Friday, February 6, 2009

Long Time No Blog

I feel like it has been so long since I've blogged. I just get so busy and so overwhelmed! And then I usually feel guilty because I don't even have a full time job! I don't know how people that work full time when they are pregnant manage. How do they have the energy to do a single thing? I was just thinking the other day about how the first few months after Peyton and I got married were really hard. I had just lost my grandmother, we were adjusting to life together and then I lost my job. I really think that loosing the job (and not getting hired anywhere else when all my friends had jobs) was really harder on me than I told everyone, including myself. But now I realize that it was such a blessing. Really, I don't know if I could have made it through my FIRST year of teaching while being pregnant.

Some days I feel like I have a burst of energy and my nesting instincts are in overdrive and other days I feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest and I can't breath and my back hurts and my feet hurt and I don't want to do anything but lay in my bed with a heating pad and watch SVU and eat Oreos. But this week was really good. Derek, the baby I keep on Wednesdays and Thursdays was sick, so I got the days off! I'm surprised I'm not sick from those ASC kids; one came to school with a thermometer in his pocket because his mom KNEW he had fever! Anyway, I got a lot accomplished, like getting my oil changed. FYI, Peyton told me I was "amazing", I think because:
-I got my own oil changed
-I offered to pack his lunch even though I was really tired
-I am trying not to leave work until mid march
How sweet, I really used to feel so inadequate as a wife, most likely because I was. I struggle with time management, I really do, but I am getting better. And a little praise from the hubs goes a LONG way!

But, it has been a great week.
Saturday- I worked really hard and got alot of "snacky" items-pasta salad, chicken salad, deviled eggs, peanut butter fudge,ect-made for use to munch on during the week and we went on a big "date" to Char (gift certificate) and to see Revolutionary Road. I will do a full review on both, shortly, I promise.
Sunday-we went to church, the Salvation Army "souper" bowl thing at the Ag Museum and to my parents. Then we relaxed and watched the Supper Bowl together, just us, at home. I fell asleep but Peyton woke me up for Bruce Springsteen (I had been listening to him all week, pumping myself up)! He did a great job!
Monday- Peyton and I got our hair cut and visited with Minnie.
Tuesday- I got super stressed out and felt terrible so Peyton took me to ASC and picked me up! So sweet! Afterwords, I took a nap and then we went grocery shopping. Always fun with your Sweetums!
Wednesday- No work, so I got my oil changed and worked on the house with Momma. I took a nap and Peyton and I both feel asleep on the couch in the living room.
Thursday- I subbed at After School Care and then we had some great Talipia and asparagus that we fixed together (I think the only real dinner we fixed all week--thank goodness for the pasta and chicken salad, haha)
Today- I had lunch with my sweet friend, Morgan, who I've blogged about before and then did a little shopping/running errands. I worked on AP's closet and did some laundry and's time for another weekend!

Anyway, I have a LIST of posts I've been meaning to do; I just can't seem to find the time. I mean there are so many more, I hate to say it, but important things that need tending to--like finishing my wedding thankyous (how embarrassing) and cleaning out Ann Peyton's closet, which is FULL of junk. I am definitely going to post my "101 goals" THIS weekend. I created them a couple of weeks ago, but I thought that tracking them would be easier if I waited until the start of a new month--I think you'll see what I mean. I was also planning on doing a "Friday Faves" post today but I think that will have to wait until NEXT Friday. I have a big weekend:
morning: baby shower for me
afternoon: baby shower for a friend
evening: friend's engagement party
morning: church
afternoon: John Rosemond conference with Minnie

I am pretty proud of myself because I have already picked out and TRIED ON what I'm wearing to the Saturday events. Usually, I wait til the day of to try on, but I decided in my current condition that was not a good idea. Anyway, I am really trying to squeeze a last little wear out of my non-maternity clothes, despite getting ever larger. I think I blogged about my heinous maternity pants previously, but maybe not--long story short:
-I have bought one pair for After School Care
-they are heinous
-I don't really want to buy any more
-I much prefer a loose fitting size M dress, but on that day it was too cold for a dress and leggings so I bought the said pants and wore the leggings under them!

I will post again soon! Really, sometimes I wonder why do I even do this when I see people with like thousands (ok six) comments on like their every post. But, lately more people have been telling me they actually read my blog! Also, really I like to do this for myself. It's sort of like a diary. Except not really, because you can't be COMPLETELY open and honest (come on, I share a lot, but not everything), so more like a journal--with events, and thoughts and feelings, but not too much information. Okay, so I rambling now. Anyway, it's good to document this very eventful year in my life, even though, (sigh) I have NOT done a good job of documenting my pregnancy photographically. Maybe round two, I will think to do it because our little Annie will NOT be an only child (barring any unforeseen dramatic circumstances--and I mean dramatic--as in mine or Peyton's death, really no other reason is acceptable), but that is a post for another time.

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