Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Fave Five


*Here are some of my current favorite things*

1. Coats

Okay, I just love coats in the winter time. I have far too many, but it is hard for me to resist a cute coat. I actually bought two this year in mediums with the specific purpose of wearing them during my pregnancy. Peyton gave me a little bit of a hard time. But after a couple of Sundays of wearing a buttoned up coat to church over a not so flattering dress, he said he never would have given me such trouble had he known the coats would be the outfit as well as the outerwear.

2. Storage Boxes
I love organizing and plastic boxes are so helpful. I hate putting things in cardboard boxes, for some reason this just seems neater. I have been really working on getting everything more organized before Ann Peyton gets here.

3. Aprons
I have a bit of an obsession with cute aprons. I just feel so feminine and a little like a '50s housewife when I wear an apron. It really is a great motivational tool for cooking! I treated myself to a Christmas apron and a Valentines apron this year!

I think that I should post a picture of my Valentine's apron (it had a cute extra to go with it--you'll see what I mean).

4. Bathrobes

Yet another thing I have far to many of. I just love them. They are so comfy and kind of give me the same feminine, vintage feeling of an apron, just without the implication I should be working (more the implication that I should be lounging). Such a luxury!

5. My Sweetie

Handsome Hubby

This is my favorite thing on the list and one the most precious gifts the Lord has ever given me! Isn't he handsome?

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