Monday, March 2, 2009

Minnie Stories

It has really gotten to where I can't take Minnie anywhere with me anymore! No, I am totally kidding but I have to tell two funny stories about how she put her foot in her mouth.

Round One of Awkward Exchanges with Salespeople
First, we were at a little consignment shop looking at baby clothes and my Momma starts talking to the pregnant girl who is working there. They are talking about the name and gender of the baby, ect. (Here's where it gets
Momma: "So, how long have you been married?" (laughs) "She's only been married since June"
Pregnant Sales Girl: "Uhh; I'm not married"
(awkward silence and Momma laughs and changes the subject).

Round Two of Awkward Exchanges with Salespeople
Okay, then we are shopping at a pretty upscale maternity "boutique", and I'm getting dressed after trying on some clothes. So, Momma tells me to let her in the dressing room so she can help me hang up the clothes I wasn't getting. The sales girls says "Oh don't worry about that, I'll do it". They politely argue a little bit's where it gets
Momma: "Really you don't need to do that.....besides, you are expecting, too. (Oops!)
(NOT) Pregnant Sales Girl:
"Well, actually, I'm not pregnant.....(allowing Momma to reclaim a
little dignity), but I am wearing our clothes"
Momma: "Well, now you just shouldn't do that!"
*Which, really, even if they are high-end, why would you wear maternity clothes, if you aren't, or haven't recently been, pregnant? But, ya'll know my feelings on maternity clothes*

So, which is worse being unmarried and pregnant or being married (she mentioned her husband) but looking pregnant? Haha, that's a no-brainer! I'd stay fat forever, if I could keep my sweetie. But, then he might not want to k
eep me, haha only kidding!