Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Bee

Ann Peyton has been a busy bee this past week! Although she hasn't gotten her shots yet, we kinda cheated and took her out a few places ;) Anyway, our week was pretty full, but definitely good! This week has started out being more relaxing!

Anyway, last week Cookie moved home from Oxford so Annie and I got to spend a bunch of time with her! Monday I worked on putting together her travel swing, high chair and monitor. I was pretty proud of myself. On Tuesday, Peyton was off work, so I got a little time "off" ;) I went to lunch with Cookie, my mom, and one of Cookie's friends at Basil's (the Tomato Basil soup is a favorite of mine!) and then we went to this cute place, and oh gosh, they had some really cute stuff! Some of it pretty reasonable for a baby "boutique"--most of her clothes are defiantly from the TJ or the Marshalls.

Then we went by Target and I picked up some of this stuff:
It's my new obsession. It works really good and it doesn't hurt that it's packaged in cute pink and aqua with way to funny names (i.e. Clean on Me, The Righteous Butter, ect.) and retro looking pictures! I have the hand soap and lotion on my kitchen sink! Anyway, by then Daddy was tired and baby was hungry so we called it a day! On Wednesday, Peyton went back to work, but Minnie offered to come run errands with me and sit in the car with AP while I ran in a few places. The highlight of the trip were the precious baby shoes from Helen's Young Ages that I mentioned in a previous post! Thursday birthday! Peyton asked me what I wanted to do and I told him "Well, if I could choose anything in the whole world, I would have to say, I would really like to get up at 6:15 and go get a pelvic exam". Haha! I knew when I made my six week appointment that it was my b-day and that 8:00 would not be easy with a baby, but really it was fine (if you don't get there at 8:00 there is a LONG wait). Anyway, we were going to take Babykins to Minnie's, but when we saw the traffic on Old Fannin, there was no way we were going to make it! So she got to meet Dr. McMinn...again! Peyton then took me (and AP) to this place for breakfast (we sat outside, away from any swine flu carrying diners) and then to Batte so Ann Peyton could meet some of Minnie's friends (in her footies....ahh the audacity!) We came home, took a nap, ran some more uninteresting errands and then went by my best friend, Logan's, house. We swung by Target (I know, second time in a week...still by no means record breaking) and then headed to my SIL's house. We at dinner at a favorite Mexican restaurant and then dropped by Mickey and Minnie's house. WOW, what a day!

The weekend began with an uneventful Friday, just basic Beans and Rice. On Saturday, Peyton got up and went to a church work day with the rest of the guys from Men's Club. Then our friend, Noah, came by to see Ann Peyton. And we ended up with a last minute invitation to a wine and cheese times (I didn't drink any, you know I'm not about pump and dump or dipsticks and I'm really not a big wine person anyway)! Mickey and Minnie kept AP. Yesterday Peyton left for the dreaded (by me) Bachelor's Trip to the coast (his brother, Andrew , is getting married next weekend). Being the weeny I am, I packed up the baby gear and headed to Mickey and Minnie's for the staying home alone for me! I had a fun time eating sloppy joes and watching Little House on the Prairie and the Brady Bunch into the wee hours of the morning with Cookie (after we watched the true story of Valkery with the parents....intriguing , but you know my Nazi fasination!) Today was pretty low-key, I hung out at my parent's until Peyton got home and then we went to Amerigo to celebrate mine and my friend Steph's birthdays with the beloved friend group. Such good times with old friends. And I got some really fun presents such as a seductress outfit apron. Thanks Amanda...I know you wanted a shout out on my blog! More on that (maybe) later. That seems like a good place to end. I'm glad my sweetie is home safe.

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