Sunday, February 8, 2009

101 in 1001

So, here is the long awaited 101 goals in 1001 days. I have seen this on several blogs and I will go ahead and say that I stole some ideas from at least three of those. I'm really going to try to be intentional and meet these goals, but as you know my life is about to change dramatically, so, as always, I will need to give myself grace. Here are my goals:

For My Mind
1. Read at least five nonfiction books that are not
about parenting
2. Learn to play chess with Peyton
3. Watch at least 10 movies from the Documentary or
History channel
4. Have Peyton explain our finances to me
5. Begin tutoring weekly
6. Learn twenty new words
For My Soul
7. Read Application Bible and pray daily (225/1001)
8. Attend one non Sunday morning event at church at least

once a month (10/33)
9. Read at least two nonfiction books by Christian
10. Subscribe to “Today’s Christian Woman” and
“Sojourners” (1/2)

11. Listen to at least 2 Christian podcasts a week (4/286)
12. Pick a godly woman to ask to mentor me, ask,
and then meet monthly
13. Put a dollar in a jar each time I gossip
For My Body
14. Continue to drink only one coke per day (68/1001)
15. Eat at least two fruits/veggies daily (53/1001)
16. Stroll Ann Peyton with Peyton every day he is off (23/429)
17. Do an aerobic activity at least twice a week once AP is born (0/286)
18. Get on a regular sleep schedule
19. Do something to de-stress daily (136/1001)
For My Community/Others
20. Volunteer at least once every other month (0/16)
21. Go on a short term mission trip
22. Choose a different charity to give to each month (4/33)
23. Become informed and vote in ALL elections
24. Leave 100% tip at a restaurant for exceptional
25. Do Angel Tree and Heifer Project next Christmas
26. Pay for someone behind me at a drive thru at
least twice
For My Friends and Family
27. Call an old friend at least once a week (2/143)
28. Call Cookie at least once a week (19/143)
29. Have company for dinner once a month (3/33)
30. Take Ann Peyton to visit Grandee at least five
31. Write someone an encouraging letter once a week (4/143)
32. Put all friends and family addresses in an address
33. Visit Granny and PopPop at least once every
other month (12/16)
34. Volunteer to babysit friend’s children for free at
at least once a month (1/33)
35. Have at least one cookout at our home when the
weather is warm
36. Cook a “nice” meal for my family and use my fine
For My Marriage
37. Have a weekly date night (8/143)
38. Initiate romance at least once a week (11/143)
39. Stay at a bed and breakfast at least once yearly
40. Cook supper at least three times a week (97/429)
41. Pack Peyton’s lunch on the days he works (40/500)
42. Commit to spending at least one uninterrupted
(no tv or computer) hour a day together (125/1001)
43. Do a fun family activity once a week (11/143)
44. Read “Simply Romantic Tips” daily and do the
good ones (6/1001)
45. Read Nightlight together daily (18/1001)
46. Read/discuss Bible and pray together daily (10/1001)
47. Read at least three books on relationships/marriage, including The Five Love Languages
48. Pray for Peyton each morning when I put my ring
on (132/1001)

49. Do something for Peyton that I really don’t want to
do each week (7/143)
For My Baby
50. Pray for Ann Peyton daily and pray for her future
friends and husband (140/1001)
51. Read at least five parenting books
52. Watch Baby Languages dvd
53. Buy several seasons of Little House on the Prairie
54. Spend at least two hours daily totally focused on
playing with her/holding her (181)
55. Stop cussing completely
56. Read to her daily from the time she is born (98)
57. Buy her quality clothes and toys for an affordable
For My Home
58. Finish nursery, sunroom, and Peyton’s study (1/3)
59. Paint Fruits of the Spirit for the kitchen
60. Take Organized Junkies monthly challenges (0/33)
61. Read Home Sanctuary daily and do at least three
small things a week (11/1001; 1/429)
62. Spend some money each month on the house-not
clothes (6/33)
63. Finish using ALL bridal credit
64. Do a yearly purge-every drawer, closet, ect.
65. Have piano tuned
66. Get wicker swing fixed
67. Get new eyes for the stove
68. Purchase new washer and dryer and make laundry room more cheery and inspirational
(paint and hang bulletin board)

69. Wallpaper bathroom
70. Landscape yard
71. Organize decorating file
72. Buy at least two pieces of original artwork
For the Environment
73. Research and order cloth diapers by March 1
74. When possible, print on both sides of paper
For Myself
75. Identify 100 things that make me happy
76. Identify 10 practices I find relaxing
77. Go on one fun, inexpensive vacation each Summer and Winter
78. Take a bubble bath once a week (2/143)
79. Read five fiction books; reread two “chapter
books” I enjoyed as a child
80. Sign up for MagHound
81. Burn candles in my home
82. Find and purchase a quality perfume I really like
83. Learn to make good creamy tomato basil soup
and baked macaroni and cheese, like in
84. purchase all seasons of Homefront and maybe
some other old shows I love
85. learn three new skills, including how to sew
86. See TSO every Christmas
87. Go to Anthropologie at least once a month (7/33)
88. Purchase dvd burner
89. Upgrade cable package
90. Burn dvds of home videos
91. Try five new foods I’ve never tried and go to three
new restaurants I’v never been to
92. Start a scrapbook
For My Blog
93. Change the background
94. Blog at least three times a week (574/429)
95. Blog about every item on this list (1/101)
96. Read a book about blogging-learn to rotate pics,
do a scratch-through ect.
For My Sanity
97. Back up all files/pictures on a flash drive and back
and back up all songs on Ipod
98. Order a Whomi planner
99. Clean out the fridge and make meal plans weekly (11/143, 5/143)
100. Complete every item on my 2009 Master To-Do
list (most are listed)
101. Begin new goals list

Start Date: February 1, 2009
End Date: October 30, 2011





There they are! I will (hopefully) be updating regularly!

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Anonymous said...

For your sanity, you need WeekDate, not Whomi. Just a suggestion.