Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coming up on the Blog (probably in 2009)

1. Goals for the New Year
2. Fun "favorites" survey I found on another blog
3. Cool poem I read in Sojourners magazine
4. What SD and Peyton are reading/watching--book/movie/tv reviews
5. Hopefully a new design, since this one is heinous!

*If time permits, I will have my sweetie do #'s 1, 2, and 4. However, you see he never got his thankful list on the blog! Apparently his "honey do" list is too long! I can't help it, I make lists for me AND him now; it helps us stay organized! AP will surely have her own lists by the time she can walk!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Update

Christmas was so busy and sooo much fun! Here are a few pictures from the holiday festivities:

Christmas at the Perry House

Cookie playing with her new phone (she gets a new phone almost every Christmas it seems like!)

Peyton being uncharacteristically sweet to Layla.

No pictures of me except this one because I didn't have on my make-up yet. Ann Peyton is getting big!

Stuff for our house, yah!

Peyton's presents to me: a cute cooler, a cute apron, and cute measuring spoons--the apron and spoons are both from the brand new Anthropologie! BTW, I LOVE aprons; they really motivate me to cook!

My big present for Peyton--a chess set he really wanted. He also got a scarf and some books.

My presents from Cookie--also from Anthropologie (haha).

Some pregnant clothes from Santa. I HATE maternity clothes, so these are just flattering clothes in larger sizes than normal.

Ann Peyton's presents from Santa. Someone please tell me how to rotate on this thing!

Uh, yeah we like to read.

Peyton's books.

My books.

Ann Peyton's books. Notice the NYC book from Peyton.

Stocking stuffers! We got a pickle for our tree!

Christmas at the Herrington House

Peyton's parents gave us a little red wagon full of diapers for Ann Peyton!

Michel, brother-in-law #1 and his girlfriend, Cynthia, opening presents.

Andrew, brother-in-law #2, and his girlfriend Erin.

Joseph, brother-in-law #3 and Lola.

Elizabeth, (the only) sister-in-law, and her hubby, Daniel.

Presents from Peyton's siblings-socks and magazine subscriptions from Elizabeth and a fountain pen for the baby book, chocolates from Michel, candle from Joe, and cool scented thing that Erin helped Andrew find so we wouldn't have open flames when AP gets here (super thoughtful, I know!).

Peyton's parents gave us this SUPER cute picture album for Ann Peyton.

Christmas Dinner at My Parent's House

Day after Christmas at Granny and PopPop's

Me and Peyton with Granny and PopPop.

Secret Santa!

Joser playing football in the yard.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here is a video of capitalism in the raw...at it's worst/best depending on your opinion. check it out and see what you think.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

TSO and the Ripple Effect

So last Wednesday we went to see these guys:

And I have to say, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I had soooo much fun! After listening to their CDs for the past two Christmases (is that right, what is the plural of Christmas?), I was SO excited to finally get a chance to see them. It was even better than I had anticipated. In fact, I have already decided that we are going back next year (one of our new traditions) and taking our parents and going back every year following. I already started wondering who I will get to take care of Ann Peyton. We had a fabulous night, after I pitched a horrendous, hormonal inspired fit, because Sweetie didn't wake me from my nap in time to get ready leisurely. I was kind of a baby. Cookie says "please don't act that way in front of your child" and Peyton say oh no you can act that way I will just say "Ann Peyton, when we move to New York, we are not taking Mommy with us" (of course, he's kidding). 

BTW, Peyton bought AP TWO books about New York for Christmas. Although, next year is really her first Christmas, this is her negative Christmas. Peyton and my mom have bought her presents already! I will post some pictures after Christmas (which also BTW--wow i get of on tangents--we are spending the night Christmas Eve with my parents). Anyway, after the breakdown I pulled myself together, put on a cute nonmaternity, but still (hopefully) flattering dress-I've blown up in the last few weeks but I HATE maternity clothes-and we attempted to make it to our first stop in time. We were planning on eating at Char (we had a gift card) but they were packed! So we ate at Que Si Ra (sp) and saved the card for another great date! Que Si Ra was fabulous. Peyton had gumbo and fish and I had Shrimp Alfredo. I don't even like shrimp, but I gobbled these down they were soooo good! 

Anyway, back to the concert, I was blown away. I told Logi Bear that I think I (and she) like these guys so much because we like '80s power ballads so much. They are just like an '80s hair band Christmas style. They sing rock opera that rivals Queen, in fact one of the members sang with Queen. Freddie Mercury is probably rocking out in his grave! Anyway, I have been listening to them in my car ever since the concert, but I have to say it's not as fun when its almost 80 degrees. It really dampens my Christmas spirit being so warm, even though Peyton said all the rain was making him (and me) so depressed! He attributed my "blues" in the previous post in large part to the weather. Which is actually kind of funny, because it's only here in MS that it's snowing one week and HOT the next. I would pick the snow; even though I HATE being cold.

That blog I read that day that made me so sad is so inspiring. If you haven't checked it out, do! I have to say she writes so beautifully about the Lord it has inspired me in a way that possibly no preacher ever has! You can just tell her heart is so full and she loves serving Him. Also, her love for her husband has inspired me to try to appreciate Peyton more and really enjoy our time together and to try to be a better wife to him. He tells me I'm getting better--for example, I cook maybe two times a week instead of one time every two weeks and I go places with him that I don't want to go without complaining. Anyway, read The Ripple Effect.

In upcoming posts I should have some awesome pictures since next week is full of activities. Ornament swap tomorrow and then Christmas festivities next week and New Years the next. WOW, so busy, glad no more work days until 2009!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowy Day, Sweeping the Clouds Away, On my Way to Where the Air is Sweet.........

Today has been sort of weird so far. I'm going to be completely honest here and just say it, sometimes I really don't like my life without anti-anxiety medication. Peyton and Momma say that I'm doing so good all the time, but some days (like today) I really don't feel like I am at all. There are two things it helps with and I struggle with both-anxiety and depression:

1. Anxiety- I am so OCD sometimes and it drives me crazy. Like this morning, I NEEDED to find this website. When I found it I couldn't remember how I originally got to it (months ago) and it drove me crazy. Or the other day, I heard a song that reminded me of another song and I had to find out what it was. To no avail. It made me so upset!

2. Depression-I was once again reading some blogs of people I don't know and came upon this one . It's called the Ripple Effect and it's so heartbreaking. It's about a young mom (just a little older than me) who lost her husband. He died when their son was three months old. You can tell she loved him so much. I just cried all morning. And allowed myself to become plagued with worry.

So, I am going to do some things that make me happy. First, I am going to add an installment to my thankful list and then I am going to post my first Christmas survey. Next post, be looking for my top favorite things about Christmas.

Thankful List (continued):

(by the way, round two of the list may seem a little more frivolous)

6. Kitties-I would probably be way more depressed staying home all day if I didn't have the little Darth and General to keep me company)

7. Christmas things (next post)

8. Spending the whole night in the living room with our Christmas tree in front of the fire and falling asleep there rather than in bed.

9. Anthropologie-total retail bliss, although mostly overpriced and I must resort to the sale room and wearing "loungewear" as actual clothes.

10. Food and Shelter- I am thankful that these necessities are provided for. I'm also thankful for little luxuries--that we get to eat really good food (like chocolate balls and creamy macaroni and cheese and Newks fire roasted tomato soup and that I am able to work hard at making our house "cute" and it is really becoming a "home").

11. DVRs-okay that one is really frivolous, but it is so nice to be able to record and watch at your convenience.

12. blogging-I know I've said it before, but I wish more people did it. I love keeping up with my friends through their blogs and I also love stumbling upon strangers blogs with really interesting and inspiring stories, like the one mentioned above.

13. the ability to read-since I don't work full time, I spend probably at least 25% of my day reading--emails, books on pregnancy, books on parenting, (should read more of the Bible), magazines, ect. I think I must be REALLY hormonal, because I just got a little teary thinking about my amazing teachers at SA that taught me to read and then got more teary thinking about one of my best friends, Ashley, teaching her class to read.

*Is it bad to stop at 13? Haha, I'm not superstitious.......just ask Darth Kitty......the black cat I love so dearly

Finally, a christmas survey:

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? defiantly hot chocolate, I LOVE IT! Egg nog kinda grosses me out.

Does Santa wrap presents or set them under the tree? At my parents house (where I'll still be this Christmas) Santa puts them all out in front of the fireplace. Only wrapped presents from others go under the tree.

Colored lights on tree or white? White, that's what I grew up with.

When do you put your decorations up? after Thanksgiving, but not too much later.

What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? well we usually have steak and twice baked potatoes for Christmas dinner. Delicious.

Favorite Holiday memory as a child: I have to say decorating the tree with Momma and Daddy and Cookie and listening to Christmas music or waking up and seeing all our presents spread out. It seemed like it was sooo much, even though when we were little it was things like tape and markers and post-its (I loved to play school and office). I wish it was a bit more spiritual, but it's still very special.

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? It's pretty embarrassing. I was really old. Maybe 13. My dad has still never admitted it. He says HE believes in Santa and he asks us not to talk about it. My mom must've had a lot of work on her hands! Just kidding I know he loved playing Santa and getting our stuff ready!

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? nope

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? We have pretty ornaments but also special ornaments that aren't so beautiful they're just sweet (ones we made and stuff). My mom also puts our old baby shoes and drivers licenses on the tree.

Snow! Love it or Dread it? I loved it today, but prob. not everyday.

Can you ice skate? Not well.....I enjoy it maybe once a winter that's it.

Do you remember your favorite gift? My most SPECIAL gift was prob. the cross earrings Peyton gave me one year when we were dating. They are beautiful, but not really fancy. I used to wear them all the time. And since they were crosses, each time I put them on it was a reminder to pray for Peyton and for our relationship. I wore them in our wedding.

What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? I just love the feelings they create and I love the fact that God loved me enough to send his son to earth.

What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Santa Clause cookie cake that my mom makes

What is your favorite tradition? that's tough, I don't really know........decorating, Christmas Eve parties, just being with family......I can't wait for Peyton and I to start our own traditions.

Which do you prefer, Giving or Receiving? well, I think my mom said it best, if it's something I know the person will really like I'd rather give any day (esp. if it's a surprise!)

What is your favorite Christmas Song? too hard to choose, I love almost all carols and a lot of secular Christmas music too

Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? Yum! I ate two today!

Ever recycled a Christmas present? I don't think so, but I may very well have.

WOW! Long post.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thankful List

Well, I am about a week behind, but I told Peyton I was going to put my thankful list on the blog and so I am going to. Here is a short list of things I am thankful for:

1. The Christmas Season. I love Christmas music and food and decorations and of course Christmas shopping, but so often I forget the meaning behind Christmas. In honor of Michael, I want to say it's always important to remember the "reason for the season". In all seriousness though, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I want to try especially hard this year to really thing about what it means that God would send his son to earth to live among us.

2. My family. I am so thankful for how amazing my parents are and have always been. They have never given me anything but love and encouragement. They have blessed me in so many ways and so has having a sister who is one of my best friends. I am thankful that I had a grandmother who was more like a second mom than a grandmother and I'm so thankful for the impact "Bump" had on me and the legacy she left so many others. I have a great extended family, now too. Peyton's parents and siblings couldn't be sweeter, welcoming me into their family.

3. My husband. WOW! I don't tell (or show) Peyton enough how much I appreciate him. He is my best friend and one of my favorite people in the world. I can't imagine a day without him. He makes me laugh so hard and is so good to me. For example, the day after Thanksgiving he had the day off and he brought me breakfast in bed. He fixed me eggs, biscuits, and bacon AND hot chocolate and brought it to me in bed on a tray. Not only that, but he got out our Christmas China and put my breakfast on it. It was so special! And every time I get upset about Bump (or anything), he always makes me feel so much better. Finally, I am so thankful that he is giving me the opportunity to stay home with Ann Peyton when she comes. A lot of men these days really want their wives to work and some people want to work and that's a personal decision. However, I am so glad it wasn't even an issue with us. I know I will go back eventually, but right now I'm so glad I'll be able to be home with my little baby bear and I'm glad I have Peyton's support in this.

4. My friends. I wish I saw/talked to them more! I have the most amazing friends ever. I remember when me and Peyton first talked about getting married (a LONG time ago) and I was so upset because I knew I had found my husband, but I didn't have any bridesmaids (besides Cookie and Ellis). I remember praying for a close group of girlfriends my freshman and sophomore year of college. It had never been important to me before, but now it was soo important. This is one of the prayers that I have seen God answer maybe more than any other in my life. I have such sweet friends!

5. Ann Peyton. What a great little surprise! I know that the Lord's plans are so much greater than ours and he decided me and Peyton needed her sooner rather than later. I think it will be so much fun to have our own little girl!

Ok, that is my top five "thankfuls". There are so many more, but I would be blogging all day! I am so blessed and I take that for granted so often.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fun Times in The Big Easy

So Thanksgiving was a blast! We've had a great few weeks with friends lately!

First I have been meaning to post about our trip to New Orleans. We had such a fun, relaxing weekend a few weeks back with our good friends Patrick and Haley! We were determined to go on a trip before the business that is Christmas and before I got too huge to travel comfortably. Mainly all we did was ate and shopped. Basically, two of my favorite leisure time activities. We arrived Friday night (at the W hotel) and found that our room smelled of "skunky weed", so we requested a new room. Not only were they pleased to accommodate us; they sent us $40 each of free room service!

So we went for a walk on Bourbon St. (Peyton said we walked about 3X our normal exercise route; I was so proud of myself).
And then came back to the hotel for room service. I had a grilled cheese, fries, and a brownie, yum!
On Saturday morning, we slept late and then got up for a shopping trip. First, we ate lunch. I had half a burger and half a crab cake. That was also delicious! I was able to acquire several dresses that seemed like they would be flattering through the winter and one for the spring. I also got a cute pair of shoes for $6! We stopped at Cafe Du Mon for a snack

Then we headed to Urban Outfitters where Peyton and Patrick both tried unsuccessfully to find hats. After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed a bit. We then headed to a place called "Grand Isle" which supposedly has really good seafood. However, Peyton was the only one to get seafood (a catfish poboy-not really even seafood). We got burgers, salads, grits, and macaroni and cheese that was the best I've ever tasted!

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast in the room and then headed back to Jackson by way of the Urban Outfitters again! Such a fantastic trip!

That sums up our trip. More about this past week and all the fun things that happened later! P.S. Can anybody tell me how to rotate pictures on the blog? Thanks!

This Is a Great Video for Those of You That Haven't Seen It Yet...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HP packages laptop in its own bag, reduces shipping materials by 97%


When you buy a new computer, it always comes wrapped up in a box full of Styrofoam and all sorts of other packing materials, all of which you promptly toss in the garbage. What a waste. In a brilliant move, HP is selling its new Pavilion dv692 laptop in its own beautiful, recycled material laptop bag.

The only packing material in the bag with the laptop are some air bubbles. By ditching the cardboard and Styrofoam, HP has reduced its packing materials by a whopping 97%. This particular system is being sold at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club, but we're hoping that HP will start selling more of their laptops like this and other companies take notice. It doesn't get much smarter than this.

PlanetArk, via Gizmodo

Seriously, if a computer can be shipped this way, why can't other cheaper things?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let Me Just Say That When I Build a House....

Secret Doors

......k let me correct myself, IF I build a house, I'm definitely putting in the under the stairs room, it's just way too cool.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to the Dr.

Today was a really busy day! We had an 8:15 appointment with Dr. McMinn (who by the way is AMAZING). Everything looked good and we got to ask her a few questions. Only warm (not hot) baths and only two cokes a day. While we were there we had the long awaited sonogram that would tell us if the baby was a boy or girl. We had them write it down on a card for us and we did not look until we arrived at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We made ourselves order first, then look. I am still astounded by our self-control (obviously lacking at previous points in the marriage-direct quote from me--"I think it's a risky night"). Finally, we look and.....it's a GIRL! Perfect because we already have so much stuff for a girl baby, but you know we really just wanted a healthy baby we'd be happy with whatever but a girl is really what we were hoping for. We think her name will be Ann Peyton; but it's not definite yet. What is for sure is that it will be a good old southern double name. So Peyton texts at least twelve people, one of which replies "oh, your expecting?". I called Logi and then ate my delicious breakfast. Then in the car, we called my mom and tricked her. Direct quote from her--"it's a stinking boy". Then we told her the truth. She was excited and told everyone at Batte. Then I called Ashley, who took a little break from educating to hear the important news.

Afterwards, we went to the Waterford to visit Grandee, my grandmother, and had lunch and a tour since Peyton has never been (even though he is her favorite grandchild). On the way back we stopped by Batte to visit Momma and the other ladies at the bridal registry. When we finally got home I CRASHED. I took a long nap and then ate chili for supper. Good day.

One another, less pleasant note, I have been disgusted by some of the facebook comments concerning the recent election. Yes, I voted for McCain. Everyone that reads this blog knows I am ridiculously pro life and pretty conservative in other areas as well. I'm a little concerned, but I don't think the rapture is upon us. In fact, I think it's neat that our little girl will never know a time when black men weren't presidents just like white men. I think it's neat, but hey I've always like being part of a historical moment. Really, though, people's statuses (which you know I love to make fun of) are disturbing. The highlights include: America is going to be socialist, so lets move to (insert country that is undeniably actually a socialist country); I'm quitting school/my job because my entire salary will inevitably go to someone's welfare check; let's secede from the United States and form our own conservative nation (because you know that worked so well the first time), and finally "I can't believe the tribal animalism of my students, we should reinstate Jim Crow laws." WOW! People are so assassin. Apparently, there was a near riot at my painfully conservative Alma Mata on election night, so bad our dear friend El came and spent the night with us. Which by the way was a fun activity, because if Peyton has spend the night company he doesn't wake ME up early in the morning. I am really getting sick of all this "Buy a gun, quit your job, hide under a table, he's going to MAKE us be Muslim, he is the Antichrist, lets secede, I'm ashamed to be an American" horse crap. You can buy a gun if you want, you make more at your job (prob even if you drive a garbage truck) than most people in the world, you most likely have no real fears for your safety, you have probably never been truly persecuted, if it is the rapture you should be safe anyway, AND drum roll, you actually got to VOTE. So, basically you're doing pretty darn good and Obama will probably not change ANY of that in the next four years. Okay, slowly descending from my soapbox.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Birth Control Methods Pt 1

So I guess I should start to explain why Sarah D and I chose to use a birth control method known as NFP or Natural Family Planning since I said I would in an earlier article. We, like most young married couples, had to choose in the year or so leading to our wedding a method for controlling when we began our family (i.e. had kids). We did want to defer having children for a few years so we could get some experience under our belts as a married couple, and just to enjoy our new married-ness. We thought sex sounded like something we'd be including in our marriage, so abstinence was out. So the possibility of conception was there. Hormonal Contraception- commonly known as birth control pills, patches, and rings- was an option for sure, were the most common one for our age. Natural Family Planning, a foreign concept to us was also open, as were barrier methods such as condoms and the like. Abortion was out. Like most orthodox Christians we thought this practice was inconsistent with what The Bible, and church history teach.
So really we had to choose between the three broad categories: Barrier Methods, Hormonal Contraceptives, and NFP methods. We knew we'd support, morally most NFP methods, but didn't know if we trusted them, I mean who wants a baby when they're not planning on one? For one economics aren't easy, and it kinda cuts down on your time together with a child to care for. From what I'd learned in pop culture some of the barrier methods weren't exactly so comfortable to use, so we decided Hormonal Contraception was a good one to look into first.
Being from a Catholic background, I knew there may be some moral issues with this form of BC, since Catholics are heavily criticised for not supporting the use of it. So we began to read about how it works, and quickly realized that our first priority would have to be to decide where life begins. What makes the baby alive?
And I'll finish this later, because Den says my post are too long, and that I'd be kicked off the blog if I continued with these novel length post.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Video

So I ran across this video this am and realized that it related to my last post. If you watch the clip (it's quite long) at the end of it Ron Paul describes that he thinks it was a bad idea to go into Iraq in the first place, and Hannity in his usual fashion berates him about being unpatriotic and blaming America for 9/11, which Paul wasn't even doing. Anyhow this relates because as Ron Paul says in the clip, America doesn't have to always police other nations, and really we only do this selectively when it serves our interest and then claim the moral ground as the reason for the decision. The problem then is that we stay out of so many conflicts that should gain our attention- Darfur is a prime example. Though we've supported some movement in abating this genocide- yes GENOCIDE- we've not gone all in like we did in Iraq.
What struck a chord with my last post and this issue is this- we can use our booming economy as a weapon. If we see countries with disparaging human rights records we should restrict trade with that nation. We should take our business elsewhere, just as we do with local stores. If a store in your area treated workers horribly and exploited them, we would want to avoid the store and support it's competitors so it would be forced out of business. All the while as a community we would support the store's employees, because they are not the problem the employer is. If we approached our foreign policy more in this manner we would save some of the wars in our past, and I think this is the angle Ron Paul is hitting. We can intervene in problem areas without using military force. We're America, when our banks begin to head downwards, the world worries as well because we're so tied in to the rest of the world. So let's use this power of our economy in less exploitative and more positive ways.

Economic Warfare

Recently Sarah Denley sent me an email. The email was about child labor. The email was about an Indian child whose brother got sick and his mother could not pay for the medicine. The $100 dollars was borrowed with the child's ability to make soccer balls as collateral. The child now had to work 10-15 hours a day to make soccer balls in order to repay the loan. The loan has an interest rate such that the child cannot work his way out of it anytime soon, so he is trapped making soccer balls for our amusement so that he could save his brother's life. This story is not uncommon- parents unable to pay wages for medical or living expenses with their jobs, so they must force their children into labor so their family can make ends meet. There are very few people in America who can stomach this practice, but many who support it- unintentionally. We like our cheap Walmart and Target products, such as soccer balls, this way we can balance our families budgets and use our money wisely as God would have us do.
The problem with all of this is that while our cheap goods save us money in the short term- money saved that we can give to local and international organizations (churches, independent ministries, and even food aid organizations)- in the long term our search for cheap goods could be defeating our noble goals. For example, let's say I buy cheap goods from Target and with the money saved give it to a group that seeks to provide education to poor Christian children in Indonesia. Some of this money is going to go to the organizations administrators, some of it will then go to the local operators in Indonesia that provide the education. The money will partly be lost in this, which is a must that's what we're paying for. Some of the money will also go into supplies for the children, and the rest will be used to booster the education provided at the school. Now we've done something noble, but now the organization in Indonesia must get children to attend this school. Some of the children will attend in the area of the school, but some will be trapped in a cycle of near slave labor making soccer balls or plates or garments so that we can save money on these items to donate it to their communities to build them. This cycle, while noble ideals are involved on many sides, has wasted much capital in trying to reach it's goal. We aren't able to reach all the people that we want to reach for education or whatever our mission is because we've unknowingly exploited them in other ways.
This is not something we do purposely, it's something we do incidentally. It's a product of our capitalist system going global with corporations who do not hold to the same values that we do. This is not to say that capitalism is an immoral system, but that we, the people must hold the companies we support with our money accountable to our personal values systems. The problem is that when capitalist corporations went global in operations, we were not able to see what affect they had on other communities, so we didn't notice the problems we were causing. It was much easier when we saw the impact of cheap labor in our communities, but we can't see it in India.
This reality has been harder for me, because it means that I actually will begin to support some of the companies that Sarah Denley likes that maybe charge me a little more for their plates and home decor. But it's easier on my conscience for me to know where their factories are (ex. Gail Pittman). And so by buying things like Gail Pittman's plates and just having less of them I am still able to donate the money to charitable causes that further Our Lord's impact in this world of His. I can still build up the economies in third world and developing nations by investing in companies (i.e stock, mutual funds, 401k) that seek to build up these regions with good labor and environmental practices; and by giving micro loans with my money (kiva.org). I'm sorry for the rambling nature of this post, but I got off on a bit of a tangent, maybe later I'll go into why I believe in investing and micro loans, but this is a long enough post for today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well, I changed our blog design for about a day and then changed it back. It was sooo much cuter, but I couldn't get the links right and it just didn't work. Anyway, it seems like things have been so busy. I don't know why it seems so crazy! I think I am still recovering from Saturday. Friday we hung out with my parents and sister who was home from college. Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding, then to eat Japanese with friends and then went to see our friend Patrick play guitar at benefit for domestic violence. I was exhausted when we got home! I didn't even make it to church Sunday, but I did watch Galloway on the TV. One thing I need to add to my to do list this week is to watch our wedding video which I still haven't watched from start to finish! Another exciting thing is that our new camera should be in tomorrow so I will be able to post pictures on the blog. I still need to learn to print from my laptop. We have several picture frames in our house that are naked because I still haven't printed the pictures from our honeymoon, ect. Peyton hooked up his printer to my computer a few weeks ago; I've just been lazy! Speaking of our house it is really starting to FINALLY shape up and not look like a bachelor pad....it's come a long way! Pretty soon it will be time to start on the nursery! Hopefully, I won't neglect the blog for so long!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You Senators

A great thing happened two days ago, though overall a tragedy occurred. Both of Mississippi's senators turned down the economic stimulus package- but the senate (and house) ultimately passed it. I've never been much of one in the realm of politicin', but lately I've had to get more involved. I've really become quite a supporter of Roger Wicker in all this. He not only stood against the bailout package, but earlier this year I emailed him asking his support for a medicare bill that would hurt my patients (and maybe me) if it wasn't passed. He not only voted for it, but responded to my email, with a point by point response. He (or an intern of his) even explained the reasons he turned down an earlier version of the bill. I could tell it wasn't a form letter by the direct addresses to my concerns, and honestly it got me excited about politics. So Senators Wicker and Cochran deserve a shoutout for being 2 of 25 brave senators, next time you get a chance, email them to thank them:

Just follow the above link, select a senator, and select contact senator.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Bear's Arrival (Or, Actually Conception....I Promise It's Not TMI)

So I'll make my first post here, and it'll maybe be a bit more serious, but it's about something that Denley and I have been repeatedly been asked: how did baby bear arrive? Well, it's quite obvious how the baby was made, but why we allowed it to happen is another question we've been asked. I've had a couple of patients at work say, "you're a pharmacist, don't you of all people know that they make pills to fix that". This comment offends me somewhat, because yes I know about oral contraceptives, but two things have not entered their minds:

1. It's not just zealots who have reservations about using birth control pills.
2. Not everyone views a child as something that needs to be fixed and mourned if not allotted
at least 2 years to plan for.

I'll admit I was upset and confused at first hearing of the pregnancy (I mean really mario kart was over for that night), but a child is such a blessing. My friend, Ryan Starrett, has really driven home this point for me. I think much of our society has missed the boat on this point, especially those immersed in Western culture. We want to get our goals accomplished first; do what is in our plan first, and we're ok with ignoring certain other ethical concepts at this cost. I don't think it's purposeful, but I think we don't often view our lives from a long term perspective enough, me included.

I suppose this logic is more expected in non-Christians, but it really saddens me when so many Christians think this way. It's why Europe's population is declining- selfishness ; they don't want the trouble of a family. We haven't quite hit this in America, but I think our perspective on the value of a child does need to change.

Also our opinion on the sacredness of life needs updating. We too often rant about the non-christian who is using abortion as her second-line birth control method, when we as Christians don't even consider how our methods of birth control work. Do we even evaluate how using oral contraception may cause an early abortion? Do most of us in the Body of Christ even have an opinion of when life begins? Is our view of when life begins affected by our selfish needs for consequence-free sex (even if a good consequence) or is it fully infused with the truth?

I think for the next few post I will try to briefly lay out why Sarah Denley and I avoided oral contraception, and why we find other methods of birth control acceptable. My purpose in writing this will be partly to gather my own thoughts on the subject, but it will also be to inform others (if only a couple of folks).

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, since everyone who reads my blog already knows, AND since somebody told me I need to update more regularly, AND since I promised this post would be an exciting one, AND since this is pretty much the biggest thing that has happened to me, um, maybe ever.........here you go!

Knock, Knock

Who's There?


That's right Honey Bear and I will be increasing our family size as of April 8th, 2009!

I have been trying to find my camera so we could take a picture of my tummy (not that there's really much to see at this point). As a courtesy to my mom (who doesn't even read this) I am debating not putting up the ultrasound pictures. It gives her the heeby geebies. Anyway, I haven't been sick TOO much. I've only thrown up maybe five or six times. Mainly, I'm just EXHAUSTED. I don't know how I would do this if I had a full time job.

In other news, I have come to grips with my camera really being lost. I'm so glad I had put our pictures from the honeymoon and all our showers on my computer, because it usually takes me months to do so. The only really important pictures were pictures of my grandmother's house. She passed away and I just really wanted to have pictures of her house the way it was when she lived there to remember it (we have plenty of pictures of her, thankfully!). Anyway, I can't find it anywhere and we have torn our house apart looking for it. Momma says that your mind is the best camera anyway! Here is something I am bad at (because Momma is so bad about it): being attached to things. Mainly things I get emotionally attached to. I don't think this is right and maybe the Lord is using my lost camera to teach me to value my relationship with Him and others more than things.

Also worth mentioning, was a visit to my BTF's (best teacher friend) classroom. I have to admit it was a little bittersweet, even when she told me how much of a handful her kids had been. But it was SO cute, which was to be expected. I miss 1st graders, but I don't miss phonics! Hopefully, infants are just as fun as six year olds.

Ok, so this has been such a hugely important post that I would like at least one comment and I'm not counting it if it's from Peyton. However, I realize not everyone has a blog or a google account and can leave comments, so that really puts the pressure on you, Michael. Also, Lo, just leave yours on the Facebook. I once told Peyton that I thought it should be a law that everyone had to have a Facebook account, now I think it should be illegal not to blog. I am so nosy and love reading people's blogs. I wish more of my friends had one, even if they only updated bi-monthly.

P.S. Peyton told me no more making fun of people's statuses on FB, because mine are more redic than the rest!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life Lately

I don't know why I am not more faithful to my blog (and all three of it's readers). I feel like I should post more. The next post (when I find my camera) will be a truly exciting one! Peyton left for a vaccination class in Birmingham for a couple of days and it made me a little sad! I am holding down the fort here and taking care of poor Darth Kitty. Something bit her tail very badly. Peyton thought it would heal on its own but apparently it "ruptured" on our neighbor's driveway. He took care of her and put peroxide on it! So I have to give her the antibiotic, which is so hard, because she hates it!

I feel like I have been very productive the past two days:
-Momma and Daddy and Lynn (our pretend decorator and friend of Momma's) came over and
we worked on the house. The girls decorated and the boys installed shelving in Peyton's
-grocery shopping
-baked a cake for Mr. Hobart (our super sweet neighbor)
-subbed at Prep for half a day
-lunch with our favorite pastor and bff, Jim the Brother
-Afterschool Care at SA
-packed (to stay at the parents house--i don't stay home alone)
-tidied the house


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, two of my good friends went back to school this week. My sister went back about a month ago, it seems like. I know this is weird, but I miss it. Not that I don't enjoy marriage and all it has to offer, but there is SO much that I miss about school. I miss my "job" being going to class. It seemed so stressful then, but I do miss it. I liked/loved most of my classes and I also love that you got up and got them done with and then did whatever you wanted with the rest of the day. I miss the consistency and the convenience of it. The consistency of having a real schedule. I miss how organized not only my stuff was (my house is still, sadly, a mess) but also how organized my time was. I miss the convenience of all my stuff being in one place-of having everything in one room. Its so easy when your TV, your bed, your best friend, and your food is all in one place. I miss the convenience of not having to prepare food. I wonder if this issue would be as bothersome to me if:
1. I hadn't had such a great senior year.
2. I didn't have such crazy, unknown hormonal issues right now
3. I didn't have to quit taking Lexapro due to said hormonal issues
4. I actually had a real job or something that kept me busy
5. I could ever just live in the present, not the past or future

Thursday, August 7, 2008



Lost Frog.....Lost Job

So, when they got my HAND-MADE frog stuck in the laminator at Office Depot it appeared things could not get any worse. First, let me just say that this was a huge deal, I mean call my husband at work crying big deal (okay, I do that like all the time). But here's the thing--as much as I want to say I am, I'm not really crafty. And it's hard to teach elementary school and not be crafty (btw I mean crafty as in does cute crafts, not crafty as in sly, but that's pretty obvious). I know it shouldn't be a big deal but it's embarrassing when all the other little kid teachers make this great crap and you're like "here's Flat Stanley that I colored with magic marker and he looks like hell, like he was hit by a bus instead of just his bulletin board, but I'm going to put him in my room cause I'm sick of buying way overpriced stuff at SchoolAids". I'm dreading going to see my best teacher friends room because I know I'll probably cry it'll be so cute and I'll be jealous. Anyway, point being, the handmade frog was a big freaking deal and he's been stuck since Sunday. I've given up hope.

Not that I really need him anymore because (drum roll please) I don't have a job! Yes, that's right. The small unnamed school I was working for (we'll call it ister-say ea-thay owman-bay) had to downsize and combine grades and so they called me at 3:00 the day before school started to let me know I don't have a job. great! How ideal. Not that i wouldn't love to be a stay at home mom to Darth and General and do laundry, run errands and clean toilets like i did today; but really that's not realistic. So here i am.....jobless again. Only this time with butt load of stuff from school aids that's already been opened. Okay, so I'm done with the pity party, it could be worse. I could be Job from the Bible and instead of loosing my frog and job have lost my family, friends, livestock that i depend on, and health. Yeah, that's almost as good as a classic lifetime movie where some infertile woman gets raped and finally gets pregnant but with the heinous rapist's baby to make you feel like your life is not so bad. Let's see if i can make the next post a little more positive.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So first let me just say that I hate this blog. I think I am going to love writing on it and love Peyton writing on it, but I don't like the way it looks and I hope I can change that soon. I'm not very good with technology, however, so it may be a while.

Okay, here are a few redic items from today:
1) It is ridiculous that I slept until 3 pm. I did not wake up until my mom called me and told me she was at my house. Then I pretended I had been up for awhile because I was embarrassed by the absurdity of sleeping half the day away. My schedule is majorly defunked as you can see if you notice what time I am posting this.

2) It is ridiculous that I have been married for one month! It really doesn't seem that long. According to my mom it seems like "an eternity". She says some redic things, more on that later.

3) It is ridiculous that there is a show called "CMT Cribs". It is hilarious though, because all the "cribs" are like regular houses. The people show off pools that are the same as the one in my neighbors back yard and demonstrate how their espresso machine works. That shat was hilarious!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

First Post

So this will be mine and Peyton's blog. We will be telling you about our life in our little house with General and Darth and all the exciting things that happen. I will probably post about funny happenings, anxieties, and things I think are neat. Sweetums will probably post about issues of social conscious (sp?), theological doctrines, and things of that nature. General and Darth will post about things pertaining to felines. We are a great team.