Sunday, May 31, 2009

"8 Things" Meme

Another meme....

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1. more strolls with Peyton and Ann Peyton

2. going to see Mike and Tara's new baby girl

3. Ann Peyton getting her shots on Wednesday (okay, I know that sounds mean, but I just feel like I'll have so much more freedom, once she is vaccinated and I feel like I can take her more places, i.e. Target)

4. seeing Dr. Denney this week--I absolutely ADORE our pediatrician

5. lunch with Morgan sometime this week

6. going to visit Cookie in Charleston this summer

7. Ann Peyton finally getting to wear her 0-3 mo. old clothes (she's still in NB, even though she's 2 months old--she's petite)

8. getting AP's new play mat that I ordered--it's super neat, can't wait to post a pic!


8 Things I did Yesterday...

1. slept really late--Friday was a long night

2. grilled potato logs--one of my favorite snacks

3. had dinner with my parents

4. said bye to Cookie :(

5. worked on finances on the computer with Peyton--he's teaching me to do it b/c I'm way more organized than him!

6. took Ann Peyton on a stroll

7. went to Target and Babies R Us (didn't buy anything but diapers--WOW!)

8. did several loads of laundry

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1. totally relax and not have a to-do list for one day

2. go to the beach

3. get by on only 4 hours of sleep like Bill Gates (that was the key to his success!)

4. let go of some of my anxiety (esp. concerning Ann Peyton)

5. spend more time with my college friends

6. have more consistency in my Bible Study

7. make getting AP on a real schedule a priority

8. find a stunt partner--I know that sounds crazy, but cheering, or that part of cheering was the only exercise I ever really enjoyed. I was thinking about that the other day as I tried to figure out a new work out routine.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1. Law and Order: SVU (but Peyton won't let me watch it too much anymore, b/c it gives me nightmares)
2. 90210
3. Homefront (it's a period drama from the mid 90s about 1940s America--the homefront during WWII; only available on bootleg VHS, haha)
4. 18 Kids and Counting
5. Jon and Kate + 8
6. Little House on the Prairie
7. Sex and the City (don't judge me, I'm so excited there's going to be another movie)
8. The Wonder Years

Better Late Than Never

Ahh, another controversial post. I debated even posting this, but recently I got this comment on my blog:
"I don't know where your personal line is, girl, but I will tell you that I appreciate your blog for the same reason you appreciate others' blogs - you seem so real in what you write. I like knowing that there will always be your honest opinion on here" in response to this post, and I decided I should go ahead with it. Anyway...

I meant to post this last week after Memorial Day, but I forgot to. Then today I was listening to "Slow Dixie" in the car and it reminded me.

So you all know my thoughts on President Obama--not a fan. And I spend quite a bit of time going off on liberal politicians (and entertainers) on this blog. But when the guy does something right, I'm going to give him credit. What happened is that President Obama made the wise decision to continue the tradition of placing a wreath on the Confederate Soldiers Memorial (he also placed one at the African American Soldiers Memorial--a good new tradition, hopefully). Anyway, I want to applaud him for this decision. Many of the Confederate soldiers were good men, who died honorably, fighting for what they believed in. Many did not own slaves. Many were kind generous people, such as Robert E. Lee, which is why our cat, General, is his namesake. In fact, most unbiased history textbooks (many which line my shelves) will tell you that the Civil War was about so much more than just slavery. Yes, it was a factor, but it was not the only factor, probably not even the main factor. Anyway, props to President O, who I have yet to publicly praise for any decision, save his children's excellent wardrobe choices on inaugural day (and I really think that was more Michelle, anyway).

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sweet Shirt!

You can read all about the below SWEET shirt here. Seriously check out the reviews, they say it all!


This video really surprised me coming from Penn. If you're not familiar with him, he's an ardent atheist, so far as I know. It really goes to show that even if you're intimidated by someone's perspective and overbearing persona, you should still give it a shot. You never know what'll happen or what you can accomplish! It goes along with an organization Den and I have talked about some: Stand to Reason.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Nursery

Welcome to Ann Peyton's nursery (quick note: these pictures and some of the "commentary" are taken from a previous post, so if you are a regular reader, it may sound familiar!). Several people had asked me before she came if it had a "theme". It really doesn't have a theme in the sense of ponies, or princesses, or ballerinias. If it had a theme, I guess it would be "vintage". I can tell some people don't like it, but I love it!! I wanted it to be sweet and classic, but still be sophisticated. And I wanted it to be perfect for a little girl, but not too babyish. I have to say, it is so soothing, it might be my favorite room in our house! Anyway, here it is:

This is the a sign that one of my sweet friends from college made for Ann Peyton. It is hanging on the outside of her door.

This is the back of the door. It's low enough for her to reach herself in a couple of years.

This is the view from the door.

Ann Peyton's crib and a rocking chair that used to be at Bump's house.

Here is a better views of her crib. Her bedding is very pale pink with white polka dots and is reversible to be white with pink polka dots!

I love this Winnie the Pooh mobile.

Her aquarium--she adores it, but it's not very "pretty" so I cover it with a blanket when she's not using it!

These Joan Walsh Angland pictures above her crib came from a calender my mom had in college. Yes, very vintage!

The wreath I made out of bows from my shower gifts for the hospital door.

The twin bed she will sleep in when she gets older. Also, the bassinet is currently in our room. As I mentioned before, we are in the process of transitioning her to her own bed. (The first night I put her in her crib I said to her "This is where you'll sleep now, Sweetie. And when you are a big girl you'll sleep in your big girl bed. And when you are all grown up you'll have your own house with your family. And then I "ball cried" as Cookie would say). On a lighter (and less ridiculous note), notice the Mac on her dressing table stool, haha, I know.....addiction.

This is hanging over the head of the bed. It is from a book my great grandmother used to read to my mom, called "Fairy Stories". So special!

Some Beatrix Potter characters and bunnies. That behind the bunnies is a runner for a table.

Bulletin board, kitty picture, and bouncy seat

Her initials on the wall by the curtains

Her armoire (sp?) that Minnie found at a junk, um I mean antique, store. She made all but one of those bonnets for me and Cookie!

Window treatments and dressing table.

Here you can see what's actually on her dressing table. On the bunny platter we have some brushes, combs and a trinket box. I love these little brushes that were mine and Cookie's. Brushing her baby hair is so much fun!

And here are some music boxes and figures that my mom also saved from our childhood. We think she will like bunnies and lambs. By the way, I took the two picture frames down to put pictures in them.

Here's how we do storage. First clothes. Armoire has current clothes: playclothes on the left, Sunday clothes on the right. And clothes for the future, the Boppy Pillow, travel swing, and other baby stuff are in the big closet (I JUST got all of my stuff out of it!).

I didn't want a changing table (not enough room) so all her diaper stuff is under the crib (I just change her on a pad on the floor).

These boxes are on either side of the dressing table. One has toys and one has children's books. I love collecting books for her! She has some Max Lucado, Eric Carle, Peanuts, and then some classics like "The Runaway Bunny" and "The Cat In the Hat". Her latest addition is "On the Night You Were Born"--so, so sweet.

And these are my (parenting) books. We have WAY to many books at our house. Two huge bookcases in the den and two others in the study, but still no room for these!

This was taken before she was born. Peyton was practicing tucking Baby Huggums in. Do you think she'll be a prissy little girl?? Haha, I think so!

Sweet Pea (the real baby) says "Bye Bye". (She loves her Sleep Sheep from Minnie!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally...It's About Time Somebody Did It

(Take Joy Behar to task, that is!)

There are few people that irk me the way this woman does

She has one of the most abrasive personalities on television, in my opinion. She is so ugly to poor Sherry and Elizabeth on The View, basically making fun of them to their faces. Now I love Sherry and Elizabeth but on The View they are not only outnumbered, but they often look young, naive, and even stupid. Think it's a coincidence the conservative hosts almost always look dumber than the liberal/moderate hosts? I don't; I like The View and I'll keep watching, but it still pisses me off.

Anyway, somebody finally put this crazar in her place. The whole thing is pretty good, but go ahead and fast foward to around the 6 minute mark. Oh, and be sure to pause the playlist, right under the Stellan button.

Okay, I even told you where it was. But if you're too lazy to do even that (or have a slow modem or whatever), here's the gist:

Joy Behar: So you favor water-boarding terrorists. Would you like to be water-boarded yourself?
Ann Coulter: Um, would you like to be aborted? Because I believe you support abortion.


For the record, I'm not the hugest Ann Coulter fan, in general. She is a bit hard-core conservative, even for me. But she nailed it on this one!

Because I Love a Little Comparison Study: My Two Loves

(These are from week before last)

Wednesday Night

Thursday Night

Saturday Night

I think I'm seeing a trend here.....

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

So, this weekend was pretty eventFULL! Friday was pretty laid back and I actually got ALOT done around the house...ironed a ton of Peyton's shirts, mopped the kitchen and laundry room floor, and then did a ton of laundry and went to my parents for Beans and Rice.

Saturday we went to the Gulf Coast for Peyton's brother, Andrew's, wedding. Ann Peyton did great on her first trip! I really thought it would be much harder to go and come with a baby than it really was. What can I say? She is such a good baby! She slept the entire way there and back and didn't cry one time the entire trip until we got to Lakeland on the way home! Anyway, the ceremony was on the beach and it rained almost all day, but cleared up just in time for the wedding! We then had dinner at an area restaurant and headed home. We were pretty tired when we pulled into Jackson around 1:30 A.M. but Peyton and I have always loved car trips (we always have some of our best conversations on trips) and this one was no different! One thing I hate about the trip is that I wish we had gotten a picture of AP at the beach for the first time. But she was sleeping in her carseat on the beach before the ceremony and I didn't want to wake her up and afterward we were in such a hurry, there was really no time...oh well, there will defiantly be other trips (hopefully this summer, but the beach is hard with infants!).

Then yesterday we went to Daniel's (my brother-in-law) 31st birthday party. It was fun and Ann Peyton had a good time getting held by lots of people.

I got some more stuff done around the house. I am almost finished with semi-annual closet change-over! For some reason, the task was so much more daunting this year. Anyway, I got that almost finished and washed our bedding as well as AP's. Then we went to Mickey and Minnie's house. Daddy fixed BBQ chicken and pork chops and Cookie and I watched the new Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which made me really sad. Really, it upset me more than I anticipated. I just got so upset. Kate seems somewhat humbled and less crazy, but she looked like a zombie and Jon is clearly not happy with the circumstances. As much as I LOVE the show, I really think it's time to cancel it and move on. It's not like the kids don't pick up on things--i.e. Kate was telling one little boy not to say the "P word" (paparazzi). Anyway, I really hope they can work things all but broke my heart when Kate talked about how their last family picture might really be THEIR LAST FAMILY PICTURE. I don't know, it's just so sad! Also sad is the fact that latter this week Cookie will be leaving to spend the rest of the summer (hopefully, if she finds a job) in Charleston. She has been so much help with the baby these last few weeks and I feel like we've gotten closer than we've been for a long time. Annie will be a four month old when she gets home!

By the way, Ann Peyton is growing so much! I will post some new pictures soon!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Dinning Rooms

Okay, so I'm cheating again this week. As in, the "dinning room" in our house is part of another room. What two rooms combined. Do you see a trend here? Yeah, okay, so anyway, here is how we did the dinning "area" shall we say? It's basically the back of my living room. You may remember it from this post.

Our dinning room table. When we're not using it it has these candles and candy bowls and things on it, but if we have the need for a formal dinning experience, we can just fold it out and add the extra leaves.

Our china cabinet is also in the back half of our living room.

And our buffet is also in the living room!

But this is where we really eat most of our meals (when not on the couch, haha)-- our kitchen table in the the "breakfast nook"!

Okay, so that's my pseudo-dining room. Thanks for letting me cheat (again)!

Pregnancy Survey

Okay, so you know how I LOVE surveys. Well, heres' a new one all about AP. I’m just going to go ahead and tell you. This has some really personal details and it might make you uncomfortable. I included them because I want to be real on this blog and because I believe that this is a really powerful testimony and it shows some of the biggest ways God has worked in my life. I have been waiting for an opportunity to share it on the blog. Anyway, if you’re just looking for the typical surveys I post, you might want to look somewhere else. If you want a peak into my heart go ahead and read.

Um, let’s

Haha, barely. I think we were married for about a month and had had sex *maybe* six times. HONEYMOON BABY!

I’ll be straight with you. I was terrified. I flipped out. I have always wanted babies more than anything. I love children. My sister talked about babies at our rehearsal dinner(***). Our pastor joked about it during the ceremony. We named Ann Peyton, literally, years ago. It has always been my ultimate calling. BUT, we were still adjusting to married life, which was not, truthfully, a walk in the park. I mean we were very much in love, but it was an adjustment. I had just lost my job and my grandmother (who I was incredibly close to). I was searching for a new job and trying to be a really good wife. I felt like a train wreck and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. I guess I made my decision about transparency on the blog. Here’s why: This is a HUGE part of my personal testimony. I have seen God work in my life this year in ways I could never IMAGINE. I have always loved Roman 8:28- ”In all things, we know, God works for the good of those who love Him”, but it became all the more real to me this year. I lost my job for a REASON--I could not have been a first year teacher and been as tired as I was during my pregnancy. We were having a baby for a REASON--Ann Peyton is such a blessing and she came at just the right time!

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows how strongly pro-life I am. It is hugely important to me and is an issue so close to my heart. So NO NO NO. I could never do that.....not if it was a dangerous pregnancy, not if I was raped, not if I was carrying a terminally ill child, NEVER. HOWEVER, my mom had several miscarriages before me, and I do remember thinking "maybe that will happen to us". I am horrified that that thought even crossed my mind, but that is how desperate I was at that point. Of course, Annie is the best thing that has EVER happened to me (in addition to Peyton and my relationship with the Lord). I got very attached to her really fast while I was pregnant, and I couldn’t believe I actually thought that. I felt so guilty about it and it really ate me up. I couldn’t imagine loosing her. I just had to forgive myself (I know God already forgave me) and move on.


I called Peyton and told him he need to pick up a pregnancy test on the way home. He gave it to me and started playing video games (I guess he didn’t really think it was a real possibility). I yelled for him to come and he came in the bathroom. We didn’t cry or anything. We weren’t really sad; just TERRIFIED! I know, I’m acting like we were pregnant teenagers. But it is a big, life-changing, kind of deal.

Obviously, Peyton. Then my parents. My mom was a little concerned. My dad just acted goofy and started calling my sister “Aunt Cookie”. Then Peyton called Jim (the pastor from our wedding, who is also one of Peyton’s best friends). He LAUGHED AT US! His wife chewed him out for it, but really it was fine. It lightened the mood and helped us put everything in perspective. (He laughed, partially because he had been married for five years and had just had a little boy, but before that I had been pressuring him to have a baby basically since they got married--irony much?)

Yes, I couldn’t handle waiting to find out! I am a planner.

April 8, 2009 (she actually came on April 2)

Yes...but not too bad. I only threw up maybe five or six times.

Nothing really unusual; I have weird cravings anyway.

Being so tired the first trimester (esp. before I even knew I was pregnant)

A girl

No! Of course, we would have been happy with either, but I really wanted a girl. For one thing, my mom had a TON of girl stuff saved. We called her when we found out and told her it was a boy. She told everyone at work “It’s a stinkin’ boy” (laughing). Then we told her the truth, haha!

around 25


I knew

nope not really

The Baby Suites (River Oaks)....beautiful! Seriously, it was like a vacation!

about 7 (and I slept through most of it....haha)


Peyton and a host of medical personal (including two MC nursing students, glad I didn’t know them!)

23. Was it natural or c-section?
natural (in the not a section sense, not in the no meds sense)

Um, that's why it was like a vacation. Honestly, it really wasn’t too much of an option, I don’t think with my size and it being the first and other issues. Just my OB visits were pretty painful! I don’t know that I could’ve done it w/o an epidural. But next time, I think I might want to do it totally “naturally”.

5 Ibs 15 oz

April 2, 12:48 PM

Ann Peyton Herrington

7 weeks exactly. It flies!! And I already can’t remember life without her.

***Here’s the story from the rehearsal dinner in case you’re interested.
Cookie: So when we were little we were flower girls in a wedding. I (Cookie) was a really shy little girl and was scared to go down the aisle. So my grandfather promised us a puppy if we would. Anyway, tomorrow when you (talking to me) get nervous and are scared to go down the aisle I’m going to say “Look, if you do this, you can have all those babies you wanted!” HAHA, SHE IS A PROPHETESS! Ok, not really; we were just really bad at NFP and the Lord wanted us to meet Babykins sooner that expected.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because Acrostics Are Fun...

...and I'm a goober. This is why I chose elem. ed. as my major.

P.S. In the south "Summertime" is one word

Sipping lemonade on the porch
nbelievably hot
Milkshakes from Sonic
Melting popsicles
veryday's a party
Relaxing by the pool
T-shirt dresses
ce cream cones
Music for the season--Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet
xcited is an understatement

25 Random Things--#1 and #2 (Names)

So, remember how I said I was going to do a more elaborate post about each of my 25 Random Things (and maybe a few more)? Well, I'm getting started on that today! Some may not really deserve an entire post, so I've decided I may combine some. Anyway, I LOVE posts like this. I just really like to tell weird things about me and I LOVE to find out random things about other people, too! So, here are my first two:

1. I have a double name. When I was in 1st grade I had to drop part of it because it took me too long to write "Sarah Denley Perry" (I was kind of a perfectionist and very careful about my writing). Since there were already about four Sarahs in my class; my Mom decided we should go with Denley. However, I LOVE double names, so when I started college, I picked the Sarah back up. My friends in college called me "Sarah D" just like my sister did when she couldn't say "Denley" at first. When I introduce myself I always say "Sarah Denley--it's a double name" because I really don't like people calling me just Sarah.

2. My mom and my sister both have double names (Sarah Ann and Ann Whitten) and our baby girl is going to have one (Ann Peyton). I hope Ann Peyton is not as OCD as a six year old as I was.

I just adore double names. Obviously, I must, since it's not easy to "pick back up" a name after 15 years. But I think "Sarah Denley" is pretty and Sarah was my grandmother's name, so it's really special for that reason, too. I like family names, too. I think they are really special, especially if you are close to the person you're named after. Anyway, I want all my girls to have double names and I think Cookie (whose real name is Ann Whitten) is going to give her girls double names, as well. I also really like "different" names (I don't mean like Blanket or Apple). For example, I know someone who is having an Ollie (girl) and some one else who is having an Annsley (pronounced ANNsley) and I think both are super cute!

Honesty, Transparency, and Vulnerability in Blog Land

Sometimes I get really conflicted about what I should and should not post. Sometimes, it is because it's gross/sleazy/trashy or whatever; it's something you just shouldn't talk about (ie the condoms post I got reemed out about by Cookie). Sometimes, it's because I don't want to be vulnerable ("personal" things about our marriage--arguments and such). Sometimes, it's because I really don't know who is reading this blog (ie the Batte ladies, non-Christians, ect). Sometimes, I just don't want to create controversy or offend people. Sometimes, it's because I don't want to hurt a friend/family member by exposing feelings or situations involving them. Sometimes, I just plain don't want people to judge me...some of you don't know me in real life; this is all you have to go by.

BUT.....the blogs that are my favorites are always the ones that spill over with crude, albeit humorous honesty, that touch a raw nerve with their transparency, that almost force a connection they are so filled with vulnerability. Those are the ones I love....the stories of poop, and boobs, and crazy bedroom happenings. The tales of the pain of loosing something, or someone, and being mad, even at God. The writings of people fighting each day.....for their marriage, their children, whatever. Maybe it's because I'm so nosy, but I love it when people trust me with their life.

So, where to draw the line?

Monday, May 18, 2009

100th Post

This is my 100th post....well mine and Peyton's. So, our blog has reached a milestone!

I feel like everything is happening so fast! I just ordered AP's birth announcements. A little late, I know. But I wanted to find something really special and not spend about a zillion dollars. We got her christening gown that Peyton and his sister both wore, but now we have to get a date on the calender for her baptism. I also bought her first pair of shoes (size 0, too big, gotta go back and get the 00). Side note--I think my days in 00 section are gone forever. Which is really okay; it wasn't an easy size to find! Anyway, she is too big for her premie clothes, but still to small for some of her newborns (she's 6 weeks; she's just still so me she eats a ton, though!).

I installed her monitor (you know, the one that has an alarm that goes off if she stops breathing--I know, I know, I have terrible anxiety) and she is going to move to her room sometime this week :( I also assembled her to-go swing and put the replacement part on her high chair that was recalled (I know we won't need it for awhile but it was too cute to pass on)! Peyton was super proud of me for figuring all that out by myself. I even used my own screwdriver from my little pink tool box!

Minnie (who is pretty big on flattery and now requests that we call her "Skinny Minnie") keeps bugging me to give her dates for another trip to Oxford (I missed the last one) and a sip 'n see she's planning for her friends (I think she was a tad mortified when I brought the little bundle to Batte in her footie pajamas last week.....oh horrors, her first fashion faux pas!) I'm super excited about both; but where does my time keep going??

Busy Bee

Ann Peyton has been a busy bee this past week! Although she hasn't gotten her shots yet, we kinda cheated and took her out a few places ;) Anyway, our week was pretty full, but definitely good! This week has started out being more relaxing!

Anyway, last week Cookie moved home from Oxford so Annie and I got to spend a bunch of time with her! Monday I worked on putting together her travel swing, high chair and monitor. I was pretty proud of myself. On Tuesday, Peyton was off work, so I got a little time "off" ;) I went to lunch with Cookie, my mom, and one of Cookie's friends at Basil's (the Tomato Basil soup is a favorite of mine!) and then we went to this cute place, and oh gosh, they had some really cute stuff! Some of it pretty reasonable for a baby "boutique"--most of her clothes are defiantly from the TJ or the Marshalls.

Then we went by Target and I picked up some of this stuff:
It's my new obsession. It works really good and it doesn't hurt that it's packaged in cute pink and aqua with way to funny names (i.e. Clean on Me, The Righteous Butter, ect.) and retro looking pictures! I have the hand soap and lotion on my kitchen sink! Anyway, by then Daddy was tired and baby was hungry so we called it a day! On Wednesday, Peyton went back to work, but Minnie offered to come run errands with me and sit in the car with AP while I ran in a few places. The highlight of the trip were the precious baby shoes from Helen's Young Ages that I mentioned in a previous post! Thursday birthday! Peyton asked me what I wanted to do and I told him "Well, if I could choose anything in the whole world, I would have to say, I would really like to get up at 6:15 and go get a pelvic exam". Haha! I knew when I made my six week appointment that it was my b-day and that 8:00 would not be easy with a baby, but really it was fine (if you don't get there at 8:00 there is a LONG wait). Anyway, we were going to take Babykins to Minnie's, but when we saw the traffic on Old Fannin, there was no way we were going to make it! So she got to meet Dr. McMinn...again! Peyton then took me (and AP) to this place for breakfast (we sat outside, away from any swine flu carrying diners) and then to Batte so Ann Peyton could meet some of Minnie's friends (in her footies....ahh the audacity!) We came home, took a nap, ran some more uninteresting errands and then went by my best friend, Logan's, house. We swung by Target (I know, second time in a week...still by no means record breaking) and then headed to my SIL's house. We at dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then dropped by Mickey and Minnie's house. WOW, what a day!

The weekend began with an uneventful Friday, just basic Beans and Rice. On Saturday, Peyton got up and went to a church work day with the rest of the guys from Men's Club. Then our friend, Noah, came by to see Ann Peyton. And we ended up with a last minute invitation to a wine and cheese times (I didn't drink any, you know I'm not about pump and dump or dipsticks and I'm really not a big wine person anyway)! Mickey and Minnie kept AP. Yesterday Peyton left for the dreaded (by me) Bachelor's Trip to the coast (his brother, Andrew , is getting married next weekend). Being the weeny I am, I packed up the baby gear and headed to Mickey and Minnie's for the staying home alone for me! I had a fun time eating sloppy joes and watching Little House on the Prairie and the Brady Bunch into the wee hours of the morning with Cookie (after we watched the true story of Valkery with the parents....intriguing , but you know my Nazi fasination!) Today was pretty low-key, I hung out at my parent's until Peyton got home and then we went to Amerigo to celebrate mine and my friend Steph's birthdays with the beloved friend group. Such good times with old friends. And I got some really fun presents such as a seductress outfit apron. Thanks Amanda...I know you wanted a shout out on my blog! More on that (maybe) later. That seems like a good place to end. I'm glad my sweetie is home safe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday- Guest Rooms

Ok, so I don't really have a guest room. Peyton was going to have to give up his study or we were going to have to give up the guest bedroom for a nursery for Baby Bird. Peyton loves his study; I couldn't ask him to part with it! All the other rooms are so feminine; his study is his "area". So, we put a twin bed in the nursery. Annie can sleep in it when she's bigger, I can stay in there if she's sick, ect., and when we have guests they have a bed and she can just sleep in the Pack and Play in our room--perfect solution. Anyway, here is a pictures of the guest room part of the nursery.

The room has a sort of vintage, "shabby chic" feel. I love it! So peaceful....

Oh, the bassinet is in our room right now. She has been sleeping in there with us, but she is going to move to her crib this week....her first transition; it's sort of hard for me.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This. In my inbox. From Urban Dictionary.

too posh to push: Prospective mothers who opt to have an elective caesarean section rather than give birth vaginally. The women who make this choice are usually thought to be of higher class and wealthier. The choice for a c-section is made because it's thought to be more convenient as well as less painful and distasteful.

I understand many women need C-Sections. But this is S-T-U-P-I-D. Seriously.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I, like my wife and most of the world, enjoy list. I found an interesting one today concerning other pandemics (swine flu not included) that are actually scary. Here it is from newser, and the link to it.

Forget Swine Flu— 5 Pandemics to Fear

(Newser) – While the world panics over swine flu, many far more serious outbreaks lie in wait, reports Foreign Policy. Here are some you won’t see on TV—yet:
  • Cholera: The deadly diarrheal infection is rampant in Africa, with infections shooting up 96% in 2006. The current outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed 4,200 since August.
  • Ebola: Unlikely to become a pandemic, but has an absolutely terrifying mortality rate.
  • Spinal meningitis: This infection of brain and spinal fluid has killed 1,900 people in three countries this year, mostly in Nigeria.
  • AIDS: China’s taken drastic measures to contain swine flu, but it’s done nearly nothing to stop AIDS, which killed 7,000 there in the first 9 months of last year.
  • Dengue fever: The risk has shot up recently, with two-fifths of the world’s population now at risk. A recent outbreak has infected 50,000 Bolivians.
Just an interested few tidbits

here is the article

Baby Fashion

I like to make lists. So here is one about baby fashion.

1. I'm really old fashioned in some ways and want her to be a "baby" as long as possible. Cookie and I didn't wear jeans until first grade and didn't have our ears pierced until junior high. I hope she's ok with being the only kindergartner always in a dress and the last one to get her ears pierced. I may not be as hardcore as Minnie, but I might be.

2. If I have a little boy, he will wear jonjons and such until a) Peyton tells me I have to stop or b) he is about to start Kindergarten or c) I think other boys might start picking on him.

3. I also like Annie's onsies to be a little loose. She's so skinny and her diapers are so big, she looks rather funny in the ones that really "fit" her.

4. Peyton is really good about taking note of these things. We saw a particularly heinous outfit on a little girl at the mall when I was pregnant--think faux fur in cow print and Hannah Montana threw up and top it off with some bad looking boots and Peyton said to me "If you ever dress my little angel like that, I will kill you". (Why would I? I'm the one who taught him what tacky was).

5. I love bright colors, but with a few exceptions, I like pastels on babies. Peyton picked up on this, too. And when I put her in a (cute) electric colored onsie, he made fun of her and said she was going "baby clubbing".

6. I don't judge other people about all these things. Seriously, I really don't care. Someone told me not to dress my little boy that way (#2) or he'd get picked on. Look, I don't tell you not to dress your kid like a MAN--in khakis and polos, when he's a newborn. I respect your style, and really it doesn't matter, I just want you to teach your kid the Golden Rule so he's not the one picking on mine ABOUT ANYTHING!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Because I Love a Little Comparison Study: Like Father, Like Daughter

He: likes to walk around in nothing but boxers
She: really prefers just a diaper to all her precious dresses

snores obnoxiously
snores sweetly (but I have a feeling one day it might be obnoxious to her husband)

Has a ton of dark black arm hair
Has some light brown baby fuzz on her arms

He: super handsome
She: incredibly beautiful

He: best hubby ever
She: best baby ever

Um, yeah, they have my heart.

Not Me Monday

So, what did you NOT do this week? And by "not do", I really mean what did you do? If you need to share some embarrassing details with the blogosphere, go ahead and do it and just pretend that you didn't. As MckMama says, it can be highly therapeutic and you know, also really stinkin' funny. So let me tell you what I did not do this week.....

I did not just finish writing thank you notes for wedding presents. That would be embarrassing as it's almost a year later and I have a baby!

I did not get seething mad, in a really probably unholy way in regard to hateful commenters who won't even leave their name. I did not write a post to defend my husband's honor and his pharmacy degree. Also, it wasn't my third post of the day yesterday!

I did not feel like a drug addict the other night when I took the Oxycodin that I didn't need after giving birth but got filled anyway for, oh you know, A HEADACHE!

I did not stuff my bra with Kleneex in the Target parking lot because I forgot to put the pads in my nursing bra. Once inside said Target, I did not drool over the entire Orla Kiely kitchen collection. Because I don't have an obsession with cheap, melamine summer dishes and serveware. Exhibits A and B:

(plastic dishware that I already own)

I did not get super excited about going out to dinner with my girl friends from college two nights in a row. It really wasn't that big a deal, because I'm not severely lacking in adult contact. In fact, when my mom mentioned that 12 hours was too long to be in the house without an adult, I did not get my feelings hurt because I thought she meant "adult supervision" instead of "adult interaction". I didn't have these feelings because 1) I'm super smart and have great communication skills and 2) I'm not ever insecure about having a baby so young (you know I think 24 is young; it's really not).

Also, when I did go to dinner, I did not enjoy the fact that my bff Logan was super protective of me and rebuked Amanda for possibly causing me anxiety by talking about a cadaver funeral.

Finally, I did not turn down a trip to one of my most favorite places ever with some super fun people known as Mickey and Minnie, because I was just to tired to go. I wouldn't be too tired to go, because hey, I'm only a stay at home mom and really my life is easy cheesy. (For the most part it really is; I know I'm super blessed). In fact, I was not so tired this weekend that when carrying an ice tray in one hand and something to heat up in the other, I did not, for about a half second, try to put the ice tray in the microwave.

So, that's it! What did you not do this week?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Which I Respond To Disrespectful Commenters...

Okay, I realize that this is my third post in about two hours, but I thought it was important to write a sequel to this post. I got some negative (as well as positive) feedback on it, which was entirely expected, hence the aptly chosen title of the post. However, one commenter was good-natured and respectful, the other was ugly and mean-spirited. Peyton is going to do a thorough response tonight in which he cites various textbooks and the like. But I need to go ahead and say this:

1. Be respectful--My husband did not bust his butt for 6 years of pharmacy school, pass the state boards, and practice pharmacy for over two years, so you could ask if he got his drug information from Wikipedia. And even if that weren't the case, you still shouldn't speak to people that way.

2. Also, I understand that some people don't have Google accounts. Whatever. But sometimes, I think commenter just choose anonymous because they don't want to attach their name to their comment. And that's just cowardly. At least sign your name.

The end. Except for some reason, I don't think it is.

Letter to (One Month Old) Ann Peyton

Okay, so I totally ganked this idea from my blog friend, Ashley. Actually, pretty much every "mommy blogger" whose blog I read does this, I'm just a little late getting on the boat (as usual). Anyway, because part of the point of this blog is to journal our lives, I've decided to do monthly updates on Ann Peyton. I really like how this girl does it, as a note to her daughter, so I'm going to steal that idea too. I'm also going to try to take a picture of her with this pig, that belonged to Cookie, to show how much she's grown each month.

The picture:
(looking a little freaked by the giant pig)

The letter:

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are just over a month old and you are so beautiful and such a sweet girl! I want to tell you a little bit about how you've already changed our lives so much. This past month has been a huge adventure and an even huger blessing. It is such a privilege and an honor to call ourselves your parents.

Daddy and I have both cried alot this month. We both cried the first time we heard you cry, we cried on the way home from the hospital, in sappy movies, and just looking at you sometimes. We felt something we had never felt before. You melted our hearts.

I've had alot of fears I've had to deal with. It's scary being a mommy. But it is so worth it. I hope that you'll have the privilege of experiencing it one day.

You were so tiny when you were born; not even six full pounds! And you had the softest brown hair and cutest button nose.

Daddy took off work the first two weeks after you were born. He was such a big help to me, but more importantly we both got to bond with you together. We were very blessed; not everyone gets to experience that. It made us so much closer as a family.

You were (and are) such a good baby. Although you've had some rough nights, many nights I had to wake YOU up to feed you. I love watching you sleep and snuggling with you and feeling your sweet baby breath on my cheek.

Shortly after you were born, I made you a promise. I told you that when I nursed you that would be your time. I would do my best to get rid of all other distractions (tv, computer, ect.). That promise has been so good for me. I love our time together. I love just staring at you and talking to you. Although sometimes I'm tired, or rushed, or frustrated and I take it for granted, this time together with you is so important to me. When you get bigger, we will have to figure out a new way to schedule this precious, uninterrupted time together.

When you were two weeks old, we took you for your first visit with Dr. Denney. He pretty much told us you were perfect. Like we needed him to tell us.

You haven't been out much, since you haven't had your vaccinations (you'll get them when you're two months old). This has been a little hard for Mommy. But we have taken you to see your Mickey and Minnie a bunch and you've gone out to eat twice (both times to places we could sit outside, away from people). We also love to run errands, the three of us. One of us will run in and the other will wait in the car with you. We have loads of fun doing this. And your "Uncle Ellis" and "Aunt Logan" come to visit you often.

You already have tons of nicknames. We call you "Babykins" and "Annie" alot and your Daddy likes to call you "Baby Doll". Your granddaddy, Mickey, calls you "Baby Bird" and you have totally captured his heart.

Your daddy loves you so much and I can tell he hates to be away from you all day at work. He loves it when we greet him at the door and when I take videos of you during the day. And he loves snuggling with you and "excercising" you when he gets home or on his days off.

You've gotten so much more alert and your neck is so strong! Everyone comments about how strong your neck is; you're already trying to hold your head up! Daddy says it's your exercises he does with you.

We know it's a big responsibility being you parents. We pray for you using the candle they lit at church to announce your birth. We know and trust Someone who loves you even more than we do.

Well Annie, that was your first month. We can't wait to see what next month is like!

I Love You, Mommy (and Daddy)

Happy Mother's Day!

I've been meaning to do a really good (lengthy) post that is a tribute to my mom. But for now this brief photo journey down memory lane will do. Please excuse the poor quality, some of these are pictures of pictures, as I have yet to figure out the scanner we've had since before we got married.

Momma before I was born

Momma and baby Sarah Denley in Destin

at an engagement party for me and Peyton

My mom is such an amazing person and such a great mother. I absolutely adore her and she is truly one of my best friends. She has taught me so much about so many things. She is so much more than just a mother, she is a real "Momma". And she is showing me how to be one, too.