Friday, April 24, 2009

Who Loves Their Red Shoes?

Annie does!

Ok, technically, they aren't shoes; they are part of her footie outfit. But she (and I) love them.

A few randoms:

1. Is it weird that I have a strong aversion to the name "Ann" by itself. Obviously, I love the name Ann Peyton. But similar to how I don't like just "Sarah" (for myself), I don't like just Ann. I do however, LOOOVE it when Peyton (or anyone) calls her Annie. I think it's so darn cute, especially when he says "the baby Annie".

2. Is it also weird I used to could not stand pink and red together? I have always considered my style "unique" and even more "funky" than most of my friends, but somehow, while Cookie mixes black and brown with ease, I have always been a slave to (what I believe are) coordinating colors. Anyway, the above outfit proved me wrong about the pink/red issue.

I know, I know, I tend to make life harder than it has to be....what with being a double name nazi and changing my pink toenail polish to match my red outfit or my red toenail polish to match my pink outfit...who has time for any fun? Yes, there was a time when OCD tendencies ruled my life (they still sort of do)!

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Carrie and David said...

I am the same way about pink and red and black and brown together! It's kind of silly... that little outfit is precious! Your baby really is beautiful!