Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank You Senators

A great thing happened two days ago, though overall a tragedy occurred. Both of Mississippi's senators turned down the economic stimulus package- but the senate (and house) ultimately passed it. I've never been much of one in the realm of politicin', but lately I've had to get more involved. I've really become quite a supporter of Roger Wicker in all this. He not only stood against the bailout package, but earlier this year I emailed him asking his support for a medicare bill that would hurt my patients (and maybe me) if it wasn't passed. He not only voted for it, but responded to my email, with a point by point response. He (or an intern of his) even explained the reasons he turned down an earlier version of the bill. I could tell it wasn't a form letter by the direct addresses to my concerns, and honestly it got me excited about politics. So Senators Wicker and Cochran deserve a shoutout for being 2 of 25 brave senators, next time you get a chance, email them to thank them:

Just follow the above link, select a senator, and select contact senator.

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