Sunday, May 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Ahh, another controversial post. I debated even posting this, but recently I got this comment on my blog:
"I don't know where your personal line is, girl, but I will tell you that I appreciate your blog for the same reason you appreciate others' blogs - you seem so real in what you write. I like knowing that there will always be your honest opinion on here" in response to this post, and I decided I should go ahead with it. Anyway...

I meant to post this last week after Memorial Day, but I forgot to. Then today I was listening to "Slow Dixie" in the car and it reminded me.

So you all know my thoughts on President Obama--not a fan. And I spend quite a bit of time going off on liberal politicians (and entertainers) on this blog. But when the guy does something right, I'm going to give him credit. What happened is that President Obama made the wise decision to continue the tradition of placing a wreath on the Confederate Soldiers Memorial (he also placed one at the African American Soldiers Memorial--a good new tradition, hopefully). Anyway, I want to applaud him for this decision. Many of the Confederate soldiers were good men, who died honorably, fighting for what they believed in. Many did not own slaves. Many were kind generous people, such as Robert E. Lee, which is why our cat, General, is his namesake. In fact, most unbiased history textbooks (many which line my shelves) will tell you that the Civil War was about so much more than just slavery. Yes, it was a factor, but it was not the only factor, probably not even the main factor. Anyway, props to President O, who I have yet to publicly praise for any decision, save his children's excellent wardrobe choices on inaugural day (and I really think that was more Michelle, anyway).

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