Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is Too Funny.....

Recently, a friend gave me some baby things that she was finished with, as her baby is now around 7 months old. One of the things she gave us was a pillow. It is similar to the Boppy pillows, but the company that makes them is called "My Breast Friend". For some reason, me, Momma, and Cookie thought that was hilarious. I mean it's a nice pillow, but we were rolling. Real mature right?

Anyway tonight I get a text from Sis:
Cookie: "Please tell me your watching the Duggars"
Me: "Nope. Why?"
Cookie: "The Mom just nursed in a mall and she used a My Breast Friend pillow"

This is funnier if you know Cookie. Anything about nursing, umbilical cords, giving birth, ect. is really hard for her to hear about. She has done amazingly well with little Annie, considering she recently asked me when she'd be able to "hold her on my hip" and informed me she doesn't like it when their heads "flop". She cracks me up! Also, Mark, her bf, came by over the weekend and it was the first time he'd ever held an infant!!

I meant to do a post about our fabulous Easter weekend, but today has been kind of busy with two rounds of company and several projects I was trying to get done before Peyton goes back to work tomorrow :(

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Ashley said...

Hahhaha I immediately thought of the Duggars when I read this-I saw that episode!