Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally...It's About Time Somebody Did It

(Take Joy Behar to task, that is!)

There are few people that irk me the way this woman does


She has one of the most abrasive personalities on television, in my opinion. She is so ugly to poor Sherry and Elizabeth on The View, basically making fun of them to their faces. Now I love Sherry and Elizabeth but on The View they are not only outnumbered, but they often look young, naive, and even stupid. Think it's a coincidence the conservative hosts almost always look dumber than the liberal/moderate hosts? I don't; I like The View and I'll keep watching, but it still pisses me off.

Anyway, somebody finally put this crazar in her place. The whole thing is pretty good, but go ahead and fast foward to around the 6 minute mark. Oh, and be sure to pause the playlist, right under the Stellan button.

Okay, I even told you where it was. But if you're too lazy to do even that (or have a slow modem or whatever), here's the gist:

Joy Behar: So you favor water-boarding terrorists. Would you like to be water-boarded yourself?
Ann Coulter: Um, would you like to be aborted? Because I believe you support abortion.


For the record, I'm not the hugest Ann Coulter fan, in general. She is a bit hard-core conservative, even for me. But she nailed it on this one!

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