Sunday, January 25, 2009


So Jamie tagged me to do her little activity. The instructions are as follows: go to your pictures, open the 6th folder, and upload the 6th picture, and tag 6 people to do the same. Unfortunately, the 6th folder is just a dated folder and only had two pictures in it.

Remember these?
So, here is my sixth picture from my SEVENTH folder, entitled "Bachlorete Trip". This is a picture of me and my sweet BEST FRIEND, Logan, who I asked to be in my wedding after about two weeks of knowing her and she said "are you sure?". However, I knew was, because we had been staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching VH1 and debating who else would be on the bridesmaids list. She was such a good new roommate kinda sucks. Haha, just kiddin' sweetie. And I didn't even know her; we were set up! LeeAnn always says she feels like she set up a little couple......haha.

Lucky for me this picture was taken early in the night/trip. A couple of pictures later and I am um, a few sheets to the wind. I made some bad decisions that trip! Interested? Check out exhibit A, Facebook album entitled "It's Five O'clock Somewhere". I know it's a little peculiar, but I title ALL my Facebook albums after songs.
Anyway, I am tagging:
1. Ellis
2. Cat
3. Ashley
4. Harper
5. Marie
6. Peyton
Ok, so I know at least half these people won't do it, but as Jamie said, I am hopelessly without many blogger friends. So, just do it guys (if you feel like it)!

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