Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, two of my good friends went back to school this week. My sister went back about a month ago, it seems like. I know this is weird, but I miss it. Not that I don't enjoy marriage and all it has to offer, but there is SO much that I miss about school. I miss my "job" being going to class. It seemed so stressful then, but I do miss it. I liked/loved most of my classes and I also love that you got up and got them done with and then did whatever you wanted with the rest of the day. I miss the consistency and the convenience of it. The consistency of having a real schedule. I miss how organized not only my stuff was (my house is still, sadly, a mess) but also how organized my time was. I miss the convenience of all my stuff being in one place-of having everything in one room. Its so easy when your TV, your bed, your best friend, and your food is all in one place. I miss the convenience of not having to prepare food. I wonder if this issue would be as bothersome to me if:
1. I hadn't had such a great senior year.
2. I didn't have such crazy, unknown hormonal issues right now
3. I didn't have to quit taking Lexapro due to said hormonal issues
4. I actually had a real job or something that kept me busy
5. I could ever just live in the present, not the past or future

Thursday, August 7, 2008



Lost Frog.....Lost Job

So, when they got my HAND-MADE frog stuck in the laminator at Office Depot it appeared things could not get any worse. First, let me just say that this was a huge deal, I mean call my husband at work crying big deal (okay, I do that like all the time). But here's the thing--as much as I want to say I am, I'm not really crafty. And it's hard to teach elementary school and not be crafty (btw I mean crafty as in does cute crafts, not crafty as in sly, but that's pretty obvious). I know it shouldn't be a big deal but it's embarrassing when all the other little kid teachers make this great crap and you're like "here's Flat Stanley that I colored with magic marker and he looks like hell, like he was hit by a bus instead of just his bulletin board, but I'm going to put him in my room cause I'm sick of buying way overpriced stuff at SchoolAids". I'm dreading going to see my best teacher friends room because I know I'll probably cry it'll be so cute and I'll be jealous. Anyway, point being, the handmade frog was a big freaking deal and he's been stuck since Sunday. I've given up hope.

Not that I really need him anymore because (drum roll please) I don't have a job! Yes, that's right. The small unnamed school I was working for (we'll call it ister-say ea-thay owman-bay) had to downsize and combine grades and so they called me at 3:00 the day before school started to let me know I don't have a job. great! How ideal. Not that i wouldn't love to be a stay at home mom to Darth and General and do laundry, run errands and clean toilets like i did today; but really that's not realistic. So here i am.....jobless again. Only this time with butt load of stuff from school aids that's already been opened. Okay, so I'm done with the pity party, it could be worse. I could be Job from the Bible and instead of loosing my frog and job have lost my family, friends, livestock that i depend on, and health. Yeah, that's almost as good as a classic lifetime movie where some infertile woman gets raped and finally gets pregnant but with the heinous rapist's baby to make you feel like your life is not so bad. Let's see if i can make the next post a little more positive.