff that's too structured and stiff, but I also don't love things that feel really frufru and trendy. Mainly, I've confirmed yet again that I really like her in more soft, simple, traditional things. I think this is classic in many ways but it's got such a wide leg and she just reminds me of an Elvis baby or something

 Baby Rebel is such a sport (and her momma is so punny). I pulled out the perfect outfit for "fall" days with temps in the 90s.

 I found these sneakers that bought ages ago at Target in a 12 because that was the only size left. I love them so much and they feel so grown up and yet have Velcro. And royal blue and red is my fave. He just looks so big! And he's got another bracelet he made out of a zillion rubber bands. There's something so surfer? 90s? Dawson Leery? about a boy in a bracelet. I don't know, o can't bail the vibe. Initially, I thought fratty, but that's not it. Also: infant/toddler Pooh Bear socks that are now ankle socks and he CANNOT part with. I know I say this every three days, but he's so big and do little all at once.

 Flower Power!!! Sallie wore these groovy jams for the very last time. I loved them so much with both girls.
More vintage SD dud.

Sassy Little Sallie popping her hip in those Crocs. Like you do. Love it when she gets dressed in Brother's old shoes.

 When Momma forgets jams, we just put Sallie in a too big vintage San Destin t-shirt with a back knot.

Sal in an adored 3-6 mo. old elephant onsie I think I'm about to finally have to retire. Really thought she'd be my only one who wasn't tiny, but she's a peanut, too. And that mullet it is on point, yes?

I just love these three pairs of fruit jams I found for Sallie as I started the closet changeover and am putting up outgrown pjs and moving on to the 12-18 mo. and 18-24 mo. stuff. I think I love the strawberries the most, but I really adore citrus themes and the colorful pears- especially with the patterns- are so cute. I asked Graves if he loved them as much as the nana jamas and he said yes enthusiastically regarding all three pairs. I did a test with some polka dot ones, and he was not nearly as taken with them. I'm not sure why we're both so obsessed with fruit motifs.

 It's nearly October, so  it was time to get out her seasonal duds. (And apparently, the bike helmet doesn't bother Happy Little Sallie anymore.)

And last, but not least, more turquoise.

In My Mailbox:
Not much that I can think of!

In My Cart:
So, I'm on a big spending freeze until the holidays but Graves had no Sunday shoes. Peyton and I have a pretty strict finance system and I'm proud of myself mostly, but I didn't really leave a lot of room for "emergencies" when I indulged on the kids' wardrobes a few times so I was a bit panicked. Well, P suggested we go look at Goodwill. I was not optimistic. GUYS. I found him two pairs and together they were $7 (rounded up to the nearest dollar to donate to hurricane victims). One is a pair of Cole Haan(!!!) suede boots with literally no noticeable wear. I honestly think they're gorgeous (albeit really grown up). And he thinks he's SO SHARP in them. And I got these Gap slip ons for an "intermediate" pair that he can wear to birthday parties and to church and with shorts and such while it's still really warm (I was just going to extend the brown Saltwaters until the boots were appropriate). They are in even better condition, if that's possible. The bottoms are white and they are totally white. I'm assuming someone bought the wrong size or something and their child literally never wore them.

We went through the shoe bin and took out everything that was too small. These, along with his casual shoes (a pair of Star Wars sneakers my mother in law bought him ages ago and the pair I bought way ahead at Target) and a pair of rainboots are his shoes for fall/winter and I'm so excited about his little five shoe capsule and not having a ridiculous excess of pairs floating around.

Around the Town and At Home 

 "Spider" on a tire swing. (And notice Annie's swim team ribbons on her window!)

These itty bitties are named "Bean" and "Rice". The slightly larger one is Bean. I'm at a point in my life where it's not the least bit odd that I have two baby toads in an old Huggies wipes box on my kitchen table.

 A night and half day at the farm wore Baby Graves out!

 Reading The Lady and the Alligator Purse in Mick's chair.

 Annie went to a birthday party and Graves had his best little dude friend over for a few hours. It was the first time any of my kids have had a "drop off" playdate-- mainly because their friends' mommas are my friends, so we like to visit, too! They were the sweetest little boys and so well behaved and didn't fuss or fight (or even really call me!) once. They are both sorrounded by little ladies and I'm very grateful that they have each other! (Hysterical aside: right when Jude got here Graves opened a box of donuts and said "feel free to take one" and then scurried off to his room to "take care of something". He came back and told me that he wasn't hiding his toys (which he sometimes does) and then whispered in my ear that he had put his "where babies come from" book he recently purchased at a library sale out of sight

Precious little Bud and Baes at the library for storytime.

Sweet Sallie and her busy big siblings- had so much fun with their grandparents at the farm for the second time in a month!

Bud's first soccer game of the season!

At the Schoolhouse:

We've been reading about Justinian's Code and so we made our own! It was one of the best things we've done in a long time. I talked to them a bit about how we only wanted to make really important things that could cause harm "laws" so do we didn't infringe on people's liberty if we didn't have to (for example, not wearing shoes inside our house is a good practice but somebody might come over who has foot odor and would be embarrassed to take them off so we don't want to legistlate that) and then they brainstormed. Annie's ideas are in green; Bud's ideas are in blue. The laws they created are very indicative of their different personalities and values and the things they each spend energy thinking about.

P and I talk all the time about what takes us so long with school. And it's really not terrible, but it feels like we are always taking forever to knock it out. Partly, I could be more organized and efficient (and I'm working on that). Partly, it's the curriculums we've chosen. I wanted things that were rigorous and robust and challenging and often that means, as a teacher friend of mine says, "a heavy burden for the momma and the student". We also picked things knowing how much Peyton is able to help with taking care of Sallie and shouldering more of the homemaking responsibilities. And more and more, I've realized I have two students who need help training themselves to focus. Annie is bright but she can be the biggest space cadet and loves to daydream and it's become a bit of a habit. With Graves, I'm pretty sure it's more than that and something he's genetically predisposed to and will struggle with all his life, but I'm really working hard to resist labeling it and to try to find accommodations and tools for him without seeking out a diagnosis because I don't think that's needed right now.

But it's also because of this kind of thing.

Annie loves to doodle style illustrate every last thing. And Graves- it's really even more fun with him because I'm just seeing it develop.

He drew these pictures in his phonogram workbook-- he drew a picture of Sallie with the cutest little sprouty hair for "wor" because he said she's starting to learn words and then drew a mountain lion for "ur" which we call "the ur of hurt" because Annie read to him about how "a bunch were killed in the 1980s". Then he drew a mountain lion for "ur" which we call "the ur of hurt" because Annie read to him about how "a bunch were killed in the 1980s". Annie's pictures are of a benevolent inspector and of me teaching her with my computer off in the background (so happy about that one). This stuff stretches things out. But honestly? it's one of the privileges we have doing it this way and I don't want to take it for granted. I want to encourage them to explore and think creatively and I love getting peaks into how their minds work.

Annie got impatient waiting for me to finish something the other day so she just "taught herself" her grammar lesson for the day. She got them all right and I did a quick overview to make sure she didn't miss anything. I'm super impressed and proud but I'm also a control freak in some ways and it made me so twitchy. 

 We got through the first critical thinking book like this and the kids (and I) loved it so much I went ahead and ordered the second volume, which is really geared toward junior high and high schoolers. We did this one recentlyt and it's been one of my favorites so far (I anticipated that it would be). For question number two, Annie said that it would bother her if her husband earned more because it would mean he was working harder. We realized that she thought everyone in every job got paid the same thing and you got more if you worked harder. Peyton is super humble about what he does and how he is, frankly, sort of overpaid. It was a good chance to explain some financial concepts to her (mostly P did that). Question four was super interesting. Annie initially said the person who births the baby should have all the decision making power but then reevaluated as we talked more. Basically, she wound up saying that if one person said no it was a no but maybe they could have a bunch of pictures of babies in their house. I was SO impressed with how thoughtful Graves was. He said that if his wife said no babies he'd flat out find a different wife. Peyton asked if he meant leave the person he was married to and he said no he meant that he'd check before they got married and if she said no babies he simply wouldn't marry her. Since that wasn't alluded to in the question and we didn't really guide him to that at all, I thought it was really insightful. I told him as much and that I thought it was very mature and he said "you know I always think like that". Which, when he sits down long enough to, he does.

 my cute Teacher's Assistant doing a lesson on sand while Bud snacks on a lemon half

Recently, we had like the perfect day of Saturday School (which I really needed after not the best week). I think I'm *finally* figuring out what I want Friday and Saturdays to look like with school. Mostly independent/review work and prioritizing the things I missed during the week so I'm not trying to actually teach from all the different resources we decided to use then doing some fun crafts and activities. It took the whole day, but Annie did everything on her list with the exception of illustrating her history narration- she did some independent math practice, worked on her memory work, took a history quiz, did a really fun vocabulary activity, took her spelling assessment for the week (which we use dictation for), did her map work, and practiced piano and did two crafts. Graves did two math sheets, we did a grammar lesson, he read me a little reader, and we worked on memory work. And he had time for the two crafts, too. I was even able to catch up on laundry, cook a (very easy) soup for supper, and write two blog posts. All that's left is our "night school" routine (which is like an hour in itself). I LOVE Saturdays at home like this.

On the Blog:
Lots of Weekly Happenings posts, mostly.

On My Heart and Mind:
- My dad's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking about the reality of my parents growing older. I don't love it. 
-The ninety degree "fall" temps are exhausting me. I'm so ready for just a little chill in the air.
- I feel like I've somewhat found a flow with school with the big kids and now I'm wanting to carve out time for a few things for myself.

In My Prayers
- I'm praying for friends who ask me to prayer. I love relationships where people are honest enough to ask for prayers when they need them.
- I'm praying as I try to answer my children's hard questions about so many topics.
- I'm praying for our church as we search for a new pastor.
On the Calendar: 

We have such a fun October planned, mostly spending time with people we love.