Sunday, May 10, 2009

Letter to (One Month Old) Ann Peyton

Okay, so I totally ganked this idea from my blog friend, Ashley. Actually, pretty much every "mommy blogger" whose blog I read does this, I'm just a little late getting on the boat (as usual). Anyway, because part of the point of this blog is to journal our lives, I've decided to do monthly updates on Ann Peyton. I really like how this girl does it, as a note to her daughter, so I'm going to steal that idea too. I'm also going to try to take a picture of her with this pig, that belonged to Cookie, to show how much she's grown each month.

The picture:
(looking a little freaked by the giant pig)

The letter:

Dear Ann Peyton,

You are just over a month old and you are so beautiful and such a sweet girl! I want to tell you a little bit about how you've already changed our lives so much. This past month has been a huge adventure and an even huger blessing. It is such a privilege and an honor to call ourselves your parents.

Daddy and I have both cried alot this month. We both cried the first time we heard you cry, we cried on the way home from the hospital, in sappy movies, and just looking at you sometimes. We felt something we had never felt before. You melted our hearts.

I've had alot of fears I've had to deal with. It's scary being a mommy. But it is so worth it. I hope that you'll have the privilege of experiencing it one day.

You were so tiny when you were born; not even six full pounds! And you had the softest brown hair and cutest button nose.

Daddy took off work the first two weeks after you were born. He was such a big help to me, but more importantly we both got to bond with you together. We were very blessed; not everyone gets to experience that. It made us so much closer as a family.

You were (and are) such a good baby. Although you've had some rough nights, many nights I had to wake YOU up to feed you. I love watching you sleep and snuggling with you and feeling your sweet baby breath on my cheek.

Shortly after you were born, I made you a promise. I told you that when I nursed you that would be your time. I would do my best to get rid of all other distractions (tv, computer, ect.). That promise has been so good for me. I love our time together. I love just staring at you and talking to you. Although sometimes I'm tired, or rushed, or frustrated and I take it for granted, this time together with you is so important to me. When you get bigger, we will have to figure out a new way to schedule this precious, uninterrupted time together.

When you were two weeks old, we took you for your first visit with Dr. Denney. He pretty much told us you were perfect. Like we needed him to tell us.

You haven't been out much, since you haven't had your vaccinations (you'll get them when you're two months old). This has been a little hard for Mommy. But we have taken you to see your Mickey and Minnie a bunch and you've gone out to eat twice (both times to places we could sit outside, away from people). We also love to run errands, the three of us. One of us will run in and the other will wait in the car with you. We have loads of fun doing this. And your "Uncle Ellis" and "Aunt Logan" come to visit you often.

You already have tons of nicknames. We call you "Babykins" and "Annie" alot and your Daddy likes to call you "Baby Doll". Your granddaddy, Mickey, calls you "Baby Bird" and you have totally captured his heart.

Your daddy loves you so much and I can tell he hates to be away from you all day at work. He loves it when we greet him at the door and when I take videos of you during the day. And he loves snuggling with you and "excercising" you when he gets home or on his days off.

You've gotten so much more alert and your neck is so strong! Everyone comments about how strong your neck is; you're already trying to hold your head up! Daddy says it's your exercises he does with you.

We know it's a big responsibility being you parents. We pray for you using the candle they lit at church to announce your birth. We know and trust Someone who loves you even more than we do.

Well Annie, that was your first month. We can't wait to see what next month is like!

I Love You, Mommy (and Daddy)

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