Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goals List- #93 (Change the Background of the Blog)

I have been working on my goals list this week. For one thing, I have to get back to working on it and for another I kind of had to get more organized in the way I was keeping up with my progress. Anyway, I am so excited to be scratching off #93, that is change the background of this blog, which was completely heinous for the longest time. I really would've liked to get one of those fancy blog designers to put something together for me, but alas, it is just not in the budget right now (I had to get a breast pump and baby monitor instead--I know, I know you envy my luxurious life). I also added a couple of "gadgets". I am very excited to 1) have it done 2) check it of the list and 3) do my first post about an item on the list (#95)! So what do you think?

Also, you may notice that my font on previous posts looks HUGE. This is because just today I realized you can make the font bigger by going to "colors and fonts" instead of making it bigger each time you post. So the regular size font becomes big and the large font I had been changing it to every time becomes huge! Yeah I know, you can't believe I'm just now figuring that out!!

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