Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

So, this weekend was pretty eventFULL! Friday was pretty laid back and I actually got ALOT done around the house...ironed a ton of Peyton's shirts, mopped the kitchen and laundry room floor, and then did a ton of laundry and went to my parents for Beans and Rice.

Saturday we went to the Gulf Coast for Peyton's brother, Andrew's, wedding. Ann Peyton did great on her first trip! I really thought it would be much harder to go and come with a baby than it really was. What can I say? She is such a good baby! She slept the entire way there and back and didn't cry one time the entire trip until we got to Lakeland on the way home! Anyway, the ceremony was on the beach and it rained almost all day, but cleared up just in time for the wedding! We then had dinner at an area restaurant and headed home. We were pretty tired when we pulled into Jackson around 1:30 A.M. but Peyton and I have always loved car trips (we always have some of our best conversations on trips) and this one was no different! One thing I hate about the trip is that I wish we had gotten a picture of AP at the beach for the first time. But she was sleeping in her carseat on the beach before the ceremony and I didn't want to wake her up and afterward we were in such a hurry, there was really no time...oh well, there will defiantly be other trips (hopefully this summer, but the beach is hard with infants!).

Then yesterday we went to Daniel's (my brother-in-law) 31st birthday party. It was fun and Ann Peyton had a good time getting held by lots of people.

I got some more stuff done around the house. I am almost finished with semi-annual closet change-over! For some reason, the task was so much more daunting this year. Anyway, I got that almost finished and washed our bedding as well as AP's. Then we went to Mickey and Minnie's house. Daddy fixed BBQ chicken and pork chops and Cookie and I watched the new Jon and Kate Plus Eight, which made me really sad. Really, it upset me more than I anticipated. I just got so upset. Kate seems somewhat humbled and less crazy, but she looked like a zombie and Jon is clearly not happy with the circumstances. As much as I LOVE the show, I really think it's time to cancel it and move on. It's not like the kids don't pick up on things--i.e. Kate was telling one little boy not to say the "P word" (paparazzi). Anyway, I really hope they can work things all but broke my heart when Kate talked about how their last family picture might really be THEIR LAST FAMILY PICTURE. I don't know, it's just so sad! Also sad is the fact that latter this week Cookie will be leaving to spend the rest of the summer (hopefully, if she finds a job) in Charleston. She has been so much help with the baby these last few weeks and I feel like we've gotten closer than we've been for a long time. Annie will be a four month old when she gets home!

By the way, Ann Peyton is growing so much! I will post some new pictures soon!

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