Sunday, May 31, 2009

"8 Things" Meme

Another meme....

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...

1. more strolls with Peyton and Ann Peyton

2. going to see Mike and Tara's new baby girl

3. Ann Peyton getting her shots on Wednesday (okay, I know that sounds mean, but I just feel like I'll have so much more freedom, once she is vaccinated and I feel like I can take her more places, i.e. Target)

4. seeing Dr. Denney this week--I absolutely ADORE our pediatrician

5. lunch with Morgan sometime this week

6. going to visit Cookie in Charleston this summer

7. Ann Peyton finally getting to wear her 0-3 mo. old clothes (she's still in NB, even though she's 2 months old--she's petite)

8. getting AP's new play mat that I ordered--it's super neat, can't wait to post a pic!


8 Things I did Yesterday...

1. slept really late--Friday was a long night

2. grilled potato logs--one of my favorite snacks

3. had dinner with my parents

4. said bye to Cookie :(

5. worked on finances on the computer with Peyton--he's teaching me to do it b/c I'm way more organized than him!

6. took Ann Peyton on a stroll

7. went to Target and Babies R Us (didn't buy anything but diapers--WOW!)

8. did several loads of laundry

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...

1. totally relax and not have a to-do list for one day

2. go to the beach

3. get by on only 4 hours of sleep like Bill Gates (that was the key to his success!)

4. let go of some of my anxiety (esp. concerning Ann Peyton)

5. spend more time with my college friends

6. have more consistency in my Bible Study

7. make getting AP on a real schedule a priority

8. find a stunt partner--I know that sounds crazy, but cheering, or that part of cheering was the only exercise I ever really enjoyed. I was thinking about that the other day as I tried to figure out a new work out routine.

8 Shows I Enjoy...

1. Law and Order: SVU (but Peyton won't let me watch it too much anymore, b/c it gives me nightmares)
2. 90210
3. Homefront (it's a period drama from the mid 90s about 1940s America--the homefront during WWII; only available on bootleg VHS, haha)
4. 18 Kids and Counting
5. Jon and Kate + 8
6. Little House on the Prairie
7. Sex and the City (don't judge me, I'm so excited there's going to be another movie)
8. The Wonder Years

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Ashley said...

I like SATC too :o)