Monday, October 27, 2008

Birth Control Methods Pt 1

So I guess I should start to explain why Sarah D and I chose to use a birth control method known as NFP or Natural Family Planning since I said I would in an earlier article. We, like most young married couples, had to choose in the year or so leading to our wedding a method for controlling when we began our family (i.e. had kids). We did want to defer having children for a few years so we could get some experience under our belts as a married couple, and just to enjoy our new married-ness. We thought sex sounded like something we'd be including in our marriage, so abstinence was out. So the possibility of conception was there. Hormonal Contraception- commonly known as birth control pills, patches, and rings- was an option for sure, were the most common one for our age. Natural Family Planning, a foreign concept to us was also open, as were barrier methods such as condoms and the like. Abortion was out. Like most orthodox Christians we thought this practice was inconsistent with what The Bible, and church history teach.
So really we had to choose between the three broad categories: Barrier Methods, Hormonal Contraceptives, and NFP methods. We knew we'd support, morally most NFP methods, but didn't know if we trusted them, I mean who wants a baby when they're not planning on one? For one economics aren't easy, and it kinda cuts down on your time together with a child to care for. From what I'd learned in pop culture some of the barrier methods weren't exactly so comfortable to use, so we decided Hormonal Contraception was a good one to look into first.
Being from a Catholic background, I knew there may be some moral issues with this form of BC, since Catholics are heavily criticised for not supporting the use of it. So we began to read about how it works, and quickly realized that our first priority would have to be to decide where life begins. What makes the baby alive?
And I'll finish this later, because Den says my post are too long, and that I'd be kicked off the blog if I continued with these novel length post.

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Ashley said...

I couldn't ride things that were rough like roller coasters, things with big drops, etc. But I usually don't ride things like that anyway because of motion sickness, so I didn't miss out! There really aren't THAT many rides that you can't ride pregnant.