Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankful List

On a note related to my previous post "The Squalls", my wife is squalling at me to complete one of the list-type post she asked me to. So...I'm going to post a short version of a thank you list. So I went a little fundamental with mine, obviously I'm thankful for many luxuries as well, but when I think of others in the world I can say these are things that make me very thankful.

1. Clean, Safe, Easily Available Water- What can I say, so many people cannot get a hold of water easily, or else it is too unsafe to travel for use (i.e. Darfur). Also it's tough work hauling it back to home, but luckily some smart guys have tried to help that

It's called a qdrum, pretty smart, eh?Anyway, I'm thankful I don't have to use one.

2. Plentiful food and shelter- especially a job that allowed me to purchase a house

3. A good steady and easily available job- I really didn't know when I started pharmacy school a few things about the field: 1. There is great need for pharmacist due to a shortage projected for at least 10 more years. 2. very good paying, due to the shortage and the large amount of school needed for the degree, basic supply and demand. 3. I'd get to learn and be so involved in many people's lives who now mean so much to me. All I knew was that I loved chemistry and healthcare.

4. A loving wife who means the world to me, who could know I would be so blessed in my life.

5. The Bible and a heritage of Christianity- I can hold and read a Bible in this great country and do it in public, Heck, I can post devotionals on message boards at work so long as I check with my co-workers first. But it's amazing that I am in the place I am now. Sure I plagued with doubt, etc, but it's really grown to be an advantage for me, a way to drive me. I'm blessed that my family passed down this heritage.

6. The Internet- Yes, a luxury. But it's sorta like the printing press and what it did for the availability for people to self-educate. I have a set of 50 books of harvard classics on my bookshelf that Den's great grandma used to educate herself back when women were not much able to go to college for a full education.

7. Kitties- Enough said, they're cuddly playful friends.

8. A loving family that's BIG. I love all my brothers and my sis; can't bet the big family with all it's quirks.

9. An Able Healthy Body- I've met so many people through working with medicine that have disabilities that they have worked past to enjoy their lives, but some ways of being crippled would be so difficult to live with. My aunt was blind and loved every day of her life. All her friends described the world to her and she would kayak with them, do anything they could, just not drive. I'm just glad I don't have to work past something such as that, though I admire more than I can express those who do so, like my aunt. And healthy, that's obvious, glad this country has a functional health care system, though some may object.

10. Friends - Just got back from Nashville visiting with many old and missed friends, I treasure friendships and relationships, after all isn't that much of what life is about?

Ok, long enough post, if you've stuck around this long you must be one of those in #1o. I'll do my Christmas wish list next, hehe, :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great Video

I LOVE this commercial. Maybe because this Daddy is the black version of Peyton. He is so goofy and when we dance in the car together or make our kitties talk to each other. I can't wait to take turns making Ann Peyton talk. You know holding her when she's like a week old and doing a baby voice and saying "You're so silly Daddy!" when he does crazy stuff!

The Squalls

Just thought I'd share this blip of a song that never made it in the late 80's. Fun song!

And as a bonus an early REM song!


So Jamie tagged me to do her little activity. The instructions are as follows: go to your pictures, open the 6th folder, and upload the 6th picture, and tag 6 people to do the same. Unfortunately, the 6th folder is just a dated folder and only had two pictures in it.

Remember these?
So, here is my sixth picture from my SEVENTH folder, entitled "Bachlorete Trip". This is a picture of me and my sweet BEST FRIEND, Logan, who I asked to be in my wedding after about two weeks of knowing her and she said "are you sure?". However, I knew was, because we had been staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching VH1 and debating who else would be on the bridesmaids list. She was such a good new roommate kinda sucks. Haha, just kiddin' sweetie. And I didn't even know her; we were set up! LeeAnn always says she feels like she set up a little couple......haha.

Lucky for me this picture was taken early in the night/trip. A couple of pictures later and I am um, a few sheets to the wind. I made some bad decisions that trip! Interested? Check out exhibit A, Facebook album entitled "It's Five O'clock Somewhere". I know it's a little peculiar, but I title ALL my Facebook albums after songs.
Anyway, I am tagging:
1. Ellis
2. Cat
3. Ashley
4. Harper
5. Marie
6. Peyton
Ok, so I know at least half these people won't do it, but as Jamie said, I am hopelessly without many blogger friends. So, just do it guys (if you feel like it)!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Big Day....

Even if you spent the day with a twinge of disappointment you have to admit two things:

1. This was such an important day in history. I guess I'm just oober sentimental, but even though I didn't vote for Obama, I couldn't help feeling a certain pride in America and also a little excitement over the new president. It was just such a historical day...those always seem to mean a lot to me.
2.Michelle Obama is a woman who KNOWS how to dress herself and her children. I could go on, and probably will in another post, when sleep isn't such a priority. But her "lemon grass" dress and matching coat were beautiful and Sasia and Malia looked so spiffy in their J. Crew coats. A lot has been said about Michelle's support for J. Crew--an economical option for them. Funny, on our budget J Crew is high end. Well, not really, but scarves there do cost $50+. Seriously, though, they could afford anything.....I think it's cool to keep it affordable with the Crewcuts collection. Anyway you slice it, they all look darn good

On another, mostly unrelated note, do you ever get nostalgic for a time you never even knew? I do all the time! For some reason we were talking about the Kennedy children in the White House and I alluded to them being in their nursery. Peyton said they didn't have a nursery; they were too old. Maybe not in the sense AP will have a nursery, but in the sense they probably had a "nurse" (not the medical kind) and were bathed and then went to the nursery each evening. Remember Peter Pan, Wendy was almost a teenager when she was about to be kicked out of the nursery! It's kind of like how our grandmothers didn't get their FIRST baby dolls until they were 12. I think I miss those days.....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


OK, finally, here are my reviews, as promised. And the first category is........


So, this is the last REALLY good movie I've seen:
It was just such a amazing love story and the kind of movie that really makes you think. It was so well written and the soundtrack and setting were so beautiful. I kind of want to read the book it's based on. BTW, there are several movies that are in theaters right now that I really want to see (I never actually go to the movies, well, hardly ever):
  • The Reader
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Benjamin Button
  • Valkery
Next category:

I LOVE to read. And ever since I was young, for some reason, I cannot just read one book. I have to be reading multiple books. So usually, I try to balance and go for some fiction, some nonfiction, ect. but mainly right now all I am reading is pregnancy books. Here are the ones I'm reading:

Really, this is the quintessential pregnant book that EVERYONE reads. It's defiantly informative. There is really nothing concise about this book. It's extremely detailed and in fact will cause you to worry needlessly in many cases. Also, it spends way to much time focusing on the "pregnancy diet" since the authors have written a whole book devoted to this subject. Still a good read.
This one is somewhat humorous and you can read it really quick (large print, illustrations, charts, ect.)
Similar to the previous one, quick read, more concise than "What to Expect" and sometimes funny.
This one just tries WAY too hard. It's sopposed to be funny and in some parts it really is, but the girl thinks she has to be funny every sentence so it gets annoying. And it's sometimes kind of crude.
Lastly, not a pregnancy book, but still informative. I got this new Bible shortly after the new year and I really like it. It has the scripture broken down into daily readings and Dr. Stanley gives practical advice on what it means. Very good Bible. Next category:
I could spend hours reviewing tv shows, but for the most part when Peyton's home we choose between this

We do like to watch the local news, and then we ussually check out CNN (much to my chagrin we don't have FOX NEWS) and of course, the occassional Rachel Ray or 17 Kids and Counting (he likes it, haha). Also, last season we watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but it's gotten super corny. Anyway, most of the time it's between Law and Order and Law and Order: SVU. And it is THE bone of contention in our marriage. I like SVU because it is easier to follow (to me) and is just more fast-paced (even though it does give me nightmares and intensifies my already crazy irrational fear of being raped). Peyton likes regular L&O because it shows more of the lawyer part, not just the police. Anyway, we compromise, and I will say I have grown to like the original a lot more than I used to. Fun fact: I like to watch both with the captions because I cannot STAND to miss a word. And finally, I thought this was beautiful:
She consoles me as I meditate
before Mass-Julian of Norwich,
that is, who says, "We are clothed,
wrapped in the goodness of God."
And she consoles me after Mass
when I drive home to the friary and
pass two prostitutes who are sitting
on folding chairs next to the curb

helping each other with makeup.

And that evening, too, when I go
to Frisch's for a Big Boy and fries,
and a boy's talking to his girlfriend
in the booth next to mine-talking
and talking-and his girlfriend's
eyes say she just wants to hold him
and quiet him-and he keeps talking
and her eyes keep trying to say,
Let's leave.
And when I leave, he's
still talking, "You know what I'm
saying?" and she's still trying to
subtly persuade him they should
leave and then I'm walking behind
a middle-age man, a son helping
his older mother to the car, and ahead
an older man's walking with his pregnant
teen-age wife and she's smiling as he
talks and eats an ice cream cone and I
think, the Mass still isn't over.
And as I get into the car, Julian's in
my thoughts again and I say to myself,
They're all clothed in the goodness
of God-and I'm about to drive away
when a prostitute, tattooed abundantly,
comes to my open window and asks,
"Do you have a lighter I could borrow
from you?" and I say, "No, but I can
give you some matches" and she says,
"I don't do matches," and I'm wondering
is there a code here I'm not aware of? And
she says, "Hey, you're the guy who didn't
give me a ride earlier, aren't you?" and
of course I was and didn't, fearing what
it might look like, forgetting Julian, and
she says, "I said to myself, Okay, I like

the jerk anyway" and walks away.

And then I drive away and it's twilight
and I'm left with memories of this day
and I think, Yes, Julian, we are wrapped
in God's goodness, and yes, the Mass
begins when it ends. And when I get
home, I pick up Julian and she says,
"Mother Jesus leads us into his blessed
breast through his open side, and there
gives us a glimpse of the Godhead and
heavenly joy ..." The Mass begins.

-Murray Bodo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unfounded Pregnancy Worries and the Happiest Thought

I always had several fears regarding pregnancy. Aside from the actual labor part (I won't even discuss my worries on that right now); I had three main concerns:
1. Nausea-I get extremely queasy from weird smells, gross drainage, anything, even when I'm not pregnant. In fact, I had saltine crackers and Sprite for breakfast almost every day in high school, because that was all my stomach could handle. So I just knew I'd be one of those women who spent her entire pregnancy in the hospital hooked up to a drip, because that would be the only way to get nutrients. However, I haven't had a problem getting my nutrients from meatball subs and oreos. I won't say I had NO morning sickness, but it has been incredibly mild for what I was prepared for.
2. UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)-I know, it's gross, but I'm putting it out there. I have also always had really bad UTIs. I don't know why, but I've just gotten them alot. I spent Christmas day last year MISERABLE because of one. Not only did it hurt to teetee; it hurt to sit, lay, stand or do anything. My back and stomach hurt so bad the only place I was comfortable was in a hot bath. Did I mention I was allergic to my medicine and was vommiting while my family enjoyed their filets? Anyway, you are more likely to get them when you are sexually active and pregnant. So I figured.....I'm screwed (haha, no pun intended). NO UTIs YET!
3. (this one was a valid concern) the belly button issue-I have an outie. I knew this would be a problem. It grosses me out to no end when you can see pregnant women's belly buttons. I'm just modest in that way I guess. Anyway, I just try to wear loose clothes (more comfortable anyway) and the occasional band-aid. Also, I have invested in one of those "belly bands". Anyway, it's a minor inconvenience.
So, to out of three ain't bad,
and now, the HAPPIEST THOUGHT.........
I sort of had a "revelation" last night. This idea I had has really changed how I think about loosing my grandmother, Bump (she died in April). One thing that was really hard was that she missed my wedding. Peyton always tells me that we were so blessed that she got to know him and they were able to get close before she passed away, but it still hurts. I saw a commercial last night and a guy was talking about how he wanted to be around to dance at his daughter's wedding. Bump always said when I was growing up that she would dance at my wedding. I sometimes wondered who she'd dance with (my grandfather passed away before I was born and the way she talked about him, it was so sweet, you could FEEL their love; I don't think she ever stopped missing him intensely). Anyway, for some reason when I saw that commercial, something clicked that never had before. I think that maybe the Lord left her here with us as long as he could, but he really wanted to take her home before the wedding so that she could dance with Granddaddy Jackson. Thinking of them dancing as Peyton and I danced on June 14th, 2008 doesn't make me miss her any less, but it makes me soooo happy. I'm glad humans can be happy and sad at the same time.
I'm going to post my REVIEWS tomorrow or Thursday and this weekend when we go to Nashville I'm going to work on my 101 goals. Also, coming up......Peyton and I read a list of "top ten things that would make me happier" in Real Simple and decided to make our own. I will post the Real Simple lists and our personal ones. AND, the cutest commercial ever...I'm going to find it on YouTube. Sorry, I always have to tell you what's coming up or I'll forget myself!

Google is Crazy Awesome

So I typed our address into Google, and do you know what comes up? A picture of our freakin street! We're not talking about typing Galloway or First Baptist Church pictures coming up on Google- My Street came up on Google! I'd post the picture on here, but Denley and I are getting ever more afraid of net stalkers, it's a creepy concept. Anyhow, give it a shot with your address, you may be surprised!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update: Fun Week

Last week was so much fun. I guess because it's still "Christmas Break" for a lot of people, I got to catch up with some great friends! On Tuesday I had lunch with a really good friend, who recently told me she is expecting a baby in August! I was so excited to hear that. When Peyton and I were still dating (not even engaged) we met her and her husband who were recently married. They were the first married couple close to our age that we were really close to. And they were such an inspiration to us! This couple has really modeled for us what a godly marriage looks like--a picture of Christ and the church. So, as they were one step ahead of us in this area, I kind of always assumed they would be one step ahead of us in parenting as well. If you knew this person, you would see why I already knew she would be one I turned to often for parenting advice. Anyway, I am just as excited, if not more excited, to walk through this special journey together!

On Wednesday, I got to catch up with two of my friends from highschool: Caroline and CC. We went to Mellow Mushroom (one of my favorites) under the guise of just hanging out and catching up. Not only did these sweet girls buy me dinner (and told me to take Peyton the extra as a "Daddy present") they overwhelmed me with their generoisity by giving little Ann Peyton the lovliest presents! They were all such beautiful, classic things; things that they seemed to know would be so special to me! Caroline and her mama got her the sweetest, prettiest dress and a beautiful baby bracelet and CC and her family gave her a Peter Rabbit dish set and her first baby doll--Pink Cheeks Huggums. What sweet special presents; I know Ann Peyton will treasure them! I was so overwhelmed and it was so good to see them and catch up with everything going on in their lives.

Then, last night we hung out with Granny and PopPop--Peyton's grandparents--who were in town for the day. I love seeing them so much....they are almost like my own grandparents!!! We had fun chatting and laughing and eating Penn's.

Today, was a little rough. Micky and Minnie came over to help us with some stuff in the nursury and everyone just got a little stressed. It all ended fine, but you know I hate conflict. Anyway, Peyton and Micky moved the big bed out of AP's room and back to their house and I took down ALL of Christmas by myself. I worked really hard and had had such a hard day, when Peyton got back he had these:

Isn't he such a great hubby? Reviews should be coming in the next few days. I still need to work on my goals (I have decided to do the 101 in 1001 days list--. is a bit of an undertaking in itself). But it's coming, too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years at the Herrington's

Okay, this post has been a long time coming. We had a supper fun party at our house on New Year's Eve and I promised Patrick Harkins that I would blog about it. So this is for you, Patrick. Also, by the way, I am thinking I may spotlight a different person my life periodically on the blog and tell you what is just so neat about them. Patrick will be the first. Look for that later in January. If you're counting, I have listed about five things I will be posting. It makes me do it if I go ahead and say I'm going to. Ok, so New Year's, but before I begin. An awesome quote--this one is courtesy of "Minnie" (that is the grandmother name we choose for Sarah Ann-my precious mom):
background: Peyton is talking about a couple we know who had been trying to get pregnant for awhile and my mom asks him if they really had been trying that long (remember she and "Micky" tried for about 5 years before having me and Cookie-so a long time is really relative). I'll pick up here:

Peyton: "Well, I mean they had to try harder than us."
Minnie: "Peyton, the cats have to try harder than ya'll did!"
Hahah, Minnie, you are too funny!

New Year's Eve
So, Peyton told me at least a month before New Year's he wanted to have a par-tay. He said it just like that, just kidding. Anyway, I saw "um no, sweetie, I'll be six months pregnant, and the last thing I want to do after all the Christmas activities is to cook, clean, and have people over to my house. Let's just go out". Then I feel bad, since I only work four days a week, for a total of about 20 hours, if that, and none for the two weeks surrounding Christmas. So I agree.

As the party approaches, I spent a fair amount of time cooking and fixing up the house. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Come New Year's, however, we were really kind of worried that we would be ringing in the New Year with each other and Logi and Ellis (which would have been fine, except for the mass amounts of food)! I got a little disappointed, but then I thought about how proud Peyton was of me for all my cooking and such and I knew it was worth it no matter what. Since I don't have a full time job, I really want to excel as a housewife. Let's be honest, I'm certainly a far cry from the Proverbs 31 woman, but that night I felt, at least in my husband's eyes, I was a little closer.

Fortuantly, my worries were in vain. Not only did Logi and Ellis join us, but so did Sue and Kourtney and Patrick and Haley and Jeff and Melissa, our sweet couple friends (as Minnie would say) dropped in around 10:30 or so. BTW, Peyton was a little bit of a poor host, as he told our guests an ending time for the party! I almost wrote Miss Manners just to see how she'd berate him, I LOVE it when she does that! I told him you can't tell your guests when to leave, UNLESS it's a child's birthday and parents have to pick them up. I already know what's going to happen, now....he'll remember the rule but not the exception and when Ann Peyton has a b-day party think it's rude to give an ending time and we'll have other people's kids at our house for hours upon hours. So, anyway, it wasn't a full house, but it was defiantly a good crowd. Here is the event depicted in pictures (I am trying to get better about taking pictures, I LOVE them, but I always fail to actually take the pictures, even when I remember to bring the camera, which is how I have not documented my tummy growth on film as almost every other expectant woman with a blog/facebook account has. Also, I have a problem with run ons and I'm embarassed because I know Morgan is reading my blog now, however, this is an informal forum and like to write how I talk, maybe slightly more flowery and intelligently). Anywho, pictures:

Fabulous creations made by me (I hope you catch the sarcasm; they were Minnie's easiest recipes):

One of the FEW games I actually like playing:
The boys minus Ellis...
...who turned in on the floor of Peyton's study before he even got to see the new year (yay for spend the night company!)
The girls, pic one (Me, Lo, Haley, Melissa):
The girls, pic two (Sue and Kourtney):Sue during a rigorous round of Cranium:
Patrick and Haley. Patrick and Peyton share a special bond in that they are constantly searching for the perfect old man hat. Haley and I share a special bond in that we are constantly laughing at them.
The General says "Happy New Year!" By the way, we don't know his birthday, but the birthday of his namesake (General Robert E. Lee) is coming up, so we are going to celebrate by eating cake and ice cream and maybe even playing Slow Dixie and crying--Slow Dixie, performed by the Pride of the South (the Rebel's marching band) almost always brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. I have to say it, I love the Old South; truly, though the New South is I'll have extra ice cream to show my sopport for MLK as well as the General.We turned in late and the next morning watched "When Harry Met Sally"-the perfect New Years movie, which I will be reviewing in my upcoming blog. It's one of mine (and Lo's) favorites, but Peyton had never seen it! He actually liked it, despite that it's a"romantic comedy", a genre that usually doesn't appeal to him or anyone with a Y chromosome! Be watching for those reviews, my first character profile or a person in our lives, and an update on my busy week!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I saw this fun questionnaire (sp?) on another blog (actually two other blogs) I read and decided to go for it:

1. Clothes Shop
This is a tough one; I'll have to break it down into a few categories:
a. favorite boutique: Migis or Material Girls
b. favorite chain: ANTHROPOLOGIE
c. best "bang for the buck": Target
2. Furniture Shop
Probably Robert Madison, this little store in Olive Branch, that happens to be
owned by one of
my mom's friends children......consequently, most everything in our house that
didn't come from one of our parents/grandparents came from there
3. City
Umm, Jackson to live. Oxford, Destin, NYC, New Orleans, and San Francisco to
4. Sweet
This could be a ridiculous long list, but here are a few of my faves:
- OREOS (Ann Peyton seems to want them ALL the time these days!) with milk
- ice cream (Peppermint, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, BubbleGum from Baskins
Robbins and an old classic, Strawberry).
- brownies (esp. Symphony Bar Brownies)
- peanut butter cookies
- Reese's peanut butter cups
- Skittles and Starbursts
5. Drink
- hot chocolate
- sweet tea
- Berry Tea from Bon Ami
- Kool Aid
- sparkling grape juice (purple)
- Mimosas--even if it's not morning--when I'm not preggie
6. Music
- Classic Rock (Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp)
- Singer/Songwriters such as Cat Stevens and James Taylor
- '80s Power Ballads, esp. "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", "Come Sail Away" and "To Be With
- '90s hits (Iris, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Save Tonight)
- random: TSO, musicals, and I LOVE hymns
*So basically, anything not from this decade*
7. TV Shows
Ok, I'm a slave to the DVR, I admit it.
- Law and Order: SVU
- John and Kate + 8 and 17 Kids and Counting
- The O'Rielly Factor
- new 90210
- Homefront and China Beach (they don't come on anymore :(.....good thing they're on video)
- The Wonder Years
- Army Wives
- The Hills
- Food Network (see below)
8. Movies
- The Sound of Music (really any Rogers and Hamerstein musical)
- The Breakfast Club
- When Harry Met Sally
- Dirty Dancing
9. Workout
As those close to me already know, my husband has to motivate me with treats to get me to
walk with he thinks of something we can get at the Kroger and we walk to the
grocery store......usually, late at night.
10. Pastries
Cinnamon rolls that come in the pop open package that you hit on the counter to open and
chess squares
11. Coffee

Ok, about the food network, we have (at the suggestion of Peyton's dad, who must be worried that his son was going hungry) started watching two shows on the Food Network: Rachel Ray and Semi-Home Cooked something or other. The point of these shows is that the host makes something that ANYONE (probably even Ann Peyton or Darth) can make in about thirty minutes, theoretically with the ingredients you already have at your house, and in the case of Rachel Ray is hella funny while doing it. So when your sweetie gets off at 9:00 and gets home at 9:15 and it's approx. 8:45 you still have time to whip something up so he doesn't end up grouchy and you don't end up a puddle of a pregnant mess and you go to bed all huffy.....anywho the Rander was looking out for us when he found these shows!

So, I am still working on my New Year's Goals (I have already, however, made a MASTER TO-DO LIST for 2009 and a color-coded daily to-do list with all my daily tasks that is ready to laminate). But that, as well as pictures from New Years Eve, the inspirational poem, and some reviews ARE still coming).

**Peyton, either post or comment, I'm tired of you not doing your part on this blog**