Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun (and Productive) Weekend

This weekend was really fun. Friday I had lunch with my sister and Logan at Broadstreet and then came home and did some stuff around the house. Then we ate "beans and rice" with my parents and Ellis joined us. We took a midnight trip to Krispy Kreme (I ate three doughnuts--I know, ugh!). I decided Saturday would be a good cooking day. As I don't really do much cooking, this is not really that big of a deal. However, I did make some brownies, blueberry muffins, and pasta salad for the upcoming week. I meant to boil eggs, but we were out. I also did some organizing and cleaning around the house. Then, Peyton and I went on what was probably our last "pre-baby" date night. First, we stopped by the Anthro (of course) and Peyton used his "spendy money" to purchase one of those charming switch plates for his study and a cute hat for me. I am not really a hat person, but as I've said before he loves the, so my wearing it was really a present for him! It is cute, I'll admit. It reminds me of one Angelina wears in Changeling, and my haircut is sort of like hers, too! I felt very vintage! Then we headed to P.F. Changs. Chinese is not my fave, but it wasn't bad. We enjoyed some lettuce wraps, almond and cashew chicken, and a couple of spring rolls. Then we had a "flourless chocolate dome". It was super rich, but soooo good, and I usually don't like things like that! After dinner, we stopped by Barnes and Noble. Always a fun activity, especially when it's raining! I, of course, looked through a stack of about thirty books before finally making a purchase. I ended up getting a devotional book by Max Lucado. It is really neat because it has morning and evening devotions and has questions. Have I mentioned that I ADORE Max Lucado? Peyton got a book about southern gardening (his latest project= a vegetable garden). It was such a fun night! Today, we went to early church because Peyton had to work. He hates working Sundays! My Mom and Dad and Momma's sweet friend from Batte who has helped us so much with sewing for the house came over and we installed the window treatments in our bedroom and FINISHED the nursery! I can't wait to put up pictures. They will be coming soon! Our house (after almost a year) is finally almost done (of course, Minnie says you are never done decorating, and that's certainly true at her house!) I took a nap in the Nursery on the guest bed (the mattress is really better than ours for my back right now) and it was lovely. I think it may be my favorite room. It is so soothing and peaceful! Mickey (Daddy) said it already smelled like a baby (we have a sweet baby candle in there). That's probably why I'm still up at such a ridiculous hour! When Peyton got home we did a little more work on the house (he worked on the blinds in the kitchen and I did laundry) and we watched the 20/20 I DVRed Friday. Such a great weekend and I'm so excited about hanging out with my old college friends tomorrow!

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