Saturday, March 7, 2009

Interview Time

Okay, we all know I love surveys, memes, ect. Well here is the latest that is floating around the blogosphere: an interview!
Here are the answers to some interview questions from Ashley:

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Okay, this is so gross but when I was little (maybe 10) I went with my family to this little country restaurant in the tiny town that my grandmother lived in and they served things like alligator and frog legs. I tried it ALL. I do NOT think I could stomach that stuff now. It kinda makes me gag to think about it.

You have to endure a natural disaster (earthquake, hurricane, etc.). Which would you choose and why? I think that I would choose just a run of the mill tornado (that counts right?), just because it seems the least dangerous. Otherwise, I guess a hurricane, but I don't know. That was a tough one.

You are offered the position of President of the United States. Would you take it or not? Why? Um, absolutely not. For one thing, I think it would stress me out so bad that I would have a nervous breakdown. For another thing, I think that it would require me to miss significant events in Ann Peyton's life. Also, (not to be conceded, but) I think that I'm smart, but not THAT smart.

Would you rather be hilariously funny or drop dead gorgeous? Another hard one. Does this question imply that if you're "hilariously funny" you probably look like a sack of trash and if you're "drop dead gorgeous" you have the personality of a rock. Really I'd like to be somewhat funny and average looking--moderation in all things. Is that an option? If not, I guess funny...or gorgeous....oh gosh, I don't know.

You have to sum up your life on a bumper sticker…what would it say?
Well, even though I think that Bible verse bumper stickers are kind of cheesy sometimes, I think it would simply say "Romans 8:28". This verse has been really meaningful to me lately. I sort of did a little post about it here, but I need to blog some more about the ways I've seen the Lord work for good in ALL situations.

If you have any more questions for me, feel free to ask or if you'd like your own interview, just send me your email address and I'll send you some questions!

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