Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He. Is. Amazing.

My husband is the best. Ann Peyton and I have had such a fabulous time having him here with us these first couple of weeks. I'm not really worried about him going back to work, but we will sure miss him. I know that deep down he really envies me and that I get to stay home and enjoy our bundle of joy while he works for twelve hours. Not that my job is glamorous or anything, but it is very rewarding. Anyway, I will miss him. He has helped me so much these first two weeks and without a single complaint! And he's been so patient with me and all my emotionalness. He's been so encouraging. And also I want to say this......

Thank you, Honey, for letting me do this. Thank you for giving me one of the best gifts I've ever been given.....time with our daughter. Thank you for trusting me to teach her all the things we believe are important. Thank you for encouraging me in this endeavor. Thank you for being willing to sacrifice having two incomes. Thank you for standing up for me when people think I don't have a "real" job or think that being a stay at home mom is a walk in the park. Thank you for going to work even when you don't want to and providing for us. Thank you for taking car of Ann Peyton for a few hours on your days off so I can spend time with my friends, or run errands, or do things that are important to me. Thank you for being such a great daddy to her. Thank you for telling me daily what a good job I am doing. Thank you for allowing me to see one of my biggest dreams and career ambitions come true. You are THE BEST.

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