Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years at the Herrington's

Okay, this post has been a long time coming. We had a supper fun party at our house on New Year's Eve and I promised Patrick Harkins that I would blog about it. So this is for you, Patrick. Also, by the way, I am thinking I may spotlight a different person my life periodically on the blog and tell you what is just so neat about them. Patrick will be the first. Look for that later in January. If you're counting, I have listed about five things I will be posting. It makes me do it if I go ahead and say I'm going to. Ok, so New Year's, but before I begin. An awesome quote--this one is courtesy of "Minnie" (that is the grandmother name we choose for Sarah Ann-my precious mom):
background: Peyton is talking about a couple we know who had been trying to get pregnant for awhile and my mom asks him if they really had been trying that long (remember she and "Micky" tried for about 5 years before having me and Cookie-so a long time is really relative). I'll pick up here:

Peyton: "Well, I mean they had to try harder than us."
Minnie: "Peyton, the cats have to try harder than ya'll did!"
Hahah, Minnie, you are too funny!

New Year's Eve
So, Peyton told me at least a month before New Year's he wanted to have a par-tay. He said it just like that, just kidding. Anyway, I saw "um no, sweetie, I'll be six months pregnant, and the last thing I want to do after all the Christmas activities is to cook, clean, and have people over to my house. Let's just go out". Then I feel bad, since I only work four days a week, for a total of about 20 hours, if that, and none for the two weeks surrounding Christmas. So I agree.

As the party approaches, I spent a fair amount of time cooking and fixing up the house. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. Come New Year's, however, we were really kind of worried that we would be ringing in the New Year with each other and Logi and Ellis (which would have been fine, except for the mass amounts of food)! I got a little disappointed, but then I thought about how proud Peyton was of me for all my cooking and such and I knew it was worth it no matter what. Since I don't have a full time job, I really want to excel as a housewife. Let's be honest, I'm certainly a far cry from the Proverbs 31 woman, but that night I felt, at least in my husband's eyes, I was a little closer.

Fortuantly, my worries were in vain. Not only did Logi and Ellis join us, but so did Sue and Kourtney and Patrick and Haley and Jeff and Melissa, our sweet couple friends (as Minnie would say) dropped in around 10:30 or so. BTW, Peyton was a little bit of a poor host, as he told our guests an ending time for the party! I almost wrote Miss Manners just to see how she'd berate him, I LOVE it when she does that! I told him you can't tell your guests when to leave, UNLESS it's a child's birthday and parents have to pick them up. I already know what's going to happen, now....he'll remember the rule but not the exception and when Ann Peyton has a b-day party think it's rude to give an ending time and we'll have other people's kids at our house for hours upon hours. So, anyway, it wasn't a full house, but it was defiantly a good crowd. Here is the event depicted in pictures (I am trying to get better about taking pictures, I LOVE them, but I always fail to actually take the pictures, even when I remember to bring the camera, which is how I have not documented my tummy growth on film as almost every other expectant woman with a blog/facebook account has. Also, I have a problem with run ons and I'm embarassed because I know Morgan is reading my blog now, however, this is an informal forum and like to write how I talk, maybe slightly more flowery and intelligently). Anywho, pictures:

Fabulous creations made by me (I hope you catch the sarcasm; they were Minnie's easiest recipes):

One of the FEW games I actually like playing:
The boys minus Ellis...
...who turned in on the floor of Peyton's study before he even got to see the new year (yay for spend the night company!)
The girls, pic one (Me, Lo, Haley, Melissa):
The girls, pic two (Sue and Kourtney):Sue during a rigorous round of Cranium:
Patrick and Haley. Patrick and Peyton share a special bond in that they are constantly searching for the perfect old man hat. Haley and I share a special bond in that we are constantly laughing at them.
The General says "Happy New Year!" By the way, we don't know his birthday, but the birthday of his namesake (General Robert E. Lee) is coming up, so we are going to celebrate by eating cake and ice cream and maybe even playing Slow Dixie and crying--Slow Dixie, performed by the Pride of the South (the Rebel's marching band) almost always brings tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful. I have to say it, I love the Old South; truly, though the New South is I'll have extra ice cream to show my sopport for MLK as well as the General.We turned in late and the next morning watched "When Harry Met Sally"-the perfect New Years movie, which I will be reviewing in my upcoming blog. It's one of mine (and Lo's) favorites, but Peyton had never seen it! He actually liked it, despite that it's a"romantic comedy", a genre that usually doesn't appeal to him or anyone with a Y chromosome! Be watching for those reviews, my first character profile or a person in our lives, and an update on my busy week!

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