Monday, September 8, 2008

Life Lately

I don't know why I am not more faithful to my blog (and all three of it's readers). I feel like I should post more. The next post (when I find my camera) will be a truly exciting one! Peyton left for a vaccination class in Birmingham for a couple of days and it made me a little sad! I am holding down the fort here and taking care of poor Darth Kitty. Something bit her tail very badly. Peyton thought it would heal on its own but apparently it "ruptured" on our neighbor's driveway. He took care of her and put peroxide on it! So I have to give her the antibiotic, which is so hard, because she hates it!

I feel like I have been very productive the past two days:
-Momma and Daddy and Lynn (our pretend decorator and friend of Momma's) came over and
we worked on the house. The girls decorated and the boys installed shelving in Peyton's
-grocery shopping
-baked a cake for Mr. Hobart (our super sweet neighbor)
-subbed at Prep for half a day
-lunch with our favorite pastor and bff, Jim the Brother
-Afterschool Care at SA
-packed (to stay at the parents house--i don't stay home alone)
-tidied the house


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