Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Birthday Boy and Girl

Today was Peyton's birthday. He is 27, very old! He told me all he wanted was some good food. He said "We are such old people" (he didn't even really want to go out to eat and we LOVE to go out to eat). I think we are both just pretty tired and have gotten to where we really enjoy just being at home together, just the three of us. Anyway, I could not find the two books he wanted for his b-day anywhere locally, so he will have to get them late, but I did get him some of his favorite food: Hickory Pit for dinner and Tiramisu  from Amerigo for dessert! I think he had a good birthday, relaxing around the house.

Today is also Ann Peyton's one month "birthday". I cannot believe she is that old and at the same time I already have trouble remembering what life was like without her! She is such a I've said before, she is THE best surprise I've ever gotten in my life!

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