Sunday, May 10, 2009

In Which I Respond To Disrespectful Commenters...

Okay, I realize that this is my third post in about two hours, but I thought it was important to write a sequel to this post. I got some negative (as well as positive) feedback on it, which was entirely expected, hence the aptly chosen title of the post. However, one commenter was good-natured and respectful, the other was ugly and mean-spirited. Peyton is going to do a thorough response tonight in which he cites various textbooks and the like. But I need to go ahead and say this:

1. Be respectful--My husband did not bust his butt for 6 years of pharmacy school, pass the state boards, and practice pharmacy for over two years, so you could ask if he got his drug information from Wikipedia. And even if that weren't the case, you still shouldn't speak to people that way.

2. Also, I understand that some people don't have Google accounts. Whatever. But sometimes, I think commenter just choose anonymous because they don't want to attach their name to their comment. And that's just cowardly. At least sign your name.

The end. Except for some reason, I don't think it is.

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