Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweetie Survey

I I have seen this on several blogs and the Facebook and I thought it would be fun to post about my sweetie. Then I'm going to get him to do it and we'll see if we got all the questions right!

1. He's sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
the news, Law and Order, SVU, or House

2. You're out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
usually the house dressing or a vinegrette (sp?)

3. What's one food he doesn't like?
Uh, a food Peyton doesn't like? I don't think that exists. Just kidding, he doesn't like Hot Pockets and makes fun of me because I do (just the pepperoni kind, though)

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Well assuming it's a nice restaurant and not in Rankin county, some kind of mixed drink. If not, just water.

5. Where did he go to high school?
Madison Central--the public vs. private school debate is never ending

6. What size shoe does he wear?
12, I think

7. What is something he likes to do but never gets to do?

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
grilled chicken

9. What would he eat every day if he could?
ice cream and chocolate

10. What is his favorite cereal?
some kind of chex stuff that the Kroger never has, so he stockpiles it

11. What would he never wear?
cute off blue jean shorts (there's not much he wouldn't wear)

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Ole Miss Rebels and New York Jets

13. Who did he vote for?
Some third party candidate. He really votes with conviction and I know some people might think it's stupid, but I respect him for doing his research and finding the person he truly believed most matched his views and then supporting that candidate with his vote.

14. Who is his best friend?
Me! I was his best friend before we were married, before we feel in love, before we even dated.

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn't do?
When I cry hysterically about silly things and when I bite my finger nails

16. What is his heritage?
I think his family came from Austria.

17. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind?
chocolate chip poundcake

18. Did he play sports in high school?
swim team and cross country

19. What could he spend hours doing?
not much. I don't think he could spend hours doing any one thing; he has ADD (really ADHD)

20. What is one unique talent/gift he has?
He's a very generous and selfless person. He's especially generous with his time. He goes out of his way to serve me, our families and friends, his patients, and complete strangers. He's the one who always stops to check on someone with a flat tire (I'm the one who calls him and fusses when he does this kind of thing, because he's not home on time).

And to finish out the post, I must tell two "Sweetie Stories" I've been meaning to post.
Story #1
As I said, we were great friends long before we dated. Well, one night when we were still just friends (my senior year in hs, his senior year at Ole Miss) we kissed. I freaked (see #15 from the survey-hysterical crying and nail biting defiantly occured). I was convinced we had a) made things very awkward between us b) messed up my (desired) relationship with another boy and c) really messed up one of the best friendships I'd ever had. I also felt kind of bad for kissing a boy I wasn't dating; it seemed kind of promiscuous (sp?) at the time. We talked a long time and then I went in and wrote in my journal. Cleaning out the closet in the nursery, I found that journal and the specific entry. I had written about how upset I was but I ended the entry with Romans 8:28- "In all things, we know God works for the good of those who love Him.....". I knew that this was going to be bad, but somehow as powerful and the Lord is he could bring some good from this terrible incident. But who would have thought that the good would come in the form of a beautiful marriage and now a beautiful baby? WOW, I love that story :)

Story #2
(This one is not as inspiring, just funny)
The other morning when I got out of the tub I caught Peyton telling Darth that she was a "beautiful Egyptian princess". Oh my goodness, if he says this to his cat, what is this man going to say to his daughter? I felt better, however, when I read this. Thank you, Michael.

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Ashley said...

It was fun to read your answers! Thank you also for the sale tip :o) Always good to know!