Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I saw this fun questionnaire (sp?) on another blog (actually two other blogs) I read and decided to go for it:

1. Clothes Shop
This is a tough one; I'll have to break it down into a few categories:
a. favorite boutique: Migis or Material Girls
b. favorite chain: ANTHROPOLOGIE
c. best "bang for the buck": Target
2. Furniture Shop
Probably Robert Madison, this little store in Olive Branch, that happens to be
owned by one of
my mom's friends children......consequently, most everything in our house that
didn't come from one of our parents/grandparents came from there
3. City
Umm, Jackson to live. Oxford, Destin, NYC, New Orleans, and San Francisco to
4. Sweet
This could be a ridiculous long list, but here are a few of my faves:
- OREOS (Ann Peyton seems to want them ALL the time these days!) with milk
- ice cream (Peppermint, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, BubbleGum from Baskins
Robbins and an old classic, Strawberry).
- brownies (esp. Symphony Bar Brownies)
- peanut butter cookies
- Reese's peanut butter cups
- Skittles and Starbursts
5. Drink
- hot chocolate
- sweet tea
- Berry Tea from Bon Ami
- Kool Aid
- sparkling grape juice (purple)
- Mimosas--even if it's not morning--when I'm not preggie
6. Music
- Classic Rock (Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp)
- Singer/Songwriters such as Cat Stevens and James Taylor
- '80s Power Ballads, esp. "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", "Come Sail Away" and "To Be With
- '90s hits (Iris, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, Save Tonight)
- random: TSO, musicals, and I LOVE hymns
*So basically, anything not from this decade*
7. TV Shows
Ok, I'm a slave to the DVR, I admit it.
- Law and Order: SVU
- John and Kate + 8 and 17 Kids and Counting
- The O'Rielly Factor
- new 90210
- Homefront and China Beach (they don't come on anymore :(.....good thing they're on video)
- The Wonder Years
- Army Wives
- The Hills
- Food Network (see below)
8. Movies
- The Sound of Music (really any Rogers and Hamerstein musical)
- The Breakfast Club
- When Harry Met Sally
- Dirty Dancing
9. Workout
As those close to me already know, my husband has to motivate me with treats to get me to
walk with he thinks of something we can get at the Kroger and we walk to the
grocery store......usually, late at night.
10. Pastries
Cinnamon rolls that come in the pop open package that you hit on the counter to open and
chess squares
11. Coffee

Ok, about the food network, we have (at the suggestion of Peyton's dad, who must be worried that his son was going hungry) started watching two shows on the Food Network: Rachel Ray and Semi-Home Cooked something or other. The point of these shows is that the host makes something that ANYONE (probably even Ann Peyton or Darth) can make in about thirty minutes, theoretically with the ingredients you already have at your house, and in the case of Rachel Ray is hella funny while doing it. So when your sweetie gets off at 9:00 and gets home at 9:15 and it's approx. 8:45 you still have time to whip something up so he doesn't end up grouchy and you don't end up a puddle of a pregnant mess and you go to bed all huffy.....anywho the Rander was looking out for us when he found these shows!

So, I am still working on my New Year's Goals (I have already, however, made a MASTER TO-DO LIST for 2009 and a color-coded daily to-do list with all my daily tasks that is ready to laminate). But that, as well as pictures from New Years Eve, the inspirational poem, and some reviews ARE still coming).

**Peyton, either post or comment, I'm tired of you not doing your part on this blog**


mjade21 said...

So I'll do my thankful list for 2009 sweetie!

Michael said...

Me too, Peyton. Get to work!

Marie said...

I love your blog! You and I are pretty much the exact same person. However, I love food network. In fact I TiVo it. Check out Barefoot Contessa (She's my fav!)

Hope ya'll are doing well!

Morgan said...

love the blog!
enjoyed the Christmas pics. (really like Ann Peyton's letters.)