Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to the Dr.

Today was a really busy day! We had an 8:15 appointment with Dr. McMinn (who by the way is AMAZING). Everything looked good and we got to ask her a few questions. Only warm (not hot) baths and only two cokes a day. While we were there we had the long awaited sonogram that would tell us if the baby was a boy or girl. We had them write it down on a card for us and we did not look until we arrived at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We made ourselves order first, then look. I am still astounded by our self-control (obviously lacking at previous points in the marriage-direct quote from me--"I think it's a risky night"). Finally, we look's a GIRL! Perfect because we already have so much stuff for a girl baby, but you know we really just wanted a healthy baby we'd be happy with whatever but a girl is really what we were hoping for. We think her name will be Ann Peyton; but it's not definite yet. What is for sure is that it will be a good old southern double name. So Peyton texts at least twelve people, one of which replies "oh, your expecting?". I called Logi and then ate my delicious breakfast. Then in the car, we called my mom and tricked her. Direct quote from her--"it's a stinking boy". Then we told her the truth. She was excited and told everyone at Batte. Then I called Ashley, who took a little break from educating to hear the important news.

Afterwards, we went to the Waterford to visit Grandee, my grandmother, and had lunch and a tour since Peyton has never been (even though he is her favorite grandchild). On the way back we stopped by Batte to visit Momma and the other ladies at the bridal registry. When we finally got home I CRASHED. I took a long nap and then ate chili for supper. Good day.

One another, less pleasant note, I have been disgusted by some of the facebook comments concerning the recent election. Yes, I voted for McCain. Everyone that reads this blog knows I am ridiculously pro life and pretty conservative in other areas as well. I'm a little concerned, but I don't think the rapture is upon us. In fact, I think it's neat that our little girl will never know a time when black men weren't presidents just like white men. I think it's neat, but hey I've always like being part of a historical moment. Really, though, people's statuses (which you know I love to make fun of) are disturbing. The highlights include: America is going to be socialist, so lets move to (insert country that is undeniably actually a socialist country); I'm quitting school/my job because my entire salary will inevitably go to someone's welfare check; let's secede from the United States and form our own conservative nation (because you know that worked so well the first time), and finally "I can't believe the tribal animalism of my students, we should reinstate Jim Crow laws." WOW! People are so assassin. Apparently, there was a near riot at my painfully conservative Alma Mata on election night, so bad our dear friend El came and spent the night with us. Which by the way was a fun activity, because if Peyton has spend the night company he doesn't wake ME up early in the morning. I am really getting sick of all this "Buy a gun, quit your job, hide under a table, he's going to MAKE us be Muslim, he is the Antichrist, lets secede, I'm ashamed to be an American" horse crap. You can buy a gun if you want, you make more at your job (prob even if you drive a garbage truck) than most people in the world, you most likely have no real fears for your safety, you have probably never been truly persecuted, if it is the rapture you should be safe anyway, AND drum roll, you actually got to VOTE. So, basically you're doing pretty darn good and Obama will probably not change ANY of that in the next four years. Okay, slowly descending from my soapbox.


Jamie Ford said...

YAY!!! A GIRL!! I am soooo excited, and can't wait to start planning the baby shower!!!

Kim said...

wow!! Congrats y'all. That's so exciting!! When are you due?