Monday, April 20, 2009

First Trip to the Doctor and More New Friends

Friday was a big day for Ann Peyton. She had her first appointment with the her pediatrician, the beloved Dr. Denney. Dr. Denney is the daddy of one of my very best friends, Sue, as well as a much-loved doctor by many in Jackson. I love Sue to death and her precious family. We have know the Denneys forever, because Sue and I went to preschool together. We went to different elementary schools, but were reunited in junior high at Prep and then in college at MC we became very close friends. Anyway, last year when I did a Flat Stanley project (I made a scrapbook called "Flat Stanley Gets His Check-Ups"--yes, that is what you do at MC if you are an education major) Dr. Denney humored me and pretended to be Stanley's pediatrician.

I (and he) probably would have laughed so hard had somebody told me that I would be taking my very own little girl to see him just over a year later! Anyway, Dr. Denney was fabulous! He gave us so much information and he is so caring! He told us no less that four times he would treat her like his own child. And I know he will. What a blessing!

We spent Friday night (where else?) eating "beans and rice" with my family.

On Saturday we had a nice relaxing day and then went out with some friends for sushi for Jamie's birthday. This was the first time we've been "out" together since AP was born (Minnie kept her) and it was so nice. We had a great time hanging out with friends and eating sushi and cake!

Then on Sunday, we got a visit from Ellis and then our longtime friend Scott, and his fiance, Joy. It was so nice catching up. Sunday afternoon, I talked to Logan for over an hour, despite seeing her Saturday night and Thursday night; it was almost like we were roommates again. During this time, a nice gentleman came by our house to ask us to sign something about making serving alcohol legal in our area. We both signed it, even though clearly I will not be partaking, since I have no desire to a) "pump and dump" or b) test my breast milk with a dipstick (yeah people really do that) and we don't want a drunk babykins! Sunday evening we watched Twilight. I liked it, but I have to admit, it didn't really live up to my expectations. There's just been so much hype, from Cookie and everyone else. I think I might have felt differently if I had read the book first, but I've been kinda busy over here lately. Anyway, I will do a more in depth review later.

Speaking of......I have SOOO many posts that have just been put on the back burner. Here are a few :
- I love Rita Aren's idea of doing a whole post about each of her "25 Random Things"
- I thought Dave Burchett's iPod devotional series was so neat and I really want to do something similar
- I still haven't even started blogging about each of my 101 goals
- I've been wanting to participate in these writing prompts over at Mama's Losin' It
- I never did my "spotlight" series....where I spotlight an important person in my life
- these along with um, countless, memes and surveys I have found on other peoples blogs and starred in my Reader to do at some future date (like when Annie graduates high school). Well, we will see......

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