Friday, March 13, 2009


So, we got a little scare yesterday. Everything is fine, but I was so worried. When I went for my Dr's appointment she said that I was measuring 34 weeks, instead of 36. She said we needed to get an ultrasound done, just to make sure everything was ok (This is where my mind starts running wild). So we wait, they do the ultrasound, and we wait some more. By this time I was like really worried. I kept asking Peyton what COULD be wrong with her. He said he really didn't know. I was told him he was a slacker in pharmacy school and shouldn't be a pharmacist--I was kind of kidding/kind of mad at him for not knowing. So I just got more and more upset. I started thinking about how we were not going to be able to go to childbirth class because I wouldn't be able to face all those parents having healthy babies, knowing something was wrong with ours. I was so scared. Then Dr. McMinn came in and said everything was normal and she was fine. I was so relieved and I asked her "Are you sure?" She said she was sure and that's why they did the ultrasound; she always wanted to be sure. I felt like I could breathe again! Anyway, it really made me realize how much I already love her!

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