Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Update

Christmas was so busy and sooo much fun! Here are a few pictures from the holiday festivities:

Christmas at the Perry House

Cookie playing with her new phone (she gets a new phone almost every Christmas it seems like!)

Peyton being uncharacteristically sweet to Layla.

No pictures of me except this one because I didn't have on my make-up yet. Ann Peyton is getting big!

Stuff for our house, yah!

Peyton's presents to me: a cute cooler, a cute apron, and cute measuring spoons--the apron and spoons are both from the brand new Anthropologie! BTW, I LOVE aprons; they really motivate me to cook!

My big present for Peyton--a chess set he really wanted. He also got a scarf and some books.

My presents from Cookie--also from Anthropologie (haha).

Some pregnant clothes from Santa. I HATE maternity clothes, so these are just flattering clothes in larger sizes than normal.

Ann Peyton's presents from Santa. Someone please tell me how to rotate on this thing!

Uh, yeah we like to read.

Peyton's books.

My books.

Ann Peyton's books. Notice the NYC book from Peyton.

Stocking stuffers! We got a pickle for our tree!

Christmas at the Herrington House

Peyton's parents gave us a little red wagon full of diapers for Ann Peyton!

Michel, brother-in-law #1 and his girlfriend, Cynthia, opening presents.

Andrew, brother-in-law #2, and his girlfriend Erin.

Joseph, brother-in-law #3 and Lola.

Elizabeth, (the only) sister-in-law, and her hubby, Daniel.

Presents from Peyton's siblings-socks and magazine subscriptions from Elizabeth and a fountain pen for the baby book, chocolates from Michel, candle from Joe, and cool scented thing that Erin helped Andrew find so we wouldn't have open flames when AP gets here (super thoughtful, I know!).

Peyton's parents gave us this SUPER cute picture album for Ann Peyton.

Christmas Dinner at My Parent's House

Day after Christmas at Granny and PopPop's

Me and Peyton with Granny and PopPop.

Secret Santa!

Joser playing football in the yard.

Merry Christmas!

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