Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, two of my good friends went back to school this week. My sister went back about a month ago, it seems like. I know this is weird, but I miss it. Not that I don't enjoy marriage and all it has to offer, but there is SO much that I miss about school. I miss my "job" being going to class. It seemed so stressful then, but I do miss it. I liked/loved most of my classes and I also love that you got up and got them done with and then did whatever you wanted with the rest of the day. I miss the consistency and the convenience of it. The consistency of having a real schedule. I miss how organized not only my stuff was (my house is still, sadly, a mess) but also how organized my time was. I miss the convenience of all my stuff being in one place-of having everything in one room. Its so easy when your TV, your bed, your best friend, and your food is all in one place. I miss the convenience of not having to prepare food. I wonder if this issue would be as bothersome to me if:
1. I hadn't had such a great senior year.
2. I didn't have such crazy, unknown hormonal issues right now
3. I didn't have to quit taking Lexapro due to said hormonal issues
4. I actually had a real job or something that kept me busy
5. I could ever just live in the present, not the past or future

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