Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Honesty, Transparency, and Vulnerability in Blog Land

Sometimes I get really conflicted about what I should and should not post. Sometimes, it is because it's gross/sleazy/trashy or whatever; it's something you just shouldn't talk about (ie the condoms post I got reemed out about by Cookie). Sometimes, it's because I don't want to be vulnerable ("personal" things about our marriage--arguments and such). Sometimes, it's because I really don't know who is reading this blog (ie the Batte ladies, non-Christians, ect). Sometimes, I just don't want to create controversy or offend people. Sometimes, it's because I don't want to hurt a friend/family member by exposing feelings or situations involving them. Sometimes, I just plain don't want people to judge me...some of you don't know me in real life; this is all you have to go by.

BUT.....the blogs that are my favorites are always the ones that spill over with crude, albeit humorous honesty, that touch a raw nerve with their transparency, that almost force a connection they are so filled with vulnerability. Those are the ones I love....the stories of poop, and boobs, and crazy bedroom happenings. The tales of the pain of loosing something, or someone, and being mad, even at God. The writings of people fighting each day.....for their marriage, their children, whatever. Maybe it's because I'm so nosy, but I love it when people trust me with their life.

So, where to draw the line?

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Katie said...

I don't know where your personal line is, girl, but I will tell you that I appreciate your blog for the same reason you appreciate others' blogs - you seem so real in what you write. I like knowing that there will always be your honest opinion on here/