Thursday, March 12, 2009

25 Random Things

So I finally did this "25 Random Things" thing from the facebook. Next I will do Peyton's. Here are mine:

1. I have a double name. When I was in 1st grade I had to drop part of it because it took me too long to write "Sarah Denley Perry" (I was kind of a perfectionist and very careful about my writing). Since there were already about four Sarahs in my class; my Mom decided we should go with Denley. However, I LOVE double names, so when I started college, I picked the Sarah back up. My friends in college called me "Sarah D" just like my sister did when she couldn't say "Denley" at first. When I introduce myself I always say "Sarah Denley--it's a double name" because I really don't like people calling me just Sarah.

2. My mom and my sister both have double names (Sarah Ann and Ann Whitten) and our baby girl is going to have one (Ann Peyton). I hope Ann Peyton is not as OCD as a six year old as I was.

3. I LOVE hymns. I just really prefer them to most contemporary Christian music.

4. I love to organize things. My favorite chores are laundry, unloading the dishwasher and putting up groceries. These activities relax me.

5. I hate to vacuum. This could be because my husband bought a 65 ton vacuum cleaner. I really think it weighed more than me pre-pregnancy. So he vacuums.

6. I love the Old South. Not so much the slavery part of it, but just the romance and elegance of it. Of course it wasn’t so elegant when Scarlett was digging in the dirt trying to feed her family. I like to think I could be that woman--so graceful and sophisticated, appearing so dainty, yet so strong. Of course, I’m not, not even close.

7. I also have a fascination with WWII. I think the reason is two-fold. I was OBSESSED with The Sound of Music as a child and my grandfather constantly told me “Nazi stories” from when he served in the navy. I probably sound like a fascist at this point.

8. In general, I guess I’m really just kind of fascinated by the past. Most of my favorite movies/shows are period pieces, I love classic literature, and my fashion and home decorating style are very retro/vintage inspired (I have gotten more compliments on the things I wear that were my mom’s in college than any other garments I own!)

9. I am getting to be an old woman in that I probably watch the news more than anything else on tv.

10. I hate the words “crusty”, “curdled”, “ointment”, “discharge” and “engorgement”. Those last two are real pregnancy catch phrases. And they make me gag.

11. I have recently developed a mild obsession with blogs. I just find them fascinating. Even people I don’t know. I really need to limit the time I spend/waste doing this. As a result, however, I created my own blog about myself, Peyton, General and Darth, and of course Ann Peyton.

12. I also recently determined 101 goals for 1001 days and am making Peyton do the same.

13. I have major anxiety issues and when I got pregnant, I had to get of anti-anxiety medicine. This was right after my grandmother (who was like my second mom) died and as I was adjusting to married life and the thought of actually being a mother. I know I couldn’t have done this in my own strength; it was totally the work of the Lord.

14. I worry all the time that Peyton is going to meet an early death. I used to console myself by saying God wouldn’t take him until he had given us children, and now that he has I am totally afraid he will take him. I have to go before the Lord about this almost weekly.

15. I am going to live in New York for a year. This is really Peyton’s dream. And now, because of the way things worked out, our children will get to experience it too!

16. I over-analyze everything. I really enjoy analyzing people and I used to want to be a therapist. Peyton told me I would not be able to leave everything at work.

17. In some ways I am very complex. I am VERY opinionated, but I also hate confrontation. It’s weird because I used to tell everyone my opinion on everything, but now sometimes I think I’ve become a people pleaser. And that makes me sad.

18. My sister-in-law and one of my close friends are also both pregnant. I have visions of my kids going to my sister-in-laws and eating really healthy meals and going to my friend’s house and enjoying rigorous in depth Bible study and then coming home and having Coke and Oreos for supper and watching trash TV. Then I remember that more than maybe anything else in my life, I have always felt called to be mother and with God’s (and Peyton’s) help things will be okay.

19. I have a really hard time keeping secrets. I have a hard time keeping my OWN secrets. I sometimes tend to share too much about my life with people who probably don’t even care.

20. I get a headache every time it rains. I love the rain and I hate that I can’t enjoy it more.

21. As I said, I am very organized, but I have issues with time management. I wish I could either be given longer days or make better decisions regarding time. I have read so much about this--everyone seems to feel this way these days. I always think I can accomplish more than I really can and it frustrates me to no end.

22. I have been having pickle cravings since I could eat. I LOVE them.

23. I really appreciate people who are REAL.

24. I am super obsessed with lists/listmaking. I have always made lists, since I could write. I make AT LEAST one to-do list a day and usually some others. I enjoy listing things I’ve learned, things I want to remember, things that are stressing me out, or things that make me happy. I didn’t realize until the period I had just made a list (within this big list). I also like to read other people’s lists. Like I used to love watching Dave Letterman’s Top Ten and I love, love, love VH1 countdowns.

25. I really don’t know why this thing turned out as long as it did. I will be surprised if anyone besides Peyton makes it to completion.

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