Friday, March 27, 2009


We went to the doctor yesterday and we found out that we will, for sure, be meeting our baby girl next week!!! I am going to be induced either Wednesday or Thursday. So please keep me and Peyton and Ann Peyton in your prayers as we get so close!

Peyton is working every day until Wednesday, but then he is off for 9 days straight!!!! I'm so excited. A little secret: I'm sort of relieved he has to work these last few days (I know that sounds bad, but it seems I get SO much more done around the house when he's not here--it could just be that we plan more activities on the days he's off). Anyway, it's good, because I feel like I have about one hundred, million things to do before Wednesday.

On another note, here are some of those pictures that our favorite amateur photographer (Cookie) took. Let me just say, that I'm not really a big fan of "maternity pictures", for myself anyway. I just don't feel like I look my best (imagine that!). I knew I would never have those "sports bra" pictures taken and I really didn't even think I'd want these, but we have have so few snapshots of us while I've been pregnant (wonder why? maybe my always forgetting to bring, or use, the camera--I hope I get a lot better at this SOON!) Anyway, here they are:

(kinda blurry, I know)

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