Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thankful List

On a note related to my previous post "The Squalls", my wife is squalling at me to complete one of the list-type post she asked me to. So...I'm going to post a short version of a thank you list. So I went a little fundamental with mine, obviously I'm thankful for many luxuries as well, but when I think of others in the world I can say these are things that make me very thankful.

1. Clean, Safe, Easily Available Water- What can I say, so many people cannot get a hold of water easily, or else it is too unsafe to travel for use (i.e. Darfur). Also it's tough work hauling it back to home, but luckily some smart guys have tried to help that

It's called a qdrum, pretty smart, eh?Anyway, I'm thankful I don't have to use one.

2. Plentiful food and shelter- especially a job that allowed me to purchase a house

3. A good steady and easily available job- I really didn't know when I started pharmacy school a few things about the field: 1. There is great need for pharmacist due to a shortage projected for at least 10 more years. 2. very good paying, due to the shortage and the large amount of school needed for the degree, basic supply and demand. 3. I'd get to learn and be so involved in many people's lives who now mean so much to me. All I knew was that I loved chemistry and healthcare.

4. A loving wife who means the world to me, who could know I would be so blessed in my life.

5. The Bible and a heritage of Christianity- I can hold and read a Bible in this great country and do it in public, Heck, I can post devotionals on message boards at work so long as I check with my co-workers first. But it's amazing that I am in the place I am now. Sure I plagued with doubt, etc, but it's really grown to be an advantage for me, a way to drive me. I'm blessed that my family passed down this heritage.

6. The Internet- Yes, a luxury. But it's sorta like the printing press and what it did for the availability for people to self-educate. I have a set of 50 books of harvard classics on my bookshelf that Den's great grandma used to educate herself back when women were not much able to go to college for a full education.

7. Kitties- Enough said, they're cuddly playful friends.

8. A loving family that's BIG. I love all my brothers and my sis; can't bet the big family with all it's quirks.

9. An Able Healthy Body- I've met so many people through working with medicine that have disabilities that they have worked past to enjoy their lives, but some ways of being crippled would be so difficult to live with. My aunt was blind and loved every day of her life. All her friends described the world to her and she would kayak with them, do anything they could, just not drive. I'm just glad I don't have to work past something such as that, though I admire more than I can express those who do so, like my aunt. And healthy, that's obvious, glad this country has a functional health care system, though some may object.

10. Friends - Just got back from Nashville visiting with many old and missed friends, I treasure friendships and relationships, after all isn't that much of what life is about?

Ok, long enough post, if you've stuck around this long you must be one of those in #1o. I'll do my Christmas wish list next, hehe, :)

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