Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Bear's Arrival (Or, Actually Conception....I Promise It's Not TMI)

So I'll make my first post here, and it'll maybe be a bit more serious, but it's about something that Denley and I have been repeatedly been asked: how did baby bear arrive? Well, it's quite obvious how the baby was made, but why we allowed it to happen is another question we've been asked. I've had a couple of patients at work say, "you're a pharmacist, don't you of all people know that they make pills to fix that". This comment offends me somewhat, because yes I know about oral contraceptives, but two things have not entered their minds:

1. It's not just zealots who have reservations about using birth control pills.
2. Not everyone views a child as something that needs to be fixed and mourned if not allotted
at least 2 years to plan for.

I'll admit I was upset and confused at first hearing of the pregnancy (I mean really mario kart was over for that night), but a child is such a blessing. My friend, Ryan Starrett, has really driven home this point for me. I think much of our society has missed the boat on this point, especially those immersed in Western culture. We want to get our goals accomplished first; do what is in our plan first, and we're ok with ignoring certain other ethical concepts at this cost. I don't think it's purposeful, but I think we don't often view our lives from a long term perspective enough, me included.

I suppose this logic is more expected in non-Christians, but it really saddens me when so many Christians think this way. It's why Europe's population is declining- selfishness ; they don't want the trouble of a family. We haven't quite hit this in America, but I think our perspective on the value of a child does need to change.

Also our opinion on the sacredness of life needs updating. We too often rant about the non-christian who is using abortion as her second-line birth control method, when we as Christians don't even consider how our methods of birth control work. Do we even evaluate how using oral contraception may cause an early abortion? Do most of us in the Body of Christ even have an opinion of when life begins? Is our view of when life begins affected by our selfish needs for consequence-free sex (even if a good consequence) or is it fully infused with the truth?

I think for the next few post I will try to briefly lay out why Sarah Denley and I avoided oral contraception, and why we find other methods of birth control acceptable. My purpose in writing this will be partly to gather my own thoughts on the subject, but it will also be to inform others (if only a couple of folks).

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Okay, since everyone who reads my blog already knows, AND since somebody told me I need to update more regularly, AND since I promised this post would be an exciting one, AND since this is pretty much the biggest thing that has happened to me, um, maybe you go!

Knock, Knock

Who's There?


That's right Honey Bear and I will be increasing our family size as of April 8th, 2009!

I have been trying to find my camera so we could take a picture of my tummy (not that there's really much to see at this point). As a courtesy to my mom (who doesn't even read this) I am debating not putting up the ultrasound pictures. It gives her the heeby geebies. Anyway, I haven't been sick TOO much. I've only thrown up maybe five or six times. Mainly, I'm just EXHAUSTED. I don't know how I would do this if I had a full time job.

In other news, I have come to grips with my camera really being lost. I'm so glad I had put our pictures from the honeymoon and all our showers on my computer, because it usually takes me months to do so. The only really important pictures were pictures of my grandmother's house. She passed away and I just really wanted to have pictures of her house the way it was when she lived there to remember it (we have plenty of pictures of her, thankfully!). Anyway, I can't find it anywhere and we have torn our house apart looking for it. Momma says that your mind is the best camera anyway! Here is something I am bad at (because Momma is so bad about it): being attached to things. Mainly things I get emotionally attached to. I don't think this is right and maybe the Lord is using my lost camera to teach me to value my relationship with Him and others more than things.

Also worth mentioning, was a visit to my BTF's (best teacher friend) classroom. I have to admit it was a little bittersweet, even when she told me how much of a handful her kids had been. But it was SO cute, which was to be expected. I miss 1st graders, but I don't miss phonics! Hopefully, infants are just as fun as six year olds.

Ok, so this has been such a hugely important post that I would like at least one comment and I'm not counting it if it's from Peyton. However, I realize not everyone has a blog or a google account and can leave comments, so that really puts the pressure on you, Michael. Also, Lo, just leave yours on the Facebook. I once told Peyton that I thought it should be a law that everyone had to have a Facebook account, now I think it should be illegal not to blog. I am so nosy and love reading people's blogs. I wish more of my friends had one, even if they only updated bi-monthly.

P.S. Peyton told me no more making fun of people's statuses on FB, because mine are more redic than the rest!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life Lately

I don't know why I am not more faithful to my blog (and all three of it's readers). I feel like I should post more. The next post (when I find my camera) will be a truly exciting one! Peyton left for a vaccination class in Birmingham for a couple of days and it made me a little sad! I am holding down the fort here and taking care of poor Darth Kitty. Something bit her tail very badly. Peyton thought it would heal on its own but apparently it "ruptured" on our neighbor's driveway. He took care of her and put peroxide on it! So I have to give her the antibiotic, which is so hard, because she hates it!

I feel like I have been very productive the past two days:
-Momma and Daddy and Lynn (our pretend decorator and friend of Momma's) came over and
we worked on the house. The girls decorated and the boys installed shelving in Peyton's
-grocery shopping
-baked a cake for Mr. Hobart (our super sweet neighbor)
-subbed at Prep for half a day
-lunch with our favorite pastor and bff, Jim the Brother
-Afterschool Care at SA
-packed (to stay at the parents house--i don't stay home alone)
-tidied the house