Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Fashion

I like to make lists. So here is one about baby fashion.

1. I'm really old fashioned in some ways and want her to be a "baby" as long as possible. Cookie and I didn't wear jeans until first grade and didn't have our ears pierced until junior high. I hope she's ok with being the only kindergartner always in a dress and the last one to get her ears pierced. I may not be as hardcore as Minnie, but I might be.

2. If I have a little boy, he will wear jonjons and such until a) Peyton tells me I have to stop or b) he is about to start Kindergarten or c) I think other boys might start picking on him.

3. I also like Annie's onsies to be a little loose. She's so skinny and her diapers are so big, she looks rather funny in the ones that really "fit" her.

4. Peyton is really good about taking note of these things. We saw a particularly heinous outfit on a little girl at the mall when I was pregnant--think faux fur in cow print and Hannah Montana threw up and top it off with some bad looking boots and Peyton said to me "If you ever dress my little angel like that, I will kill you". (Why would I? I'm the one who taught him what tacky was).

5. I love bright colors, but with a few exceptions, I like pastels on babies. Peyton picked up on this, too. And when I put her in a (cute) electric colored onsie, he made fun of her and said she was going "baby clubbing".

6. I don't judge other people about all these things. Seriously, I really don't care. Someone told me not to dress my little boy that way (#2) or he'd get picked on. Look, I don't tell you not to dress your kid like a MAN--in khakis and polos, when he's a newborn. I respect your style, and really it doesn't matter, I just want you to teach your kid the Golden Rule so he's not the one picking on mine ABOUT ANYTHING!

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The Ratliff Family said...

I hate it when people dress their boys like little men. Ryan was the last one in his class to wear polo shirts, khakis, and blue jeans. And he still wears soft soled shoes. He's my little boy, and I can only dress him like a baby for a short period of time! I love your outfit on #2, but Dustin won't let me put jon jons on Ryan because he thinks they're gay.