Monday, March 23, 2009

Busy Week

Wow, this has been another crazy week! On Monday, I hung out with my friends from MC. We had a "girls' night" at Mellow Mushroom. We had so much fun talking about guys, babies, work/school, and of course (haha, Amanda) blogs! I miss these girls so much!

On Tuesday, Peyton and I had our teeth cleaned and I got my hair cut. This was a definite necessity before the baby comes. I am having it highlighted like as soon as I can get up and/or trust someone (um, Peyton) enough to leave her for an hour. Your not supposed to have it done when your pregnant, so I have been holding out a long time! I also did a little shopping with my mom. I am trying to finish out our wedding credit before AP arrives, but I don't think it will happen.

Wednesday was pretty laid back. Peyton worked so I went to a nutrition class (which was not all that informative) and to Target. I found some cute stuff to ponder about, but no purchases.

On Thursday we had our weekly OB appointment. And *UPDATE* Dr. McMinn said because of my size and some other issues she was not going to let me go past 39 weeks. So Ann Peyton will be here in less than two weeks! Then we had lunch at Newks with Virginia, one of Peyton's friends from pharmacy school. She is so sweet and makes me laugh so hard. After that my mom and two of her friends stopped by and then it was time for childbirth class. Peyton missed it because he had to wait for (drumroll) the new washer and dryer (which I made him promise to get me when I agreed to cloth diapers). They are so great, but I felt super dorky getting so excited over appliances. Anyway, by the time I got home I was exhausted!

Friday was so much fun because Lindy, Peyton's precious partner, and the rest of the pharmacy staff at Rite Aid gave us a shower at the Rite Aid! It was so much fun and we are so blessed by how sweet his coworkers and his patients are. Lindy has been amazing swapping days and really working around our classes, appointments, ect. Anyway, Friday night was, of course, "beans and rice" with my parents and Cookie was home!

Yesterday, Peyton worked and I tried to accomplish some things around the house. Then we had dinner with our expectant friends Morgan and Haydn, who are also having a girl with a double name! We had the best time and were rolling on the floor laughing the entire time.

Then today we went to early church because I did children's church during the late service. While I was gone, Peyton vacuumed AND MOPPED the entire house! What an amazing husband! Then my mom and Cookie stopped by and Lynn (her sweet friend who has helped us so much with our house) and her daughter, Honey, came for a visit. We went over to my parents this evening, because Mom was cooking a brisket, and Cookie took some pictures of us (because we have hardly any of me pregnant). On the way home we took a trip to the grocery store and then had a relaxing evening!


Coming soon:
-pictures of the nursery
-pregnant pictures
-25 random things about Peyton

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Michael said...

Vacuumed and mopped the entire house...hmmm. Who is this man and does he sell his services?