Saturday, March 21, 2009


Who does this? That's right, the other night on Jay Leno, Obama joked that he should be in the Special Olympics because of his low bowling score. Again, I ask you who does this? Teenagers with few social graces who don't realize it's not nice to make fun of people with disabilities. Them, and oh yeah, also, THE PRESIDENT OF OUR COUNTRY. I've never been a huge fan, but this leaves me more than slightly PO'ed. Seriously, the media had so much fun making fun of all George W. Bush's goofs (which I, good naturedly, laughed along with), but this takes the cake! So, if you have a black child let him know the times have changed and he can grow up to be the next president, but if you have a special child let him know the times haven't changed that much and he has no hope for bowling well OR getting the respect he deserves from our nation's leader.

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Ashley said...

Ugh. I so agree.