Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Big Day....

Even if you spent the day with a twinge of disappointment you have to admit two things:

1. This was such an important day in history. I guess I'm just oober sentimental, but even though I didn't vote for Obama, I couldn't help feeling a certain pride in America and also a little excitement over the new president. It was just such a historical day...those always seem to mean a lot to me.
2.Michelle Obama is a woman who KNOWS how to dress herself and her children. I could go on, and probably will in another post, when sleep isn't such a priority. But her "lemon grass" dress and matching coat were beautiful and Sasia and Malia looked so spiffy in their J. Crew coats. A lot has been said about Michelle's support for J. Crew--an economical option for them. Funny, on our budget J Crew is high end. Well, not really, but scarves there do cost $50+. Seriously, though, they could afford anything.....I think it's cool to keep it affordable with the Crewcuts collection. Anyway you slice it, they all look darn good

On another, mostly unrelated note, do you ever get nostalgic for a time you never even knew? I do all the time! For some reason we were talking about the Kennedy children in the White House and I alluded to them being in their nursery. Peyton said they didn't have a nursery; they were too old. Maybe not in the sense AP will have a nursery, but in the sense they probably had a "nurse" (not the medical kind) and were bathed and then went to the nursery each evening. Remember Peter Pan, Wendy was almost a teenager when she was about to be kicked out of the nursery! It's kind of like how our grandmothers didn't get their FIRST baby dolls until they were 12. I think I miss those days.....

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