Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Unfounded Pregnancy Worries and the Happiest Thought

I always had several fears regarding pregnancy. Aside from the actual labor part (I won't even discuss my worries on that right now); I had three main concerns:
1. Nausea-I get extremely queasy from weird smells, gross drainage, anything, even when I'm not pregnant. In fact, I had saltine crackers and Sprite for breakfast almost every day in high school, because that was all my stomach could handle. So I just knew I'd be one of those women who spent her entire pregnancy in the hospital hooked up to a drip, because that would be the only way to get nutrients. However, I haven't had a problem getting my nutrients from meatball subs and oreos. I won't say I had NO morning sickness, but it has been incredibly mild for what I was prepared for.
2. UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)-I know, it's gross, but I'm putting it out there. I have also always had really bad UTIs. I don't know why, but I've just gotten them alot. I spent Christmas day last year MISERABLE because of one. Not only did it hurt to teetee; it hurt to sit, lay, stand or do anything. My back and stomach hurt so bad the only place I was comfortable was in a hot bath. Did I mention I was allergic to my medicine and was vommiting while my family enjoyed their filets? Anyway, you are more likely to get them when you are sexually active and pregnant. So I figured.....I'm screwed (haha, no pun intended). NO UTIs YET!
3. (this one was a valid concern) the belly button issue-I have an outie. I knew this would be a problem. It grosses me out to no end when you can see pregnant women's belly buttons. I'm just modest in that way I guess. Anyway, I just try to wear loose clothes (more comfortable anyway) and the occasional band-aid. Also, I have invested in one of those "belly bands". Anyway, it's a minor inconvenience.
So, to out of three ain't bad,
and now, the HAPPIEST THOUGHT.........
I sort of had a "revelation" last night. This idea I had has really changed how I think about loosing my grandmother, Bump (she died in April). One thing that was really hard was that she missed my wedding. Peyton always tells me that we were so blessed that she got to know him and they were able to get close before she passed away, but it still hurts. I saw a commercial last night and a guy was talking about how he wanted to be around to dance at his daughter's wedding. Bump always said when I was growing up that she would dance at my wedding. I sometimes wondered who she'd dance with (my grandfather passed away before I was born and the way she talked about him, it was so sweet, you could FEEL their love; I don't think she ever stopped missing him intensely). Anyway, for some reason when I saw that commercial, something clicked that never had before. I think that maybe the Lord left her here with us as long as he could, but he really wanted to take her home before the wedding so that she could dance with Granddaddy Jackson. Thinking of them dancing as Peyton and I danced on June 14th, 2008 doesn't make me miss her any less, but it makes me soooo happy. I'm glad humans can be happy and sad at the same time.
I'm going to post my REVIEWS tomorrow or Thursday and this weekend when we go to Nashville I'm going to work on my 101 goals. Also, coming up......Peyton and I read a list of "top ten things that would make me happier" in Real Simple and decided to make our own. I will post the Real Simple lists and our personal ones. AND, the cutest commercial ever...I'm going to find it on YouTube. Sorry, I always have to tell you what's coming up or I'll forget myself!

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