Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nursery Pictures

So here are some pictures of Ann Peyton's (finally finished) nursery. I am so excited that we are finally done. Several people have asked me if it had a "theme". It really doesn't have a theme in the sense of ponies, or princesses, or ballerinas. If it had a theme, I guess it would be "vintage". I can tell some people don't like it, but I love it!! I wanted it to be sweet and classic, but still be sophisticated. And I wanted it to be perfect for a little girl, but not too babyish. I have to say, it is so soothing, it might be my favorite room in our house! Here are the pictures:

Ann Peyton's crib and a rocking chair that used to be at Bump's house.

These Joan Walsh Angland pictures came from a calender my mom had in college. Yes, very vintage!

The wreath I made out of bows from my shower gifts for the hospital door.

The twin bed she will sleep in when she gets older. Also, the bassinet is going to go in our room until she is about six weeks old. Right now it's kind of in the middle of her room. Also, notice the Mac on her dressing table stool, haha, I know.....addiction.

This is hanging over the head of the bed. It is from a book my great grandmother used to read to my mom. So special!

Some Beatrix Potter characters and bunnies

Her armoire (sp?) that Minnie found at a junk, um I mean antique, store. She made all but one of those bonnets for me and Cookie!

Window treatments and dressing table. We think she will like lambs and bunnies.

Peyton was practicing tucking Baby Huggums in!
Do you think we are going to have a prissy baby??

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