Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Video

So I ran across this video this am and realized that it related to my last post. If you watch the clip (it's quite long) at the end of it Ron Paul describes that he thinks it was a bad idea to go into Iraq in the first place, and Hannity in his usual fashion berates him about being unpatriotic and blaming America for 9/11, which Paul wasn't even doing. Anyhow this relates because as Ron Paul says in the clip, America doesn't have to always police other nations, and really we only do this selectively when it serves our interest and then claim the moral ground as the reason for the decision. The problem then is that we stay out of so many conflicts that should gain our attention- Darfur is a prime example. Though we've supported some movement in abating this genocide- yes GENOCIDE- we've not gone all in like we did in Iraq.
What struck a chord with my last post and this issue is this- we can use our booming economy as a weapon. If we see countries with disparaging human rights records we should restrict trade with that nation. We should take our business elsewhere, just as we do with local stores. If a store in your area treated workers horribly and exploited them, we would want to avoid the store and support it's competitors so it would be forced out of business. All the while as a community we would support the store's employees, because they are not the problem the employer is. If we approached our foreign policy more in this manner we would save some of the wars in our past, and I think this is the angle Ron Paul is hitting. We can intervene in problem areas without using military force. We're America, when our banks begin to head downwards, the world worries as well because we're so tied in to the rest of the world. So let's use this power of our economy in less exploitative and more positive ways.

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