Friday, March 20, 2009

Dressing Cute for Less

So, I am a little, um, a lot, late on this--it's been a busy week (update on that soon to come)--but I decided to do it anyway. Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is asking fellow bloggers to share tips on "Recession Fashion" aka dressing cute for less. So, I decided I'd put up a few of my favorite recent purchases:

This is a dress I got at TJ Max. As you know, I HATE maternity clothes, but I was running out of things to wear to church that still looked appropriate. So I got this, very loose, dress. It was about $20.

I also bought this shirt on clearance at the TJ. It was missing a button, so my mom had to do a little rearranging, but I only paid $7!

I got this for after the baby is born. It was originally from the Anthro (my fave), but I found it on ebay for less than $20.

Here, I am going to kill two birds with one stone and put up a "tummy pic" (the first one--at 37 weeks, hopefully I'll do better documenting round 2)! This dress (that I wore to the super fun shower Peyton's precious partner, Lindy, gave us) is from....Walmart! Less than $15.

Finally, I got these for $1.47! They are certainly not the cutest I've gotten Ann Peyton, but hey, who could pass that deal up? They came from JC Penny.

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