Tuesday, May 19, 2009

25 Random Things--#1 and #2 (Names)

So, remember how I said I was going to do a more elaborate post about each of my 25 Random Things (and maybe a few more)? Well, I'm getting started on that today! Some may not really deserve an entire post, so I've decided I may combine some. Anyway, I LOVE posts like this. I just really like to tell weird things about me and I LOVE to find out random things about other people, too! So, here are my first two:

1. I have a double name. When I was in 1st grade I had to drop part of it because it took me too long to write "Sarah Denley Perry" (I was kind of a perfectionist and very careful about my writing). Since there were already about four Sarahs in my class; my Mom decided we should go with Denley. However, I LOVE double names, so when I started college, I picked the Sarah back up. My friends in college called me "Sarah D" just like my sister did when she couldn't say "Denley" at first. When I introduce myself I always say "Sarah Denley--it's a double name" because I really don't like people calling me just Sarah.

2. My mom and my sister both have double names (Sarah Ann and Ann Whitten) and our baby girl is going to have one (Ann Peyton). I hope Ann Peyton is not as OCD as a six year old as I was.

I just adore double names. Obviously, I must, since it's not easy to "pick back up" a name after 15 years. But I think "Sarah Denley" is pretty and Sarah was my grandmother's name, so it's really special for that reason, too. I like family names, too. I think they are really special, especially if you are close to the person you're named after. Anyway, I want all my girls to have double names and I think Cookie (whose real name is Ann Whitten) is going to give her girls double names, as well. I also really like "different" names (I don't mean like Blanket or Apple). For example, I know someone who is having an Ollie (girl) and some one else who is having an Annsley (pronounced ANNsley) and I think both are super cute!

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