Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

I didn't want to post about Valentine's until today, because today was really our Valentine's celebration. On Saturday, Peyton had to work so we exchanged gifts (I got Peyton a shirt and a big box of assorted Jelly Belly jelly beans and he got me a book and a present to come later) and we ate pizza and watched (part of) a movie (Shawshank Redemption- review later). Then yesterday, we worked really hard on the nursery and so today was our real Valentines. First, I brought Peyton French Toast in bed (he usually brings me breakfast in bed) and then I had a few activities that he likes to do planned. We ended up throwing frisbee (about the extent of my athletic abilities these days), having a picnic inside our house (the ground was still a little wet), doing some fun errands (such as picking out something from the Anthro for the rest of my Valentine's present), reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (review later) together, and then going to the grocery store. I know, it all sounds so romantic! But, it was a great, relaxing day, spent to together.

Last week flew by. I can't believe I only have three more weeks of work after this one (and six more until Ann Peyton arrives). Monday and Tuesday were uneventful. On Wednesday, I kept Derek, and Momma and Peyton painted furniture for the nursery. Also, my mom's sweet friend, Donna and her two granddaughters (who were our flower girls) came over. They are the most well-behaved children and they love Peyton! On Thursday, we had a doctor's appointment and then had lunch with my old youth minister, who was a reader at our wedding. We went to Steve's house and hung out with him and his family. He has the most darling children in the world. Again, the youngest (a boy) was obsessed with Peyton. Who is going to be the favorite parent? That's right, it's Papa! Have I mentioned that he wants her to call him Papa? I guess it's okay, I mean I would like her to call him Daddy, too, but I also like the old-fashioned ring it has. The desire to be a part of the past is a WHOLE nother post. Anyway, Caleb sat in Peyton's lap the whole time and cried when we had to go.....so sweet. I went shopping with Momma later that afternoon. I actually bought one maternity skirt from a fancy maternity shop (it was half off). That is also another post-how incredibly hard it is to find maternity clothes for petites! And finally, we went over to Peyton's parents for his Mom's b-day. 

Friday I got a ton done around the house. I just have so much more energy--I think my nesting instinct and my iron supplements are both kicking in. I did a bunch of wash and worked in the nursery and then Momma and her decorating friend, Lynn, came over. Saturday, as I said, Peyton had to work. I had another productive day! I went to a carseat/child safety class and did some errands and then I came home and made potato salad, chocolate pudding, peanut butter fudgy bars, waldorf salad, and cut up some fruits and veggies (for our picnic today). I also watched a 20/20 special about Appalachian families called "Children of the Mountains" that I recorded on Friday and folded clothes. Sunday was church and more work on the nursery plus hanging curtains in the nursery, study and kitchen. My house seems almost finished!

Also, today someone I haven't talked to in forever told my they liked reading my blog. Sometimes I feel like no one reads this thing. So, as suggested in a tip on Blogher, I am involving my readers. Just leave a comment and let me know who you are and (if you want) tell me about your Valentine's celebration! This will be so much fun! If you don't have gmail/or a blog I think you can still comment anonymously (sp?) just sign your name at the end.

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